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“I want that piece of dragon and phoenix jade,” The attendant waiting at the entrance of the central room immediately relayed the message.

Soon, the guests who were constantly paying attention to the bids on the second floor were surprised to find that the important figure had bid for an ordinary item.

They had all sorts of thoughts in their minds.

“Could it be that the invincible expert is also interested in these beautiful things”

“No, its impossible for his lordship to bid for an ordinary item.”

“That treasure is probably hiding something.”

In a room on the second floor, someone asked, “Princess, since that person also likes beautiful things, why dont we give up on bidding for the painting of the lantern and spring residence later”

A clear and melodious female voice retorted, “That lordship should only be interested in this item.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have ignored those artworks before this and not bid for them.”

“But what if… The Lord really likes it”

“How about this After the auction ends, well think of a way to find out.

If he really likes these things, we can give them all to him.”

Quite a few guests wanted to offer treasures to curry favor with the big shot.

Some were even more whimsical and had already thought of how to seduce the big shot after the auction ended.

“If that Lord takes a fancy to me, Ill definitely be able to soar to the heavens in one go!”

Chu Feng, who was the focus of many in their hearts, had long turned off his perception.

He rubbed the two jade pendants in his hands, thinking about something.

In the room, other than him, there was only Luo Ya, whose main body was unknown, and Taotie, whose mouth was dripping with oil from all the food it was gobbling down.

As for the Mirage Butterfly, it quietly returned to the beast space that it was most familiar with, communicating with the Astral Spirit Hera, who had stayed in the sky region.

Most of the artworks in the auction in the wild region were related to Sun Island.

Although Sun Island was left with only an island, there was more than one country on the island.

Countries like Hantou and Taiyue were all on it.

As for what those countries were like, they were all quite similar in general.

Now that the entire auction house had become Chu Fengs backyard, he could naturally easily find out about things related to the dragon and phoenix jade.

“How did the dragon and phoenix jade from the sky region end up on Sun Island Its four or five regions away,” Chu Feng couldnt figure it out, but his dislike for Sun Island increased!

Even though the jade in his hand had been cleaned up, it could be seen that it had been trampled on.

If it stayed in the sky region, it would at least enjoy the treatment of a national treasure.

But now, it had been abandoned by others… No matter how inanimate a cultural relic that could not speak was, it was still a treasure of the sky region! Because he was suppressing his anger, Chu Feng did not pay much attention to what supreme-grade treasures had appeared in the auction after that.

In a phrase, none of them were worth his attention.

If the guests who had fought over the auction items knew what Chu Feng was thinking, they might vomit blood and die on the spot.

These were obviously priceless treasures.

Why were they as cheap as stones on the ground when he looked at them

That being said, they would probably let the matter go after vomiting blood in anger.

Indeed, they, as mortals, naturally couldnt compare to a big shot like him…

Ahem, never mind all the imaginary scenarios and returning to the moment.

Without the beasts and slaves as auction items, the wild regions auction was much shorter than before.

In the hall on the first floor, many humans and beasts were still seated.

Not only were they curious to see the face of that big shot and see what kind of glorious figure he was, but they also had similar expectations.

“If I can establish a relationship with that Lord, perhaps I can become that powerful too!”

“The opportunity is right in front of me.

My family will definitely prosper!”

“Just the small amount of resources that leaks from the seams between the fingers of such a powerful existence can bring XX sect great development!


Their dreams were somewhat similar.

It was nothing more than coveting money, power, wealth, and strength… In this world, countless wanted to take shortcuts.

In the end, not even ten among them could succeed.

Feeling the faint fanaticism, Chu Feng flicked his right hand slightly.

A gust of cold and dry snowy wind blew across the room, causing everyone to shiver.

“Those without proper business, please follow the instructions of the staff and leave in an orderly manner,” The group of hot-headed people just now immediately followed the instructions.

Many people pressed their chests, feeling lingering fear.

“I almost had a mental demon.

Fortunately, an unknown cold wind blew over, and I was able to escape.”

“Eh, me too!”

“Same for me just now…”

“If it wasnt for that cold wind, Im afraid I wouldnt have been able to come back to my senses!”

“Its too scary.

At that time, I actually felt that my efforts were useless.

Only by clinging to a big shot could I possibly survive in this world.”

“This kind of thinking is too extreme!”

“No matter how talented a person is, he has to work hard as well!”

“Haha, although we cant cultivate to such a peak, which one of us here isnt outstanding in the eyes of the public”

“Were all outstanding talents, just not that dazzling.”

“I think its not bad to be ordinary.”

“Young people should still strive!”


99.9% of the guests on the first floor left in an orderly manner according to Chu Fengs orders.

They were not as generous as the members of the big factions when it came to spending money.

Even if they were here to buy slaves and beasts, they couldnt possibly afford tens of thousands of them.

In comparison, they did not have much free money.

As such, they gave up when they couldnt buy.

It wasnt like the wild regions auction was the only place they could buy slaves and beasts.

It was just that other places werent as good as this place.

In the end, only seven guests stayed on the first floor.

On the second floor, more than twenty guests stayed behind as well.

Among the humans and beasts that stayed, some were waiting to buy the beasts and slaves that werent displayed as auction items just now, and some were after the big shot.

Of course, after that gust of wind earlier, everyone who had stayed behind now had their plans.

Many of the precious treasures and resources that had just been auctioned off were then sent to the room in the center.

The people on the second floor and the first floor looked at each other and understood each others intentions.

“Eh, isnt this the envoy of the Nvzhen Kingdom Why are you waiting outside too…”

“When did a small Sun Island has the right the meddle in the affairs of the Nvzhen Kingdom”

“Its a pity that the Lord seems to have other arrangements for the slaves.

Otherwise, the last one to appear would definitely be a top-grade cauldron for Hehuan Island!”

“Top-grade cauldron Wouldnt that fetch a sky-high price at the auction”

“Hmph, even if you successfully bid for it, you might not be able to keep it!”

“Elder Yong, your words are so sour.”


As soon as the members of the nearby major factions gathered, the seven first-floor guests who were originally confident immediately felt weak.

“I wonder which familys treasures that Lord will take a fancy to”

“I heard that its a young man in that room.

If we send a beauty over, it might be useful!”

“A honey-trap Thats quite useful.”

“Those S-grade beauties have been seized by the auction house.

Even the Green Flood Dragon Gang, which has the deepest foundation among all factions, cant find a pretty lady in such a short time, can they”

“Green Flood Dragon Gang Didnt the Poison Widow say that it was the Black Flood Dragon Gang”

“A slip of the tongue, just a slip of tongue.”

“Speaking of which, why didnt the Dark Mystical Palace send anyone here”

“Who knows…”


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