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After assigning the authorities, Chu Feng left the room.

Zhong Hen chased after him and smiled, “Third brother, I was thinking too much.

Youre right.

Only when everyone is strong is our strength real!”

“Im not lacking in those anyway.

Theres no need to give me more,” Chu Feng bumped fists with him and smiled, “You and big brother should work hard.

With the cultivation value of the dimensional dream, the overlord level should be over soon.

Maybe we wont have to wait long before you return to the legend level and break through to the immortal level!”

After that, the two chatted and laughed.

They also looked for Wu Yu, who was busy with official business, and they had a meal together.

At the same time, the Dimensional Traveler Dream app that was determined to be harmless to the Blue Planet was then publicized and made known to all the humans and beasts on the planet.

“F*ck, hologram!”

“I dont need the support of hardware, I just need to download an app”

“Just by looking at the promotional screen, if it wasnt for the participation of the research institute in the project, I would definitely be the first to report it as fake!”

“Did you guys see the perfect reviews”

“Emm… Should we believe in those”


“Whether its a game or an app, the thing you cant trust the most is a perfect review!”

“No, wait a minute, didnt you guys going to click into the page to read Bai Wanyu, Wang Ya, Tian Xuan… These are all immortals that can only be seen in the central! The scariest thing is, the magnates are even there!”

“F*ck, what the hell !”

“Whats there to make a fuss about Isnt it just a fake… Hmm Ah!”

“To be honest, I thought the same before I clicked on the account to see the verification.”

“No, I dont understand.

Why are there so many big shots descending into the mortal world for an app Even the magnate Wu Yu, who has a lot of things to do every day, has downloaded it!”

Amidst the chaotic discussions, there were also “insiders” who secretly revealed information that ordinary people didnt know.

“I heard that this dimensional traveler was brought back by magnate Chu Feng.

You can become stronger just by playing games!”

There werent many SSS-grade Beastmasters on Blue Planet, but there were quite a few SS-grade and S-grade Beastmasters.

Those words were immediately captured by the bystanders, and they bombarded the spokesperson with messages.

“Hey, can I have a word with you”

“We can become stronger just by playing games Thats way too heaven-defying!”

“Does anyone know more details Youre trying to trick us, the youths of the new era, with your vague words about becoming stronger”

“Ive already tagged the games official and political center.

All thats left is to wait for a reply.”

“If it really is magnate Chu, then Ill definitely download it no matter what!”


For some unknown reason, the person who had been saying vague things didnt appear again.

At this time, many humans and beasts who were too anxious to wait had downloaded and installed the app.

They were thinking of taking a nap or sleeping to verify the authenticity of the app.

There were also a small number of people who happened to be on vacation.

They simply took care of everything else and began to experiment.

As the sun moved across the sky, the first few humans and beasts who fell asleep woke up.

The moment they woke up, they tried to do some boxing.

Some even went straight to the training rooms to test their various body attribute values.

Some shouted “Ive broken through” while some sighed They could clearly feel that they had become a little stronger, so why was it that they could not detect it

After the initial wave of uncontrollable joy rushed over, regardless of whether it was humans or beasts, as long as they used the dimensional dream app, they were all extremely excited.

“F*ck, f*ck! %@&^ …”


“Ive broken through! Ive finally broken through!”

“Ive always been stuck at the peak overlord level.

I didnt expect that after waking up, I would actually feel that my bottleneck has loosened!”

“Ive been at the commander level for so many years.

I was just casually trying it out, but the result is simply amazing!”

“Me too!”

“Plus one.”

“Plus my Blue Planet ID…”

“Hey, all of you are thinking of getting stronger through cultivation, but I think that playing the game in our dreams is pretty good.

It saves me time during the day.”

“As fellow gamers, this is the first time I feel that pulling an all-nighter to play games doesnt make me lethargic.”

“Haha, I feel that this is no different from second reality!”

“If not for the game icon reminding me, I would have thought that I had transmigrated in my sleep.”

“Damn, damn, damn, its really f*cking awesome! I wont allow anyone to be ignorant about this app.

Charge, dimensional dream app!”

“This is great.

Cultivation can now be done in our sleep.

This way, whether its the Blue Planet people or beasts, we can become stronger every moment!”

“I strongly agree!”

“At last, we dont have to worry about being a burden anymore…”

“The magnate is too good to us.

I must cultivate well and serve the Blue Planet!”

Not only were the netizens discussing fervently, but the people in the research center, the school, the hospital… Everyone seemed to be extremely excited.

In fact, even Chu Feng was affected by that omnipresent excitement.

However, he was very different from other players.

Ordinary players would only come into contact with the dimensional traveler sub-system that was packaged as a game.

For them, the dimensional traveler dream was an extremely special game.

They could play in the dream world while obtaining cultivation value in the dimensional dream.

Moreover, the cultivation value was not fixed.

In the later stages, it could even be improved! Regarding this point, the game introduction was very clear.

Currently, regardless of whether it was Zhong Hen and the others who had administrator privileges or other players, they could only be pulled into other dimensions through the sub-system in their dreams.

For safety reasons, the current version that was on the shelves was the 2.0 version of the game that had a surveillance and protection system.

When encountering an abnormal life-threatening situation, the sub-system of the dimensional traveler disguised as the players system would eject the player from the dimension they were in.

In the eyes of the other Blue Planet creatures, it would be that the sleeper had awakened from his dream.

Unlike the others, Chu Fengs AI was loaded with a real dimensional traveler.

Probably due to the influence of Zhong Hen and the others, the dimensional traveler systems interface had a corresponding Blue Planet module added.

Through this, Chu Feng could see that hundreds of millions of people had already loaded into the sub-system.

The power feedback that he received in real-time was like a clay ox entering the sea, merging into the incomparably vast foundation.

It was already past noon, so there were naturally very few cultivators in the dimensional traveler.

Even so, when there were more people, for example, if everyone on the Blue Planet or even the entire sky region participated in it, no matter how little the power feedback was, it could be considered a considerable amount when accumulated!

If this continued to develop, perhaps in the future, as the sovereign, Chu Feng wouldnt even need to cultivate.

He would be able to rely on the countless residents of his territory to grow incomparably powerful.

“Even if other people can assist me in becoming stronger, ultimately, I still have to rely on myself,” Chu Feng understood very clearly in his heart that the future was in the future.

The most practical thing would always be to work hard in the present.

Thinking of this, the person lying on the swing gradually closed his eyes.

Perhaps it was because he had heard too much about the dimensional plane, but Chu Feng entered the same dream as well.

The previously abandoned Blue Planet had now been cleaned up into a large piece of empty land.

The game had only been released for less than half a day, but the players had already started a self-sufficient small-scale farming economy.

With a thought, Chu Feng summoned the Dark-sky Azure Dragon from the beast world.

Geer sensed the Beastmasters thoughts and suddenly transformed into an incomparably huge and extremely powerful divine dragon, touring the world.


The people who were busy with other things on the ground looked up in shock.

“A divine, divine dragon!!”

“Is it the magnate”



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