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Last time, when the bloodline of all his beasts had been upgraded to the advanced true God-level, Chu Feng had received an increase in his beast-taming talent level.

Not only had his first talent level been upgraded to an unknown level, but even his second talent had been upgraded to an unparalleled level.

It was many times stronger than the second talent of other Beastmasters!

It was all thanks to Beastmasters Divine Heart that his current combat strength could be said to be the strength of all six beasts combined.

Although they hadnt competed against each other, the human and his six beasts were well aware that unless the beasts worked together, there was absolutely no chance of them defeating Chu Feng! It was also because of this that Beastmaster had always been excluded from the competition to be the strongest in the team.

If it was any other beast team, it would naturally be that the Beastmaster was too weak so his individual combat strength wasnt included in the team.

However, Chu Fengs situation was very different.

To a certain extent, his individual combat strength was even stronger than his team of beasts! After all, although it was guaranteed that the Wild Bear and the others could win against a lower God Venerable if they worked together, Chu Feng had the strength to fight against a middle God Venerable alone! Even so, his desire to be stronger didnt diminish in the slightest.

If he couldve beheaded the God Emperor earlier from the Eastern Temple, it wouldve been quite satisfying.

Thinking of this, Chu Feng subconsciously browsed through his personal interface.

After both his beasts and the beast world had become stronger, he could sense that he had become stronger as well.

However, compared to the Wild Bear and the other beasts, the improvement didnt seem to be too obvious.

[Chu Feng]

[Level: 10th realm, the peak of the immortal level (comparable to a God Venerable)]

[Beastmaster Talent: Unlimited Enhancement (unknown level), Beastmasters Divine Heart (supreme)]

[Beasts: Six 10th realm God General beasts, namely…]

[Principles Comprehended: Beast principle source (level 50).]

Chu Fengs expression was slightly stunned.

He had the thought of “as expected”, but at the same time, he felt a little incredulous.

All six of his beasts had broken through to the true God level, but he didnt expect that he was still at the immortal level… Wait, the peak of the immortal level!

Didnt he make up this saying himself

Chu Feng was shocked.

Did the peak of the immortal level really exist

He didnt seem to have heard of it before though…

Previously, he had spent virtual currency to search through the illusory world curiously.

The news about the existence of this realm had just spread not long ago.

If he were to trace it back to the source, it was probably something he had said in the waiting area at the edge of the Solar System after he had let the Astral Spirit refine the Evil Gods origin world, also known as the secret realm of the Blue Planet.

At that time, Hanlin had asked what level he was at, to which Chu Feng had casually replied “the peak of the immortal level”.

Who would have thought that there really was such a level…

To be honest, Chu Feng was now somewhat doubting his eyes.

Even the publicly acknowledged totem level had not appeared in the level column on the beast interface.

Why was this “peak of the immortal level” listed in this column

Such a thing was not too strange though.

Many things in the world had come from nothing, especially during the period when the universe was first created.

There had been countless “firsts”.

However, at this time of age, there should be nothing new under the Sun.

Firsts without a threshold were already common.

Those with a threshold were also as common as cow hair.

Only the achievements with an extremely high threshold were few.

In the Blue Planet civilization of this era, the being who had the highest level and had been the strongest in the past was none other than the Mirage Butterfly patriarch Moer, who had traveled outside for ten thousand years.

He was a totem in the fourth realm.

At that time, if it werent for Chu Feng, who had come out of the Ancient Tower of the Gods in time to lend a hand, Wu Yu and Zhong Hen, the two magnates, would have died on the spot! As for Chu Feng, being grateful for the protection he had been given, he immediately massacred the Foreign Races Alliance after he left the tower.

From then on, the various races of the Blue Planet were under the command of the human race! Later on, a legend-level Beastmaster managed to accomplish something that the advanced beast-taming civilization in the last era of the Blue Planet hadnt been able to accomplish even when it was at its peak.

Not only did he free the Blue Planet from the fate of dying together with the Evil Gods origin world, but his territory had even expanded to the entire sky region and wild region!

Up until now, even though Chu Feng was only the leader of two regions, his reputation was something that the entire eastern and even the other four regions of Gods world had heard of.

If he had the heart to take in immortals and true Gods, the three great powers in the eastern divine region would immediately change! Even if he didnt have the intention, the masters of the other territories near the sky region had their decisions.

Who wouldnt be afraid of a young man who could kill a God Venerable with just less than two years of cultivation

Some were jealous, some were envious, some were respectful, and some were disgusted and wary… After all, no one wanted to give up their piece of the cake.

There were many strong but lone cultivators.

Chu Feng desired to become stronger, but if there was no one behind him, what was the point of doing so

Protecting his home was one of the initial reasons he yearned to become stronger.

In the eyes of the people of the Blue Planet, their sovereign was extremely strong!

Chu Feng had achieved many impossibilities.

He was the creator of legends on the Blue Planet, and he was also the myth itself!

It was not too much to call him the limitless emperor who was above all immortals and could even kill God Venerables.

It was only right that the peak of the immortal level belonged to Chu Feng, who had broken the universe record!

Chu Fengs mind spread to the entire planet as well as the entire sky region.

Looking at the residents of his territory laughing happily and worshipping the statue, he suddenly felt that it was not a big deal to have the “peak of the immortal level” engraved on the interface.

If he could become stronger without any hindrance, he could break out of the entire universe, let alone the eastern divine region!

The world was vast, and there was no limit to the number of experts.

Even the rule that the heavens would not congratulate those below the true God level had been broken, so this interface was nothing.

Experts like him existed to create legends.

Chu Feng collected his thoughts, opened the only principle on his interface, and poured a large amount of divine source into it.

In an instant, the beastmaster principle source was upgraded to level 50!

At the same moment, a small red dot appeared on the Beastmasters core option.

Chu Feng curiously clicked on it and saw that there were a few new options added under the [Beastmasters core] column.

[Separation (level 1): Level 10 is the maximum.

Can be enhanced with divine source points.

When it is maxed out, the beasts can move about independently from the Beastmaster.]

[Summoning (level 1): Level 10 is the maximum.

Can be enhanced with divine source points.

When the level is maxed out, beasts that have left the team can be summoned back to the Beastmasters side.]

[Bond (level 1): Level 10 is the maximum.

Allows fated non-beastmasters to form an equal and mutually beneficial beast bond with another fated creature.]

[Debond (level 1): Level 10 is the maximum.

When one party has a strong desire to break the bond, he can ignore the rules of the beast bond and the individual wishes of the other party, breaking the bond between those who are not fated.]

Chu Feng glanced briefly at his ten million divine source points, and without hesitation, leveled all the options up to the maximum level! Speaking of which, he had also been enhanced with the divine source, but why was he still an immortal

Could it be that his foundation pool had been upgraded to be unlimited, so the power feedback of his six beasts breaking through to the true God level wasnt enough

Unlimited foundation… He wondered if bonding with new beasts would be useful.

After the four new options were upgraded to the maximum level, the beasts in the beast world immediately sensed the difference.

The Mirage Nutterfly let out a “Mi-ya” sound and greeted Chu Feng before flying to the two sunny flower fields.

The Dark-sky Azure Dragon was also eager to soar and fly recklessly.

Chu Feng jumped up from the ground and leaped into the air, riding on the dragon.

“Then lets take a walk,” He said with a smile.


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