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In the central room, a butterfly had unknowingly landed on Chu Fengs left shoulder.

“The slaves on the uninhabited star have been received” Hearing its Beastmasters telepathic question, the Mirage Butterfly nodded, looking at the two children in front of it with curiosity.

After the introduction just now, Chu Feng had a deeper understanding of the forces around the wild region.

Now that Fei Nuo Sha had teleported over from another region, she could do something important before the auction started.

Luo Ya, who was sipping on her tea, suddenly raised her head, but only saw that the surrounding environment was still the same.

Different from what she had sensed just now, there was no fourth living creature in this room.

Strange, could it be that her senses were wrong

The auction house, which occupied a large area, became an isolated island that was separated from the outside world at a certain moment.

A beautiful arc of light lit up and turned into countless particles that scattered in the auction house, drifting with the wind.

The Mirage Butterfly strolled around the auction house in a good mood, sizing up the auction members who had unknowingly been transformed into spiritual slaves.

When it saw the three teams from the Dark Mystical Palace whom they had hitched a ride from earlier, it flapped its wings, and half of all team members were thus marked.

After all, both Chu Feng and the Mirage Butterfly did not have much time to control the spiritual slaves.

There were no divine emperors in this small auction, so no one knew that the people of the wild regions auction who were toyed with by many factions had changed owners.

When there was only a minute left until the start of the auction, there was suddenly a commotion in the quiet hall on the first floor.

“Its already so late, why is there still someone here”

“His skin is so pale, just like the vampires in the West…”

“F*ck, the Poison Widower!”

“What Do you know who he is”

“Keep your voice down.

He doesnt like people talking about his looks.

Its said that when the Poison Widower goes berserk, hell even kill his beasts!”

“To think he came right at the time when the auction is about to begin.

He doesnt seem to think much of the auction at all.”

“The wild regions auction is just a tool.

Who cares what a tool thinks”

“Didnt a madam from the Black Flood Dragon Gang come already Why has the Poison Widower with poisonous spiders under his feet arrived near the start of the auction Could it be that he killed all the humans and beasts that he took away last month!”

“Those gangs are very complicated.

Who knows how many camps they are divided into!”

“There are dark creatures in this auction.

The Poison Widower must have received the news and rushed here.”

Other than those who were discussing in the chaos, many of the guests looked away or panicked.

They screamed in horror, “Ahhh!

In the hall on the first floor, some of the nobles shrunk in a corner, looking like quails.

The big spider carried its pale-skinned master, its eight legs moving in an orderly manner.

The soft sedan that was mounted on its body did not shake at all.

Even the bottles and jars on the sedan were still.

Corrosive venom hit the ground.

As if it weighed a thousand kilograms, a series of holes with a foul black smell appeared.

One of the weaker ones fell to the ground after taking a waft of the poison, falling unconscious.

The beautiful corridor made of high-density rock crystals had been corroded to the point that no one could stand on it after the spider rushed up to the second floor.

The auctioneer standing on the auction stage looked at the chaotic scene on the first floor, and the smile on his face froze.

The auction was delayed urgently and the auction house began to appease the guests.

On the second floor, some orcs were so nervous that they were trembling, while others forcefully suppressed the anxiety in their hearts and watched cautiously.

The Poison Widower kicked the war beast under him, and the poisonous spider immediately stopped.

The man smiled gloomily, bloodthirsty killing intent flashing in his eyes, “Since when did the central room, which even I cant enter, have an owner I wonder if I, a God Marquis, have the chance to meet the big shot inside”

The attendant by the door was almost thrown to the ground by the terrifying aura, and all the bones in his body were creaking.

Chu Feng, who had just been minding his business in the room, was particularly speechless.

Just as he had settled the two little fellows by his side, the door to the room was shattered with a bang.

As for the attendant, who was bleeding from all seven orifices, he was sent flying into the room and fell in front of the screen.

Behind the screen, Chu Feng used the tip of his tongue to lick his canine teeth.

“So annoying,” At the same moment, the coquettish female voice that he had heard at the entrance of the auction hall rang out, “I say, good-for-nothing, cant you take a break Youre always tearing things down.

Do you still want to buy things or not”

The Poison Widower frowned and retorted, “Madam Mi, we are both elders of the Black Flood Dragon Gang.

Why do you always favor outsiders”

The two of them looked at each other in displeasure.

The corners of Madam Mis lips curled up as she said meaningfully, “Even the green flood dragon elder, who is already a God King, can die.

How do you know that you wont die in the next moment”

After the green flood dragon elder entered the Bloody Pagoda, his soul lamp was extinguished in less than two days.

This matter was known by all the upper echelons of the Black Flood Dragon Gang.

Those who took it as a warning were the cautious and neutral figures like Madam Mi.

Of course, there were naturally those who did not take it seriously.

In the Poison Widowers view, the green flood dragon elder had simply failed.

After all, who in the Black Flood Dragon Gang did not know that the green flood dragon elders authority was even greater than the gang leader himself Ever since the news spread, the Black Flood Dragon Gang was even given the fallacious name of “Green Flood Dragon Gang”!

Thinking of this, the mans expression became even uglier.

His cold gaze landed on the figure behind the screen, both shocked and doubtful as he thought, “Even the green flood dragon elder who was in the limelight earlier could not enter the central room.

Could it be that the master of some major faction has come”

According to the rules set up by the auction, only the masters of the factions in the top 150 of the eastern regions faction rankings were qualified to enter the central room.

If two or more of them came at the same time, the one ranked higher would enter the room.

Since he had not received any news, it meant that the person in the room was most likely the leader of a faction near the wild region.

There were only three forces near the wild region that were ranked in the top 150, namely the Black Flood Dragon Gang, Dark Mystical Palace, and the Nvzhen Kingdom.

If the gang leader were to come, it was impossible that he, an elder of the Black Dragon Gang, had not received any news.

In other words, at this moment, the person sitting behind the screen was either the palace master of the Dark Mystical Palace or the empress of the Nvzhen Kingdom!

Those two were just weaklings at the tail of the rankings.

Thinking of this, the Poison Widower revealed a disdainful sneer, “Tch, I thought he was some big shot, but hes just a cowardly turtle! Haha… I wonder if the green rose and black beauty I want are ready, palace master of the Dark Mystical Palace or empress of the Nvzhen Kingdom”

After saying this, he suddenly launched an attack.

The dark power that was infused with the power of principles was instantly compressed into a thin arrow that shot toward the head of the figure behind the screen!

The onlookers all held their breath and cursed in their hearts, “He really is a madman!”

In the silence, clear laughter came from behind the screen at an inappropriate time.

The guests on the first floor had turned around to run but had not had the chance to escape with their lives when their pupils suddenly constricted!

The arrow that had shot out suddenly turned and pierced through the chest of the Poison Widower with a terrifying momentum that was even sharper than when it had attacked! The next moment, the man and the spider were turned into dust… their souls were destroyed!


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