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Although ordinary slaves were also on the auction list, they would not actually be in the auction.

Most of them would be auctioned off outside of the auction and the highest bidder would win.

If one wanted to buy, one could get a more specific list from the attendant outside the door.

Chu Feng flipped through the booklet that he had just got.

Stripping away the exquisite pictures, this was just a booklet of slave trading! The veins on his forehead twitched involuntarily, and the aura around him was terrifyingly stifling.

The animal instinct of the other two in the room seemed to have been triggered.

They subconsciously restrained their aura, and even the sounds of them eating became softer.

Unlike the usually carefree Taotie, Luo Ya more or less knew about the dark side of the auction.

Although her ability had been greatly reduced because she didnt have a Beastmaster, her current skills alone were enough to let her live like a fish in water in any environment.

She even knew some of the secrets that some auctioneers havent heard of.

The auction items at the wild regions auction were basically divided into several grades.

The ordinary C grade, special low B grade, special high A grade, and top S grade.

Under normal circumstances, only S-grade and A-grade goods would be qualified to be sent to the auction stage.

Among the list of auction items that Chu Feng was looking at now, 99% of the slaves in there wouldnt go up on stage.

The ones who could be auctioned off on the auction stage were most priceless treasures.

On top of that, due to flattery toward the strong, the most expensive things were the various resources and magical treasures that could increase ones strength.

For example, the treasures that Chu Feng had obtained from the Evil Gods origin worlds Treasure Realms, Ancient Realms, and Evil Realms.

If he auctioned off any one of them, he could instantly become as rich as a country.

Even so, Chu Feng was not very interested in the various resources and magical treasures that great factions fought over.

The booklet that recorded the data of various slaves had been crushed into pieces.

Chu Feng sorted out his emotions and asked someone to give him another booklet.

The attendant came in and went out.

Throughout the entire process, the attendant didnt even glance at the two children at the side.

In fact, he couldnt see them either.

Even though he was a little surprised when he saw the empty plates, he subconsciously made his findings logical.

“Perhaps the guest is hungry,” Thinking of this, he closed the door and bowed respectfully to the guest who was walking over.

“Hello, Madam.”

The witch, whose long green hair danced like a viper, looked towards the central room and said with a strange tone, “Oh, a big shot is here.

Which family is he from”

Saying this, she used her spiritual power to poke behind the door.

“Aaaaaaaah!” A string of miserable cries rang out on the second floor.

The guests who were seated on the first floor all curiously poked their heads in that direction.

“Hey, isnt that the witch of the Gu sect Whats wrong with her…”

“From the looks of it, it seems that something went wrong during her spiritual power probe, and she suffered a backlash.”

“It cant be.

Shes an advanced true God.

Who can hurt her”

“Those who can enter that room are at least the leaders of the major factions in the wild region! To think this woman dared to provoke the other party.

No wonder she suffered such a backlash.”


Chu Feng naturally couldnt ignore the events that had occurred right outside the room.

Still, he sat planted on the chair, calmly looking at the list.

[List of Auction Items]

[Beasts: Merman, mermaid, Kun, hellhound, elf… ]

[Treasures: Illusion book, mountain-suppressing stone, mysterious sky robe, mixed magic staff… Realm-crossing pill, evil-suppressing talisman… ]

[Resources: Large-scale royal sky crystal mineral vein, soul spirit stone mineral vein, dark crystal… White holy lotus of the Bloody Pagoda, blood soul flower…]

[Special items: Biochemical poisonous fog, blood pearl, bone-growing flower, lovers potion…]

[Others: Celadon, Luoshui painting; Interdimensional round trip ticket, Beast contract support pill, battle interference talisman (true God level), spirit slave contract…]

His gaze fell on the beast category, and his eyes flickered.

If it was possible, he should decide on the seventh beast he wanted to contract earlier.

The treasure category was mostly treasures and cultivation resources that didnt contain divine source points, though some supreme treasures did contain the divine source.

They should be very popular in the auction that was going to start in a while.

After all, weapons and equipment were essential for cultivators.

Chu Fengs fingertips landed on the words “royal sky crystals mineral vein”, then slid towards the blood soul flower.

As a beastmaster, the strengthening of ones beast space could be said to be endless.

If he could obtain the corresponding space-type resources, he would be able to enhance his strength.

In the wild regions auction house, there should be more than ten people eyeing these two items.

Fortunately, he had previously plundered the Dark Mystical Palaces treasure trove, so he should be able to get them later.

Chu Feng scrunched the paper and thought of the slave booklet that he had just scrunched into nothing.

The boy who had already eaten a few rounds wiped his mouth.

He was too embarrassed to ask the big brother, whom he had just met, for more food.

Seeing that the face of the person opposite her was about to turn dark again, Luo Ya quickly opened her mouth to ease the atmosphere, “You can ask me anything you want to know.

Im quite familiar with the things here.”

She had been here for a few months, so she couldnt possibly only have seen one or two auctions.

She had also been to the underground auction house to sell things, so she was somewhat knowledgeable.

If not for the age and height limitations to apply to be the auctioneer, she might have been able to stand on the auction stage!

Due to the isolation barrier, the two children did not hear the noise outside.

Chu Feng was silent for a while, looking a little moody.

At this moment, he could still hear the continuous noise outside the door.

A male voice had even joined in, saying that he wanted to teach the person inside a lesson.

Perhaps it was because it was getting closer to the start of the auction, but the group of security personnel who were late had finally arrived.

A newly joined male voice advised gently, “The auction is jointly organized by the factions around the wild region.

Madam, its best if you dont cause any trouble.”

The commotion outside the door quickly came to an end.

Chu Feng looked at Luo Ya and said, “Tell me about the wild region and the slaves.”

Since he had seen it, he had to take care of it.

Luo Ya nodded and spoke slowly, “Every domain has its most prominent “business”.

The wild regions specialty, in particular, is human trafficking.

Especially after confirming the saying that there are no experts from aboriginal planets, nearly 30% of the young and strong in the wild region, whether they are humans, giants, or beasts, will travel to the outer regions to explore and search for treasures.”

“The reason why they went to the outer regions is very simple.

The races in the wild region that were known as the aborigines have long been sold out.

After discovering aboriginal planets in the outer regions, they can sell the information to the Karu family and make a fortune.

They can also report it to the local slave Chamber of Commerce in the wild region and receive a bonus every year.”

Hearing this, Chu Feng recalled Yunads group from before.

If he remembered correctly, they had intended to sell the Blue Planet to the Karu family back then.

“Although the Karu family has joined the wild regions Slave Chamber of Commerce, they have more channels to get slaves than the other forces.

The slaves are mostly from the underdeveloped aboriginal planets in the outer regions.

Most of them are vulnerable,” Luo Ya paused and continued, “The slaves end up in many places.

Usually, the ones who buy slaves the most are the Dark Mystic Palace, Sun Island, the Nvzhen Kingdom, and many others.

They are all factions with territories larger than one region.”


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