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As the opening of the auction in the wild region approached, groups of guests entered one after another.

A child who was too young to understand the situation went over to take a look, only to be chased away by evil-looking immortals with a big knife in their hands.

When a hunchbacked woman saw this, she immediately ran over to carry the child away with tears streaming down her face, “My child, how dare you go over Didnt I already tell you that the monsters there like to eat children with tender skin like you the most!”

The kid touched his skinny face.

He did not understand why the monsters wanted to eat people… The auction house in the wild region was not only for the rich in the wild region.

The dozen of regions that were close to the wild region had sent many powerful experts and powerful people over as well.

Even some of the forces that could be ranked in the top 100 on the eastern regions faction rankings also joined.

Those that came to participate were either buyers or sellers.

Most of the sellers entrusted the items to the auctioneer, hoping to get a high price.

Chu Feng changed his appearance, and his aura became much gloomier.

Perhaps it was because he was dressed normally, but just as he wanted to enter the auction hall, he was blocked by a few aggressive gatekeepers.

The person at the front had beady eyes as he used his nostrils to look at others, “Wheres this poor kid from You dont even have two dollars in your pocket, yet you still dare to come to the auction house”

The immortal star lords behind him spoke with disdain as well, “You dont even have an invitation.

It cant be that hes treating the magnificent auction house as a brothel that those peddlers and lackeys can enter freely, right”

“Are you hearing your words Do you know how to speak” Someone mocked his colleague, then turned around to mock Chu Feng, “If you havent even heard of the rules of entering the auction house in the wild region, then no matter how much money you have, its useless!”

“No, I say Xiao Er, do you really believe that he has any money”

“Hes wearing a black grey plain robe that doesnt have any brocade or dark patterns.

If you poke two holes in it, he can probably go to the rich peoples street to beg!”

“He looks like a gigolo.

If he goes there, he might be offered to be pampered by a few rich women.”


Chu Feng frowned.

Just as he was about to let them see blood, a seductive female voice suddenly sounded, “Oh my, you stinky men, why are you blocking us here”

A woman in a high-slung skirt holding a golden tobacco pipe looked over seductively.

Perfume after over and the few men who had been full of profanity stared.

They stared at the ladys face, chest, exposed waist, and fair legs.

“Drip,” Drops of blood landed on the ground.

Chu Feng moved to the side in disgust, avoiding the nose blood that splattered.

“Bang!” The mans head fell to the ground and rolled for a few seconds.

Seeing this, the waiter, who had wanted to come over and see what had happened so that he could resolve the situation in time, fell to the ground in fright.

His face was pale as he muttered, “Dead, really dead…”

In the next moment, as if he suddenly came to a realization, he cried out “someones dead” and fainted.

The other burly men who had followed him to block the way gulped.

They wiped away their cold sweat and made an inviting gesture, “Ma… Maam, please come in!”

The graceful young woman curled the corners of her lips.

Her red lips parted slightly as she exhaled a puff of white smoke.

The exquisite jade-like hand pushed away the headless, inexplicably frozen dead man as she shot a meaningful glance at Chu Feng.


The headless body collapsed to the ground and was trampled by the sharp high heels in the next moment.

Chu Feng looked at the bloody shoe prints that extended into the auction hall and felt that the place was like a giant mouth that had its mouth open as it invited food to come in automatically.

He took two steps in and was stopped again.

Perhaps they had just learned a lesson from someone else, but the tone of these evil servants had softened a bit.

“You dont have an invitation, so you cant go in!”

“Youd better take the opportunity that we dont want to make a move now to leave quickly.”

On one hand, they were scared and fearful of the woman since they couldnt even see her attack clearly.

On the other hand, they hadnt seen Chu Feng make a move yet, so they subconsciously thought of him as a novice-level cultivator who wasnt quite strong.

At the same time, they had embarrassed themselves in front of others, so an immortal started chasing him away in a foul tone, “Get lost, this auction is not for you!”

In the hall, some guests were watching the show.

“Ive seen too many people like this.

They can only earn a few dollars in their lifetime.

Its impossible for them to enter the rich circle!” The person who spoke raised his head.

He was not very tall, but he seemed to be looking down at the passersby outside the door.

Some people echoed, while another feigned humbleness by saying “they didnt want such a thing either”.

After being replied “youre just too kind”, the person then covered her face with a fan and turn to leave.

“Hmph, hes just damn pauper.

To think he has the nerve to be interested in the auction house…” The noble girl holding the fan had just taken two steps when she heard a cry from the door.

It seemed that even the immortals and true gods inside were shouting.

“Mystic, mystic crystal waist token!”

“Weird, only the top 150 factions in the eastern region have the right to get a mystic crystal waist token.”

“The factions near the wild region that have a mystic crystal waist token can be counted with one hand.

Usually, the token will be in the hands of the leaders!”

“This is really weird.

Could it be that the mystic crystal waist token in that persons hand is fake”

“That noble lady who entered just now had her servants present an invitation.

The moment she entered, she went up to the private room upstairs.

Could the young man behind her have an even greater background”

“A manager has come to see the waist token.

For now, we dont know if its real or fake.”


The onlookers discussed animatedly.

Even the young girl with the folding fan from before had hidden among the female guests.

All of them had their speculations.

Sensing the pairs of eyes looking over, especially some of the young girls eyes that seemed to be flirtatious, made Chu Feng feel a little uncomfortable.

At a certain moment, the direct gazes seemed to overlap with the faces of the burly men just now who had panted and stared at the young lady.

It made ones face inexplicably flush.

In fact, this was nothing strange.

Although the guests on the first floor also had invitations, in terms of value, they were far inferior to those who could enter the second floor.

Indeed, everyone was jealous of the woman just now.

Now, seeing that the person they had thought to be a pauper turned into an extraordinary person with grand family background, many women had thoughts of seducing him.

Even some handsome men who thought that themselves as quite good-looking adjusted their clothes and put on a dignified appearance.

“Sir, please come in quickly!” The manager held the mystic crystal waist token with both hands and smiled obsequiously as he welcomed Chu Feng in, “Its all my fault.

I didnt come out in time to welcome you…”

Chu Feng took the waist token and nodded his head.

Seeing this, whether it was the guests inside or those who were lining up outside, they were all stunned.

The truth was right in front of them.

This person in regular clothes really had an extraordinary background! The group of men and women looked at Chu Feng with even more intense gazes.


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