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Many were so frightened that they gulped in unison, their eyes filled with disbelief.

“This, how is this possible!”

“Thats a God Marquise! Hes neither an immortal nor a beginner, intermediate, or advanced true God.

To think a super powerful true God who could make himself a marquis in a major faction is gone just like that”

“Holy **, not even a second.

It was at most one, one instant!”

“Instant kill!!”

“Isnt this too crazy !”

“Who exactly is that person in that room He definitely cant be the master of an ordinary faction!”

“Do you guys still remember that young man who entered with the mystic crystal waist token earlier I think I saw his figure at that time.

Could it be him”

“What young man You must have seen wrongly!”

“How can a young man have such terrifying strength !”

“In my opinion, he is at least a God Lord realm figure!”


Not only were the ordinary guests on the first floor stunned, but even those on the second floor who felt that they were quite knowledgeable were also terrified by the trace of terrifying power leaked from the rebound attack.

Especially Madam Mi, who had stood the closest to the Poisoner Widow.

She almost couldnt help but kneel on the spot!

“No, wait! This is not just the God Lord realm… Hes extremely terrifying!!”

At this time, all the living beings in the auction hall thought of a certain word at the same time: Monster!! The immortals and true Gods who were almost scared out of their wits knelt in large numbers, not daring to raise their heads to look… Gradually, they didnt even dare to think about that existence!

The ones who were stunned werent just the large group of humans and beasts outside, but also the boy and girl who had been placed in an isolating barrier that had been cast with the invisibility technique.

In their large, clear eyes, little stars were twinkling.

Needless to say, they were already full of worship for Chu Feng.

In the entire auction house, there was probably only the butterfly who could look at that person normally.

The staff of the auction house was even more so.

The worship and respect in their hearts skyrocketed.

If Chu Feng told them to go to hell, they wouldnt hesitate!

Chu Feng had already experienced the feeling of being the center of attention countless times, so he was still as calm as ever.

He said calmly, “Present the other auction items on stage other than the beasts and slaves.”

The auctioneer, who was prostrating himself on the ground, stood up when he heard this.

He bowed respectfully and began to arrange various matters.

After some time, the auction, which had gone through many twists and turns, finally began.

After omitting the two types of auction items as Chu Feng had instructed, the wild regions auction could still continue.

However, many of the factions that were originally coming for the beasts and slaves had complaints in their hearts, though they didnt dare to show it.

If they hadnt witnessed the killing just now, the major factions would definitely have caused a ruckus.

Now, even a God Marquis couldnt withstand the figures attack for two seconds, so who dared to say refute his words

Whether it was on the first or second floor, countless were frowning deeply.

However, due to their strength, they didnt dare to cause a ruckus in front of that person for the time being.

In the middle of the auction, attendants would be called into the rooms from time to time to be asked about the methods to obtain the beasts and slaves that a person or faction needed.

“It cant be that we cant buy, right Theyre useless even if the auction house keeps them…”

“As for how to exchange for them, please give us the procedures as soon as possible.”

“Dont alarm the Lord.

Were not in a hurry!”


The clamor in the dark didnt affect the auctions continuation.

Treasures were presented one after another, and the atmosphere was lively! In the process, Chu Feng also bought some items, such as the large-scale royal sky crystal mineral vein, and a few other precious resources.

Perhaps it was because they had been frightened just now, but every time Chu Feng made a bid, no one dared to top his bid.

That being said, he didnt have the chance to bid many times anyway.

When the item said to be the white holy lotus of the Bloody Pagoda was being auctioned, he even appraised it.

He wondered which faction sent a fake item, but it actually managed to pass the inspection process of the wild regions auction.

With that, the factions who originally wanted to bid for this item so that they could indirectly study the Bloody Pagoda stopped.

This item was soon removed.

On the high platform, the auctioneer opened the red curtain and revealed the next auction item, “This item is from the snow kiln.

Legend has it that it was once used by the royal family.

It has extremely high collection value.

Those who wish to bid for it can start bidding.

The starting price is 100,000 galactic coins, and each bid increment should be no less than 20,000.”

Chu Feng glanced over and discovered that it was a porcelain bottle that did not have any energy fluctuations.

He withdrew his gaze without the slightest interest.

This ordinary item went through a few rounds of bidding in the hall on the first floor.

After the representative from the Nvzhen Country raised her paddle to bid on the second floor, it was successfully auctioned off.

Luo Ya, who was standing on a chair next to him, saw the next item and couldnt help but mutter to herself, “The countries near Sun Island are bidding for everything.

There are even some watermarks on the surface of that green carp bead.

Was it plucked from someone elses eaves”

Chu Feng wanted to laugh when he heard Luo Yas sarcastic tone.

Just like what Luo Ya had said earlier, the Nuzhen Kingdom would participate in the bid whenever they came across something better-looking.

It was said that if the tourists were good-looking enough, they could even get mysterious gifts.

Chu Feng smiled and continued to watch the auction.

The auctioneers voice traveled to the second floor, “The special item set contains a flail, a leather rope, a uniform… and some medicines commonly used at home.”

Luo Ya opened her mouth to explain, but just as she spat out the word “Sun”, her mouth was blocked by the pastry.

Seeing this, Taotie immediately moved two plates over from his side, “Xiao Ya, these are better!”

Chu Feng looked at the girl and said indifferently, “Children dont need to care about so much.”

Darkness, blood, and violence should not be exposed in the eyes of children who had yet to fully develop their worldview.

Even if Luo Ya was more mature, she was still a cub in the race.

The bids went on, and the auctioneers voice was as calm as usual, “Congratulations to Hehuan Island for successfully bidding for the special item set.

Female guests interested in buying can contact Sun Island to have it custom-made later.

Of course, the highest priority for the customization of the item is still Hehuan Island.

I wish all the powers long-lasting friendship.”

After a round of pleasantries, the auction continued.

“… Realm-crossing pill, a pill that can increase the strength of an immortal or even a true God for a short time!”

This time, Luo Ya quieted down and stopped nagging.

Chu Feng glanced at the bottle of pills and felt that the side effects were far greater than the benefits.

Besides, he already had a top-grade realm-crossing pill.

The auctioneer: “Evil suppression talisman.

It came from a celestial cultivating family and can slay demons and ghosts…”

Chu Feng thought to himself, “It cant be compared to the peachwood sword.


“Biochemical poison fog bottle.

When the concentration is high enough, it can wipe out all living beings below overlord-level in an entire race!”

Hearing the word “biochemical”, Chu Feng couldnt help but frown.

The destructive power of a biochemical weapon was extremely great.

If it was thrown into nature…

Luo Ya said, “Sun…”

Chu Feng looked over, “Just eat.”

Luo Ya, “Right.”

The auction item outside soon changed, “The sky regions Dragon and Phoenix jade pendants.

I heard that it is formed for a true dragon and a true phoenix.

Among the people, it has the auspicious meaning of dragons and phoenixes bringing prosperity…”


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