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The Green Dragon Gang, Slave Chamber of Commerce, Dark Mystical Palace, Nvzhen Kingdom, Sun Island, Gu Sect, and Hehuan Island… These were the stronger factions in the wild region.

Among them, only three could be ranked in the top 150 factions in the eastern region.

The strongest of the three was the Green Dragon Gang, which could be ranked in the top 100.

The other two were the Dark Mystical Palace and the Nvzhen Kingdom, which were at the bottom of the rankings in the top 150.

“Nvzhen Kingdom is also called the Nvzun Kingdom.

No matter whether young or old, 99.9… 9% of the citizens are women.

The women inside are both cultivators and calligraphy lovers.

They are very interested in historical relics.”

Speaking up to this point, Luo Ya pointed at the celadon on the auction item list.

“If Im not wrong, this auction item should have been plundered from the outer regions by Sun Island.

They always do such things.

The Nvzhen Kingdom often comes to the wild regions auction to buy cultural relics and slaves.

Most of the time, they will buy several groups of strong men to satisfy the daily needs of their people.

After all, the citizens of Sun Island that is next to them are not very lasting.”

“Sometimes, they will also buy many beautiful women, immortal slaves, and a small number of children.

The female slaves who can be bought by the Nvzhen Kingdom are the luckiest.

In the future, they can even become a member of the nation.”

Hearing this, Chu Feng could not help but ask, “Where did you hear all this from”

For a girl who looked less than seven years old, didnt she know too much As if she understood his doubts, Luo Ya rolled her eyes helplessly, “Do you really think Im still a child”

In fact, even the younger Taotie only looked young.

Chu Feng stopped talking and waved his hand to let the other party continue.

“Slaves are also divided into grades.

The highest grades are those with high levels, high growth potential, and excellent looks.

The ones with the best looks can even be auctioned alone on the auction stage.

Those who are ordinary in all aspects will be grouped up with others with the same conditions.

For example, slaves below the overlord level will be sold in tens of thousands, overlords will be sold in hundreds, totems in tens, and immortals in ones.”

“Those that are ordinary will actually be alright.

Its those with bad looks who will be thrown into the arena.

In less than a minute, they will turn into a pile of mud.

Those who cheer for the latter will only be the audience who are excited by the bloody violence, as well as the tiny drops of blood in the mountains of wealth behind them.”

Luo Ya slowed down and took a sip of tea.

“The world is all about looks.

The good-looking ones are the most sought-after.

Among the factions around the wild region, those who buy beautiful beings the most are the Dark Mystical Palace, Sun Island, Nuzhen Kingdom, and Hehuan Island.

There is also a monstrous organization in the underground auction.

It is said that they are doing endless live broadcasts of killing and slaughtering, as well as selling human organs.”

The Dark Mystic Palace consumed a lot of resources in its laboratories to grow all kinds of human plants.

The Sun Island was not strong.

Under the repeated invasion from the neighboring Nvzhen Kingdom, its territory shrunk to the size of an island.

Perhaps it was because they had been suppressed all year round that they went crazy.

They followed the principle of sex above all else and would send muscular men to Nvzhen all year round to avoid war.

No one knew what Nvzhen was thinking, but the kingdom left them a palm-sized island.

With this, the people on Sun Island were even more excited

To them, sex was the law!

From then on, Sun Island crazily exported its sex culture and all kinds of sexual derivatives, thus developing a very close relationship with Hehuan Island.

The latter was proficient in dual-person cultivation, and they were good at raising human cauldrons, loved by some lecherous people.

For those whose cultivation progress was stagnant, they would often customize “cauldrons” from Hehuan Island.

Every time a high-grade cauldron was made, many of the top 100 factions in the eastern region would fight for it.

The bloodshed they caused was immeasurable.

Sun Island liked to play all sorts of tricks in sex and was good at training sex slaves.

Regardless of whether it was dom or sub, men or women, old or young, they had deep research in training all sorts of sex slaves.

The one with the highest sales on the island was a man with the surname Wei.

“I heard that the boss of Gu Sect started from being a drug experiment subject.

He was the only survivor in his batch.

The Gu Sect has many Gu-nurturing methods, like the human head Gu, lovers Gu, and others.

Other than the factions that are relatively close to the wild region, some undead and cannibals will occasionally come over to buy goods.”

The former preferred those who were strong with a high level of cultivation and good potential.

They would usually torture the strong to death and then raise them from the dead again.

Then, they would use the undead who harbored monstrous resentment to invade other races.

The latter preferred those with high-fat content or tender skin and flesh.

They would often buy young cubs and children.

However, the wild region did not like doing business with them.

After all, children could usually be sold for a higher price when they grew up.

Most importantly, the cannibals usually ate raw meat and blood.

They didnt have anything precious at all.

Chu Feng was speechless.

He felt that the sky region, which was surrounded by various factions, was really like a white rabbit.

He took the initiative to ask, “Is the Green Dragon Gang not involved in human trafficking”

Luo Ya paused.

then, she nodded before shaking her head again, “To be more precise, they have changed their main business in the past ten years or so.”

Seeing Chu Fengs confusion, she continued to explain, “I dont know the exact reason.

In short, the current Green Dragon Gang is more like an Adventurers guild.

The teams under them usually accept various commissions to obtain cultivation resources.

I heard that some time ago, someone wanted the Green Dragon Gang to kill an immortal.

They issued a huge commission, but nothing happened.”

Hearing this, Chu Fengs heart skipped a beat.

For some reason, he felt that this had something to do with him.

Ever since his realm was infinitely close to the true God level, his understanding of heaven, earth, and humans had become even deeper.

Now, his usage of the spatial, spiritual, and illusion principles to perceive others minds was as smooth as flowing water.

There were only two minutes left before the auction began.

Many quieted down, but the mental images in his mind were still very lively.

For example, the hidden thoughts coming from the hall on the first floor.

“Who is the big shot who is in the central room on the second floor”

“I wonder what the relationship between the young man who entered with the mystic crystal waist token and the big shot in the central room is…”

“There arent even a dozen rooms on the second floor.

If XX Alliance could have a room, we might be able to hook up with a big shot and ascend to the heavens in one step!”

“Ive been observing the hall for a long time.

It seems that theres no one with a higher status than the one with the mystic crystal waist token.

What kind of item would such an extraordinary person be interested in in the wild regions auction”


On the second floor, some were disgruntled, some pleaded for mercy, and some seemed to be deep in thought.

Those who had been quarreling outside Chu Fengs door entered the same room.

“Didnt that person just get lucky and enter the central room I wont go even if the people there invite me!”

“Dont be angry.

Ill think of a way to show you around the next time I have the chance…”

In another room, someone mentioned the same topic.

“I wonder what the final item this time will be If that person takes a fancy to the item, Im afraid well have to return empty-handed.”

“Please, even if that person is really the leader of a major faction, he cant just buy us out!”

“Brother Wen is right.

This time, Ill buy the strongest beast!”

“Dont worry, it will definitely be a success.”


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