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After confirming that the other party was a big shot that they could not afford to offend, the eyes of the few muscular men who had stopped Chu Feng widened.

Shock, regret, annoyance, and other emotions flashed through their eyes.

“Sir, I beg you to spare my life!”

“I have elderly and children to feed…”

“Plop” sounds rang out one after another, and they knelt in a row.

Chu Feng waved his hand without turning his head back and didnt say anything.

The noise soon stopped and the few muscular men seemed to have been dragged away.

The manager carefully led Chu Feng upstairs.

It wasnt when he was downstairs that he wiped the fine cold sweat on his forehead.

Even though that young man seemed to be at the immortal level, the aura he gave off felt even more terrifying than some true Gods.

The aura was so oppressive that people didnt dare to breathe.

“Looking at the patterns on the waist token, it seems to be someone from the Dark Mystical Palace… Strange, the convoys from the Dark Mystical Palace only sent a few teams this time,” The manager was confused, but he couldnt figure it out, so he just threw it to the back of his mind.

“Whatever, no matter who he is, if he can get the Dark Mystic Palaces palace masters waist token, he isnt someone I can offend.”

After Chu Feng entered the room, it seemed that some other big shot had arrived.

However, the best seat facing the auction was still in the central room where Chu Feng was.

Almost all the influential factions near the wild region had come.

When the waiter came to deliver snacks, tea, and the list of items for the auction, Chu Feng casually asked, “Have all the regions near the wild region come to participate”

The waiter lowered his head and answered respectfully, “Other than the special circumstances of the neighboring sky region, among the more than a dozen regions nearby, both humans and beasts have come over to participate.”

After confirming that there were no other requests from the guest, the waiter immediately turned around and left.

Even the sound of him closing the door was very soft.

Chu Feng sat at the table in front of the windowsill, holding a piece of the desert while thinking.

Thirty minutes before the start of the auction, he left the room to go to the bathroom.

When he came out, his appearance had changed again.

Halfway to the central auction hall on the first floor, Chu Feng heard a rustling sound.

It seemed that something had happened in the kitchen.

In less than two seconds, an apron-wearing cook rushed in.

Following that, curses were heard, “Hey! You little bastard, youre here to steal the food our auction house prepared for our guests again I think I have to beat you up today… How dare you come to my place to steal food!”

Chu Fengs footsteps came to a halt as he stopped at the foot of the stairs.

The curses were endless.

Soon, a boy with red ears was chased out of the kitchen.

He looked into the kitchen with eager eyes.

The plump female cook placed her hands on her hips and cursed, “You cheap piece of trash! Get out of the auction house now or Ill have you slaughtered and turned into a meatball!”

Hearing the word “meatball”, the skinny child licked his lips.

His eyes were sparkling and there was a suspicious liquid dripping down his mouth.

The staircase that Chu Feng was currently on was not the magnificent corridor for the auction houses guests to walk on.

This staircase was narrow and small with moldy traces of disrepair.

Obviously, this was for the “servants”.

Undignified workers rarely even had the chance to see the light of day.

If the young masters and young ladies who were dancing and socializing in the front hall saw this, they would definitely exclaim, “Is this even a place for people to stay !”

Of course, there was a reason why Chu Feng chose this path.

After cursing for a while, the cook dragged the boys arm and was about to push him out of the window on the first floor when footsteps suddenly sounded.

“Tap, tap, tap…”

The footsteps sounded uneven.

It was as if someone who didnt know how to walk had suddenly started running.

Chu Feng looked curiously and saw a little girl in a gray dress with a gray face running over and stopping the cook from pushing the boy out.

“Auntie Qian, please dont punish him.

I, Ill give you money!” The girl couldnt reach the hand of the adult who was standing straight, so she could only hold on to the cooks thigh.

Seeing the suspicious look on the other partys face, she quickly took out a small pile of coins from her pocket and handed it to the cook, “Please let him go.

Xiao Tie didnt do it on purpose.

He mustve been too hungry…”

The cook named Auntie Qians expression changed.

She threw the boy aside and started counting the money, “One, two… ten…”

The girl pulled the boy up from the ground and patted the dust off his body, “Dont do this next time.

If I had come a little later, you might have really been caught and auctioned off by those people…”

The boy grinned and took out a piece of candy wrapped in paper from his chest.

He secretly stuffed it over, “Xiao Ya, here, this is delicious!”

The cook, who was counting the money with her head lowered, heard the vague word “auctioned off” and immediately mocked her, “Hes just useless good-for-nothings.

Even if hes given to others, no one would be willing to accept him!”

She said this not only because she was mean.

In fact, the little boy was originally sold by human traffickers.

At that time, the human traffickers had set up a stall at the market for a few days.

Once those interested heard that the boy had to eat at least five kilograms of food every day, no one dared to buy him!

After trying to sell the boy for a week, the human trafficker couldnt even give him away as a gift.

They felt that they had lost out, so they soon abandoned the little boy and left dejectedly.

It was only because this little girl called Xiao Ya was kind-hearted.

Otherwise, he would have starved to death long ago.

The cook counted the money twice, her eyes rolled, and her face wrinkled into a smile, “Xiao Ya, you should still have money, right”

Her greedy eyes darted around the girls pocket.

The little girl flipped her pocket out and showed there was not a single copper coin left.

Seeing this, Auntie Qian could not help but spit at her, “Its just a few pennies.

Do you think Im a beggar…”

When Auntie Qian returned to the kitchen, the little girl suddenly became alert, “Who is it”

Chu Feng was a little surprised.

He did not try to hide it and walked straight out.

He said with a calm expression, “Are you Luo Ya”

Before the little girl could say anything, the child who was holding her arm wanted to pull her away nervously, “Run, this person can kill us.

Hes very dangerous!”

“Yes, I am,” Luo Ya looked at the person opposite her.

Her eyes seemed to flash as she said with certainty, “You are sent by the Shu and Li.”

Hearing these two names, Chu Feng could not help but laugh, “Yes, if youre talking about the Tree God, Sheng Yi, and the Flower God, Luo Li.”

The child next to Luo Ya seemed to understand that this big brother seemed to be a friend of Xiao Ya.

His tense body relaxed slightly.

So they were friends.

There shouldnt be any danger, right

Facing these two little ones, especially Luo Ya, Chu Feng was inexplicably solemn.

He spoke in a tone of discussion as if he was facing equal partners, “The Flower God and the Tree God are both in the sky region.

Do you want to leave with me”


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