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The members of the major factions and the guests on the first floor had all left, leaving only a few people from the Unaffiliated Cultivator Alliance.

Although this Alliance had a private room on the second floor, their alliance members were relatively scattered, and the faction was divided due to the disputes between the elders.

Over the years, they gradually declined and were often overlooked by other factions.

Chu Feng noticed that the two people leading the group were two of the guests who couldnt help but laugh just now.

The orc at the front was called Wen Shidong.

This time, he was mainly here to accompany the human beastmaster, Zhou Cheng, to buy a suitable beast.

From the attitude of the attendant who was waiting at the side, it was obvious that the core of this group was the young man named Zhou Cheng.

Seeing Chu Feng walk down, they couldnt hide the surprise on their faces.

“To think the invincible expert upstairs is so young!”

Hearing the other party asking why he was waiting, Zhou Cheng subconsciously looked at Wen Shidong.

After receiving the latter encouraging gaze, he hesitantly opened his mouth to speak, “My Lord, I am the young master of the Unaffiliated Cultivator Alliance, Zhou Cheng.

I wonder if I can buy… Ahem, I wonder if I can adopt a beast”

He changed his words in the middle of the sentence, seemingly not used to the term “adopt”.

Chu Feng sized up the young man who was speaking awkwardly.

He didnt nod, nor did he shake his head.

Luo Ya, who was standing behind him, stuck her head out and said disapprovingly, “Dont you already have ten beasts Why do you still need one more”

Zhou Cheng let out an “eh” and blurted out in shock, “How did you know”

Luo Ya retracted her head and remained silent.

Zhou Cheng looked at the expressionless Chu Feng and didnt dare to ask further.

He only explained his situation, “I saw that the other human beastmasters all used up their beast contract quotas, then they could focus on cultivation to become stronger.

Thats why I thought of coming here to bid for… adopt the strongest beast so that I could become stronger.”

Luo Ya couldnt help but retort, “You couldnt even raise your original beasts properly.

No matter how many beasts you contract, it would be useless.”

Zhou Cheng scratched his head, feeling a little embarrassed.

Of course, he knew that some powerful beastmasters didnt need to use up their beast slots before reaching the true God level.

However, his talent was apparent.

If he wanted to become stronger, he could only rely on his beasts.

Some beastmasters who did things to the extreme would even think of ways to contract a beast with a higher level than their own to break through.

After breaking through, they would just abandon the beast.

Especially after some forbidden medicine appeared, many black-hearted beastmasters simply treated their beasts as tools, constantly replacing them.

It was said that there was even a kind of beastmaster that specialized in absorbing the strength of beasts to become stronger.

“You want to adopt a beast” Chu Feng repeated the other partys request and asked, “How can you guarantee that you wont harm the beast”

Zhou Cheng was speechless.

He couldnt come up with any evidence for the time being.

However, seeing that Chu Feng was about to turn around and leave, he became anxious, “Wait, I know where the beastmasters who abuse their beasts are! I can use this information to exchange for the right to meet with the beasts here.

I only ask to see the beasts, its fine even if I cant bond with one!”

As he had the auction list in hand, Zhou Cheng had already set his sights on one or two suitable beasts.

If he couldnt even meet them, he felt that he would definitely regret it in the future.

Chu Feng paused for a moment, then said calmly, “Very well.”

The few of them walked into the meeting room, slowly discussing the details.

On the other side, the auction staff moved the beasts to a more comfortable habitat, making all sorts of arrangements.

As for the top-grade cauldrons that were supposed to be the grand finale of the wild regions auction, as well as slaves of different levels and races, they were moved to another place with the assistance of the Mirage Butterfly.

The aura of life gradually increased on the planets around the uninhabited planet.

After the meeting, Zhou Cheng successfully contracted with the devouring Kun and said that if Chu Feng had any other needs, he would do his best to help.

Some of the beasts that had been locked up in cages were rescued, while many were no different from slaves!

On the road they had to take to reach the Dark Mystical Palace from the wild region, a team of several hundred people was returning home, followed by less than a hundred foreign islanders.

If Chu Feng or the Mirage Butterfly were here, they would be able to recognize that many among the team were people whom they had seen before.

It was Team three of the Dark Mystical Palace that had “run into ghosts”.

However, when Chu Feng first met them, the team only had a hundred members.

Now that their members were in the hundreds, it was probable that other teams had gathered and they were returning together.

There were about fifty or so immortals in the team, three true Gods, and the strongest one was an advanced true God, not even an elder.

At this moment, the three true Gods and several immortals were discussing with furrowed brows.

“I dont know why the Palace Master didnt send anyone to the wild regions auction this time.

Logically speaking, we should strive to earn a lot from the auction to buy more research equipment, materials, and slaves.”

“Its indeed a little strange, could it be…”

“Ya Da, arent you overthinking Its not like the Dark Mystical Palace hasnt had a case where all of us went into seclusion.

In my opinion, its most likely that the Dark Mystical Group has a new idea!”

“Im not really worried about the Dark Mystical Palace.

After all, even the strongest Black Flood Dragon Gang nearby cant do anything to us.”

“Didnt the Unaffiliated Cultivator Alliance have some kind of a justice organization that wanted to destroy us In the end, they couldnt even find the door to our underground palace!”

“Hahaha… we can only treat them as a joke!”

At the mention of this matter, several people couldnt help but laugh out loud.

They all felt that it was funny.

One of the more experienced true Gods immediately scolded them when he saw their aloof attitudes.

“How can you laugh Dont forget, we didnt even get a single slave this time! If the Palace Master gets angry, you can consider how many heads you have to chop off.”

“Never mind the Palace Master.

The most terrifying ones are those lunatics from the Dark Mystical Group.

If they dont get any slaves, theyll probably drag us onto the experiment table!”

“Sigh, its not like that crazy group leader has never done something like this before.

We can only try our best to stay as far away as possible after returning to the palace.”

“Its not our fault that we cant buy any slaves!”

Someone recalled the instant kill in the auction house and could not help but shiver.

“That big shot has already spoken.

Who would dare to say no at that time”

“Without an elder, us bumpkins werent even able to go up to the second floor.”

“Now that I think about it, were lucky to be able to walk out of the auction house alive!”

“If not for that big shots control of power being sufficiently exquisite, let alone the auction house, even the wild region that we are in would have perished!”

“Instant kill of a God King… I feel like Ive heard of something like this before.”

Everyone in the convoy had their thoughts and had already made up their minds.

“If the Palace Master and the others must pursue this matter, then we will push everything onto the invincible expert!”

“Either way, if it wasnt for that person, we wouldnt have returned empty-handed this time!”

They were thinking such, but the members of the Dark Mystical Palaces convoy were still uneasy.

As such, they were even more impatient with the members of Sun Island behind them.

The reason why they had allowed Sun Island to follow them, in the beginning, was that the latter had eagerly come over to ask for cooperation.

Now that they thought about it carefully, what kind of great cooperation could they achieve with Sun Island


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