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Chu Feng returned to his original form when he first entered the auction, the mystic crystal waist token hanging on his waist.

The attendant guarding the door bowed respectfully and muttered in his heart, “This lord seemed to have gone to relieve himself just now Why has he been gone for so long…”

Chu Fengs expression did not change, and his footsteps were slow.

He entered the room and sat down before instructing the attendant to close the door.

Then, he flicked his right hand and set up a barrier with a rebound effect.

At this moment, two ripples appeared in the air in the room.

A boy and a girl appeared.

Both of them seemed to have cleaned themselves.

Apart from looking exceptionally thin and weak, they were quite cute.

Arriving in a place of wealth that he had never seen before, the boy looked around in surprise for a while.

Soon, his gaze fell and fixed on something.

“Wow, what a fragrant snack!” Staring at the plate of snacks, he almost drooled.

The girl named Luo Ya frowned and was extra vigilant about everything around her.

Even her gaze toward Chu Feng was filled with a trace of surprise, “Who are you exactly”

Although Sheng Yi and Luo Li were immortals and had once worked under the war god General of the Eastern Temple, with their strength, they could only have a seat in the hall on the first floor even if they entered the auction house.

Under normal circumstances, if one wanted to be on the second floor in the wild regions auction, one would at least have to be in the upper echelons of the surrounding great factions.

To give a simple example, even the Desolate God from the wild region who had just broken through to be an immortal region lord could only occupy the room at the end of the second floor!

This young man named Chu Feng was obviously an immortal too, so how could he occupy the room in the center Luo Ya couldnt figure it out, but she was secretly vigilant.

“Could it be that he was the same as those scum with human faces and beast hearts”

Chu Feng gestured for them to sit as they pleased, then pushed a few plates of snacks to the boy and said with a smile, “You already know my name, but you still cant connect the dots and figure out my identity”

Luo Ya was slightly stunned, and she instantly thought of the famous “Chu Feng”.

“You are the sovereign of the sky region, Tyrant Chu Feng”

Chu Feng sipped his tea and said slowly, “Not only the sky region, but the wild region can also be under my name.”

The girl lowered her head and fell into deep thought.

After the boy sitting next to her confirmed that the snacks were edible, he began to gulp down the food at the speed of a hurricane.

After thinking for a while, she seemed to have understood.

However, Luo Ya still looked at Chu Feng with shock in her eyes, “I didnt expect them to have the capability to invite you here…”

Hearing this, Chu Feng smiled and did not comment, “Even if I didnt come, looking at your condition, you should be able to survive very well.”

A little girl who looked less than seven years old was able to survive and work at the edge of the auction house, though she had a five-year-old boy with her.

Such smarts were not inferior to some adults.

If it werent for that boy dragging her down, she might have found a good family in this vast wild region filled with poor people and lived a stable life.

He didnt say what he was thinking, but he looked at the little girl with admiration in his eyes.

Being looked at and vaguely praised, Luo Yas eyes curved, and her smile became even more sincere.

If she had to have a Beastmaster, perhaps she could consider him.

Chu Feng turned to look at the empty plates piled up by the side.

In just a few words, the ten plates of snacks and fruit platters had been finished.

With a slight wave of his hand, he took out all kinds of food from his space.

Seeing the boys bright eyes, he couldnt help but ask with a smile, “Xiao Tie Is that your name Go on, continue eating.

If its not enough, theres more.”

Hearing that he could continue eating, the boy happily picked up a piece of roasted chicken, paused for a moment, and explained, “I am Taotie that can swallow everything, not Xiao Tie.”

After seeing Luo Ya roll her eyes, he quickly added, “Of course, Xiao Ya can call me anything!”

Hearing this, Chu Feng looked at the two children in front of him thoughtfully.

Luo Ya clenched her fists nervously.

She was prepared to rush out if the situation turned bad.

She also felt a little regretful in her heart.

If she had known that the other party was so sensitive, she would have made Xiao Tie keep his mouth shut no matter what, so as to prevent trouble from his words.

Chu Feng said quite straightforwardly, “You two are beasts.”

When he first saw these two cubs, they didnt seem different from human children, nor did they have the aura of beasts, so he didnt think of this possibility.

But now, there was first Taotie who didnt seem to be full no matter how much he ate, then there was the faint aura that Luo Ya leaked when she was nervous…

It was reasonable to guess that they were both beasts that could be contracted by human Beastmasters.

The reason why they were so nervous was probably related to their past experiences.

Luo Ya had already pulled on Taotie and was about to rush out of the door when she saw the person sitting opposite her still sitting leisurely as if he didnt care whether they escaped or not.

After carefully sensing it, she didnt seem to sense the threatening aura from Chu Feng.

It was as if he really didnt care.

In the silence, a nervous girls voice sounded, “Arent you a human Beastmaster Dont you want to bond with us”

Chu Feng couldnt help but laugh, “Its not like I dont have beasts.

Why would I be fixated on two beast cubs”

Luo Ya really wanted to say that it was different, but in the end, she didnt say anything.

She pulled Taotie back to the chairs and sat down dejectedly, unable to figure it out.

Chu Feng could roughly guess what the other party was thinking, but no matter what kind of beast it was, unless it was a legendary divine beast, otherwise it was really not very attractive to him.

Putting aside whether the boy named Taotie really had the ability to eat the heavens, and regardless of what abilities Luo Ya had, looking at their current situation, it was obvious that they were not very strong.

Even if they could grow up to be heaven-defying in the future, that was only in the future.

There were quite several geniuses in the human and beast races, but not everyone could grow up to be invincible experts.

Other than that, Chu Feng had Unlimited Enhancement of an unknown level as a talent.

Even the most ordinary beast could be trained into a monster that could crush true Gods!

To be honest, if he released the details of his beastmaster talent, even beast ancestors would fight tooth and nail for a place to be his beast!

After all, who wouldnt be tempted by the endless path of growing stronger The reason why Chu Feng came to the wild regions auction was, indeed, that he had the intention to contract a beast, but he was still quite picky.

Even if he wanted to contract a beast, he would still consider whether to set up a test based on the situation.

Luo Ya strangely saw something in the other partys eyes, and after a while, she said, “Are you looking down on me!”

Chu Feng smiled faintly, “I didnt say anything.”

Pausing for a moment, he changed the topic, “Never mind whether I want to bond with you, lets take a look at the auction first.”

Luo Ya felt a little aggrieved, but she could not say anything.

She could only nod and turn around to tear open the food packaging for her companion.

Chu Feng picked up the list of auction items for auction that he had not looked at carefully before.

At first, he was only flipping through it casually, but after flipping through two pages, his fingers paused and he frowned.

[List of Auction Items – Slaves]

[Ordinary Slaves: Overlord-level and below, overlords, totems, immortals; Children, Strong men, beautiful women…]

[Special Slaves: Sex slaves, child sex slaves, twins, alines… ]

[Top-quality Slaves: Immortal flower slaves, elves… ]

[ … ]


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