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He Lin, who had become the center of the conversation, felt the gazes.

He hated it in his heart.

He hated the wild region auction for making such a big deal out of nothing.

He also hated the other factions “watching the show” attitude.

He even hated his subordinates who didnt do their jobs well.

He suspected that Hehuan Island had become a testing stone for other factions like the Slave Chamber of Commerce.

If other factions hadnt interfered in the dark, how could the wild region auction, where they had always been able to come and go freely, suddenly become a cage that even immortal region lords couldnt escape from

One had to know that among the few black-clothed men lying on the ground, two or three of them were the best at stealing.

But now, none of the ten or so people who had set off to steal the cauldron had returned.

He even thought that these people had gone somewhere to drink! He Lin cursed in his heart.

In the end, he forced a smile, “Young friend, you must have misunderstood.

The reason why they came over was to retrieve the auction items that were temporarily stored in the auction during the day.

Its nothing so serious as stealing…”

Chu Feng was too lazy to waste his breath on him.

He said frankly, “In any case, they have been caught.

If you dont want to redeem them, then forget it.”

When the people present heard this, they were all a little surprised.

They had not expected that this young man would be so lenient! He Lin felt the same.

He secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

“As expected, that invincible expert should have left, right Otherwise, how could the wild region auction be so lenient”

The wealthy merchants from the Slave Chamber of Commerce looked at each other, thinking that this young man was just a pushover.

Since he could turn the matter of thieves from Hehuan Island into nothing, then the interference with the slave and beast auction yesterday was probably only a temporary ban.

“If thats the case, the reinforcements I invited earlier probably wont be of any use,” The leaders of the Karu and Zelda family looked over at the Desolate God, feeling a little regretful about the benefits they had given up earlier.

“Whatever, the Desolate God is only a sector lord after all.

He can at most suppress the wild region auction.”

As for the invincible expert who could kill a God King in an instant, anyone who valued their life wouldnt cross that person! Thinking of this, the head of the Karu family felt that the phrase “could even kill a God King” was somehow familiar… It seemed that the sovereign of the sky region next door had once killed a God King in the Bloody Pagoda, right

However, this wasnt the sky region that was well managed by the Nine Gods Council.

Instead, it was the extremely vicious wild region.

The immortal sovereign whose abilities were largely exaggerated by the rumors shouldnt appear here at all.

Even if Chu Feng did come, he wouldnt be as invincible as the senior who killed the God King Yesterday! Kante, the head of the Karu family, looked at Nash, the head of the Zelda family, and smiled.

“How could the Slave Chamber of Commerce, which had been developed for tens of thousands of years, be destroyed so easily”

“The Karu/Zelda family will definitely be more prosperous in the future!”

The various factions, who were all scheming in their hearts, suddenly felt that something was wrong after waiting for a while.

He Lin, who had already walked forward to redeem his people, had a sudden change in expression as he quickly retreated.

However, arcs of light still chased after him, and a few strands of his hair were broken.

The others felt that he had retreated inexplicably.

Only He Lin himself knew that if he hadnt dodged quickly just now, his head would have already fallen to the ground!

“No, its not that I dodged fast enough.

Its that the person on the opposite side didnt try to kill me!” Thinking of this, He Lin looked at the youth on the opposite side with a hint of shock in his eyes.

His body couldnt help but tremble.

Chu Feng, who had not made a move from the beginning to the end, leisurely drank a mouthful of tea.

Putting down the teacup, he suddenly smiled, “Since Hehuan Island doesnt want to pay for its people, then lets have a chat in the backyard.”

Inviting someone over was obviously not just a simple chat over tea.

The Mirage Butterfly, who had studied many ghost arts recently, would definitely welcome outsiders as guests.

He Lin, who could faintly sense that the youth was not simple, was not willing to go to an unfamiliar place alone.

Madam Gu, who saw that he was unwilling, immediately said angrily, “What is it that you cant say in front of everyone and insist on going to that backyard!”

Chu Feng said indifferently, “Since thats the case, everyone from the Gu Sect can go to the backyard together with the people from Hehuan Island.”

“Creak~” The door that led to the depths of the auction house moved even though there was no wind.

A row of people with golden paper-like faces walked forward and bowed respectfully to Chu Feng.

Following that, they “invited” the people from Hehuan Island and Gu Sect in.

For some unknown reason, Madam Gu, who was about to make a scene, became mute when she came into contact with the paper men before being forcefully escorted away.

At this moment, the people who were still around thought of the “ghosts” that the black-clothed men had mentioned earlier.

Who wouldnt be afraid of a ghost that could even control a god

Even the two family heads who had hired true God-level bodyguards couldnt help but shrink their necks.

In fact, they were already thinking of backing out.

The more money they earned, the more afraid they were of death.

Even if they had many bodyguards around, it didnt bring much sense of security to the wealthy merchants from the Slave Chamber of Commerce.

“Since theres nothing to talk about, hurry up and leave,” In the silent hall, a familiar male voice with a clear voice rang out.

Chu Feng stood up and did not want to talk anymore.

His time was very precious.

He did not have time to chat with these people who remained silent for a long time.

Since so many had come today, especially from the Slave Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Desolate God who was supposed to be handling matters, there was no way that they were only here to ask for tea.

It was apparent that these people still had some misgivings since they had all stayed silent till now.

Thinking of this, a crafty glint flashed through the youths eyes, “Since the Desolate God and the Slave Chamber of Commerce have no objections, then from now on, the wild region will no longer have the slave trading business.”

These words were like a stone that had fallen into the water, instantly stirring up a thousand levels of waves! The Slave Chamber of Commerce was the first to resist the most fiercely.

“Who says there are no objections I, Kante, represent the Karu family to express our disapproval!”

“I, Nash, represent the Zelda family to express our strong disapproval!”

“I, Gu Anda, represent…”


“All of us have expressed our disapproval.

What right do you, a person of unknown origin, have to stop the Slave Chamber of Commerce from making money”

“Thats right.

Cutting off peoples income is no different from killing them!”

“Never mind a child like you, even the wild region auction house, the sovereign of the wild region, or the large factions like the Black Flood Dragon Gang, the Dark Mystical Palace, the Nuzhen Kingdom, and others have no right to interfere in the slave trade!”

“The Slave Chamber of Commerce has always been doing hard work that risks our lives.

Selling slaves is merely a way for us to gain some hard-earned money.”

“For us who have some stock at home, its fine.

However, without the slave trade, the poor in the wild region will definitely starve to death!”

“Can you really bear the responsibility of causing such a huge human disaster”

“How can he bear it He just cant bear to see other people enjoy!”

There were many other similar words.

It was as if without the slave trade, the entire wild region would collapse in the next second.

And the one who caused all this was naturally that youth.

All of a sudden, the entire auction hall was filled with curses.


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