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Chu Feng and Astral Spirit communicated for a while through max-level communication.

He learned a lot from his beast.

For example, two days after he left, the Ancient Tower of Gods that had been fully charged with energy became the cultivation ground for all living beings on the Blue Planet once again.

On the inheritance rankings of the gods, the most eye-catching name was still “Human race, Chu Feng”!

Upon seeing the leaderboards, some of Chu Fengs fans turned into die-hard fans on the spot.

It was said that quite a few wanted to use his pictures and battle records as wall decorations to encourage themselves not to forget to strive to become stronger than yesterday.

Chu Feng didnt know whether to laugh or cry at this.

He could just let them be.

If he could help others, it could be considered a good thing anyway.

After the human-beast exchange was over, Lila, who had parted ways with the Beastmaster halfway in the underground palace, came over.

“The wounded who were transformed into other creatures have all been healed.

Half of them have either fallen into a state of insanity or have been scared out of their wits.

The others look normal, but each has problems.”

Hearing that, Chu Feng frowned as well.

He had originally wanted to send those slaves back to their original planets but looking at their mental states…

Lila frowned and said, “Sending them back to their original planets is one way to solve the situation.

After all, theyve lived in their previous worlds for a long time.

If they can return to the familiar place that raised them, theyll likely get better.”

Chu Feng grunted in acknowledgment, then said, “Then lets send back those that we can.

This dark enigmatic palace isnt a good place to stay anyway.

Even a normal person would have problems if they stayed here for too long.”

As he said that, he summoned the Mirage Butterfly through the max-level Summoning.

“Miya!” Fei Nuo Sha danced around the beastmaster curiously, extremely excited by the killing aura that was everywhere in the palace.

The butterfly, which was originally leaning towards the divine attribute, transformed into its demonic form after taking a few breaths of the Dark Mysterious Palaces air.

Even the big brother of the beast team, Wild Bear, sneezed, not quite used to it.

The Mystic Fall Fighter Jet was mechanical so it wasnt affected.

Lila had long since been surrounded by a barrier set up by Chu Feng, so she was basically unaffected as well.

All the creatures that had been branded as slaves had their negative statuses removed by Lila.

After they were far away from the Dark Mystic Palace, they would more or less respond to people.

After considering everything, the humans and beasts that were rescued from the Dark Mystic Palace were sent to an uninhabited planet not far from the sky region.

Relevant information had been sent to the center of the Solar System.

Soon, someone would come to take over.

The Mirage Butterfly and Lila stayed there.

Chu Feng, the Wild Bear, and the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet then teleported back to the Dark Mystical Palace through the plane coordinates.

Those that could leave were basically all gone.

The underground palace was now like an underground tomb.

It was still the same as before, with waves of wails and screams echoing in it.

However, other than Chu Feng and his beasts, no one knew that a great change had occurred inside.

The original abuser had become those that were suffering, immersed in an abyss of nightmares that they might never wake up from.

Not only that, but if other members of the Dark Mystical Palace returned to the palace, they would also be dragged into the illusion abyss that Chu Feng and the Mirage Butterfly had jointly set up and reinforced.

They would fall into a miserable state similar to that of their colleagues!

In the future, they would either struggle in endless pain or come out as tools to do all kinds of good deeds.

For example, those slaves were in great need of rescue.

When the tools lost all their value, they might be reduced to living suicide bombers.

If they could contribute on the battlefield in the future, it would not be a waste of their lives.

The endless treasures were all taken away, and a small part of those was given to the creatures tortured by the Dark Mystical Palace.

Never mind other things, at least they would not have to worry about living in the future.

Of course, if they could choose, no one would choose to encounter such things.

After all, just from the ghostly wails that lingered in the underground palace, it could be seen that the ones who could come out alive were the absolute minority! At this point, the Dark Mystic Palace had become a tomb with no exit.

In an empty room, Chu Feng sat alone.

Beside him, the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet was using its max-level photon calculation ability to summarize the information obtained in the Dark Mystic Palace.

A mystic crystal waist token with strange patterns was placed casually on the table.

If anyone knowledgeable saw it, they would definitely exclaim, “Impossible!”

Looking at the totem patterns on the waist token, it was clearly something that should be in the possession of the Dark Mystic Palaces palace master! There was only a young man in his twenties in the room.

How could he be related to the Dark Mystic Palaces palace master

Anyone who was well-informed knew that the Dark Mystic Palaces palace master was a woman with a seductive figure and a pock on her face.

It was said that when she went to the Desolate Gods palace banquet, she had asked for the Desolate Gods grandson as her sex toy!

Could it be that this person was the palace masters latest lover If that really was the case, then wasnt the Dark Mystic Palaces palace master pampering this person too much To think she even gave him her identity token.

It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that she had poured her heart and soul out!

Unfortunately, no one knew that not only had the palace master poured her heart and soul out but even her godly soul was annihilated! People came and went downstairs, and the topics of discussion were all different.

“Speaking of the slave trade that is everywhere in the wild region, the strongest one here is definitely the Karu Family, which owns the largest slave market in the entire region!” Someone shook a wine jug and poured a few cups for himself and his companion.

When a man with a strong build heard this, his eyes flashed.

The greed in his expression couldnt be concealed as he said, “Sigh, its a pity that the aborigines that are nearby are already taken.

Otherwise, I would have been able to make a huge fortune!”

“Haha, if it were really that simple, I would have long had countless beautiful concubines and gone sightseeing on the planets.”

Someone at the side nudged the muscular mans shoulder and began to daydream, “If I could really earn a huge sum, forget about touring the planets, I would even be able to go to the center of the eastern divine region!”

The person who poured the wine first tsk-ed and shattered his companions fantasy, “What are you dreaming about in broad daylight The central area Thats a place that even rich people cant get to!”

Hearing about the central area of the East region, the guests at the other tables chimed in, “I heard that the weakest in the central area is in the immortal level.

Totems and those with lower levels cant stay there for more than a day even if they sell all their organs!”

“I heard that theres a threshold to enter the central area of the eastern region.

True God-level cultivators will get gifts when they go there.”

While they were talking, the lady boss of the inn couldnt help but mock them, “You dont even dare to leave the wild region, yet you dare to brag here I see that the lot of you are daydreaming every day!”

Some people thought that her words were too harsh.

They immediately took out some examples to refute her.

“Lady boss, youre asking us to send ourselves to our deaths!”

“Everyone in the wild region knows that there are benefits to be gained by taking risks outside.

However, less than thirty percent of them can make it back safely.

The number of people who can make it back while gaining a harvest is less than one-thousandth!”

The rude woman rolled her eyes and continued to wipe the table forcefully.

Everyone understood the principles, but few could actually do it.

Even the people on the street knew that even the members of the Karu Family who had experiences in interstellar adventures had fallen on the path of exploration!

“Sigh, Yunad has been missing for a few months.

Im afraid he has died too.”

“Do you think that he and his companions were killed by the aborigines on a remote planet”

“It cant be that someone has forgotten the saying that there are no experts among the aborigines, right”

“Its more plausible that they fell into a black hole!”


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