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After casting the maximum-level illusion Abyss, which was a combination of multiple skills, Chu Feng advanced at a moderate pace in the underground palace.

Step by step, each step seemed to knock on someones heart.

In this underground palace, there were no less than ten thousand “people” with blood on their hands.

Even if Chu Feng used all of his beast skills to torture them one by one, there was no guarantee that the methods of their deaths would not overlap.

No matter what kind of skill he used, it could cause at least one kind of tragic death scene.

Even Lila, who looked the most gentle and kind, could use the treant skill or the other maxed-out skills like life plunder to make the perpetrators beg for death.

Then there was the Mirage Butterfly, which was not around at the moment.

Just its skills of Break, Split, Mystery, Kill, Slaughter, and Destroy alone could destroy everything.

Not to mention, it had also learned many skills from the skill catalog, such as spatial strangulation, non-existing entity, barrier maze, compressed bomb, squeeze dry, butterflys call… Chu Feng naturally knew these skills as well.

Should he suppress the sinners in the nightmare gods world forever, let their souls be destroyed by all sorts of beast skills, or make them repeatedly experience countless types of death sentences in the cage

Chu Fengs pondering probably only took a few seconds.

In these few seconds, many things flashed through his mind, and he finally made a decision.

“Death, in other words, is the end of everything.

This is too lenient on them.”

Moreover, Chu Feng did not intend to let them have the possibility of reincarnation.

The answer was thus very simple: He would make them atone for their sins while they were still alive and make it so that they could make contributions before death.

With that, the vast divine strength filled the underground palace.

The sinners, including the palace master of the Dark Mystic Palace, could only watch their bodies do the things that they could not bear the most.

In addition, they would use their entire lives to atone for their evil deeds and save all the slaves until they were completely worthless.

Under the influence of Chu Fengs spiritual power, some of the strong ones among the slaves stood out.

Some perished with the members of the Dark Mystic Palace who had lost the ability to resist.

Some transformed from a flower back into human form and dragged the “researcher” next to them onto the table before injecting them with the syringe of liquid…

In this illusory reality, no sinner could escape the pain for their entire lives.

The disaster that was once inflicted on others was now returned to them.

The Dark Mystic Palace and the Dark Mystic Group still existed, but the ones in power and the ones who were suffering changed without the outside world noticing.

Lila walked along the corridor of the underground palace and sighed deeply.

What were those human-form executioners thinking Perhaps only they knew.

Lila sighed silently and continued to instruct the treants to bring out some frightened slaves or perform the miracle of life on the severely injured.

No matter what kind of beings the slaves were, their lives should not stop here.

When she opened the cage, Lila saw many children.

If one ignored their mental state, they could even be said to be well taken care of.

They were fair and tender.

Under the circulation of Chu Fengs divine strength, the underground palace gradually took the shape of a tomb.

The sinners would be tortured here.

The screams and wails in the Dark Mystic Palace sounded again.

This time, the victims seemed to be especially unable to endure the pain.

Chu Fengs telekinesis power circled the underground palace before being instantly withdrawn.

The sinners who were at the immortal level or below could not withstand the spatial strangulation everywhere that was targeting them.

Their bodies were crushed countless times in a short minute.

Then, they were forcefully bonded together with brute force before “enjoying” another round of the death penalty.

Trapped in the places where they did evil in the past, they were repeatedly tortured.

At a certain moment, some cried out in pain and regret.

However, the souls that died under their hands could not come back to life and forgive them.

“Its too late, its too late!”

“Ahhhhh! Dont, dont kill me!”

“Haha, were all going to Hell, to Hell!!”


Lunatic words filled the room.

It wasnt just those high and mighty creatures.

Many of the slaves imprisoned in the dark cages had long since gone mad.

Chu Feng strolled around in the underground palace, conveniently taking out books like “The Development History of the Dark Mystical Palace”, “The Study of Vegetative States”, “Customers Preferences”, and other books from the hidden secret room.

The Mystic Fall Fighter Jet shuttled through the various secret rooms, continuously recording all kinds of information… Not long after, it flew back to its Beastmasters side.

Chu Feng walked through the underground palace, killing intent flashing in his eyes from time to time.

It was clearly just his gaze, but wherever it swept past, it could annihilate all living creatures.

Every time he stopped in front of a member of the Dark Mystical Palace who had a blood-red mark or was a true God, Mystic would find records related to the being from the records of sins in the secret room.

The electronic sound reverberated throughout the underground palace, “… Chu Xinna, leader of team 1, intermediate true God.

No less than 100,000 creatures have died under his hands directly or indirectly.

He has connections with the experimental groups leader…”

A calm voice rang out, “To be deprived of human rights.”

“…Reyada, leader of the Dark Mystic team, God General.

He loves to research new flowers.

He has once developed a dandelion that can suck up the flesh and bones of the recipient, a bone-growing flower that was born from the deaths of nearly 10,000 people, a venomous flower that was bred by thousands of people and countless snakes, scorpions, rats, and other creatures…”

“To be given the same treatment and sentenced to eternal death.”

“…Elder Kande is in charge of communicating with the outside world.

He likes to find customers with special needs, such as the undead race and the blood disasters…”

“To have his flesh and blood split into complete bodies and sent back to the customers.”

“…Elder Kosa is in charge of finding high-quality “goods sources” and abducting aborigines…”


One by one, the sins were laid out.

Just as mentioned before, death allowed everything to be over once and for all.

The sinners did not deserve to live, nor did they deserve a quick death.

The situation where they had to endure the death penalty day and night would be worse than death.

It would be comparable to the suffering of the victims.

Miserable screams and wails lingered in the tomb for a long time.

Chu Feng and the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet gradually went deeper until they reached the deepest and most luxurious hall in the underground palace.

Only then did they stop.

The door of the hall was moving though there wasnt any wind, making a creepy creaking sound.

As if countless fierce beasts were trapped within, roars burst out.




Chu Feng raised his eyebrows.

He was both surprised and not.

Most of the true Gods, including the few God General-realm elders, were unable to escape from the illusion abyss that he had set up.

There had only been two true Gods who managed to do so.

One of them passed out after screaming in pain since he was subjected to the punishment of dismemberment and all sorts of other tortures.

The other was the elder and also the leader of the Dark Mysterious Palace who could summon all kinds of fancy laboratory creatures with a wave of his hand.

Chu Feng didnt pay much attention to him.

He only deepened the spiritual imprint and let him continue to “enjoy” the group celebration of the dark creatures.

To Chu Feng, it would be dirtying his hands if he made a move himself or let his beasts do it.

Most of the true Gods in this underground palace were used to controlling beings in vegetative states.

The one who left the deepest impression on him had even developed potatoes, peas, sunflowers… It was like a different version of “plants vs zombies”.

However, there were no corpses here.

70% of the corpses that resulted from the failure of the experiments became fertilizer for the deformed human flowers.

Watching oneself rot was also one of the punishments.


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