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With endless divine source points in his hands, Chu Feng didnt even blink as he leveled up the effects to the max.

At this point, the general interface of his beasts changed again.

[Beast Core]

[Companion (level 10): All attributes of the beasts that arent involved in the battle will be increased by 300%.]

[Alongside Battle (level 10): All attributes of the beasts that are in battle will be increased by 300%.]

[Communication (max level): No obstruction in communication, seamless cooperation.]

[Borrowing (max level): Beasts can borrow the skills of other beasts and unleash 100% of the original effect.]

[Fetters: Fetters between the dragon and bear, the fighter jet and butterfly, the tree and others, as well as the fighter jet and others.

All attributes will be doubled.]

In addition to the 300% basic increase from the Beastmasters core, the strength of his beasts had once again increased greatly! However, from what had been revealed so far, it should only be the tip of the iceberg of the Beastmasters core and beasts core.

Then there were the new skills that the beasts had learned, mainly the Mirage Butterfly and the Dark-sky Azure Dragon.

Under the Mirage Butterflys interface, other than the original 27 skills, there were a lot of new skills.

In fact, Chu Feng had previously intermittently enhanced the Mirage Butterflys skills, and the latter had used them inside and outside the Bloody Pagoda as well.

[Illusory-real Counter-realm (level 10): Instantly create an illusory-real counter-realm, rebounding all attacks that the realm receives within ten minutes to the caster.

Karma exists in this world.

The attack is the cause and the damage is the effect.]

[Spatial Strangulation (level 50): Within the realm, every step may be a death trap.]

[Non-existing Entity (level 1): Creature that has been sentenced to death, the biggest mistake youve made is to have an actual entity!]

[Barrier Maze (level 1): Being trapped in an illusionary maze, committing suicide on the spot might be the best choice.]

[Kill (level 1): One of the 24 words of truth that were born at the beginning of the universe together with the chaos-type gods and demons.

It has killed who knows how many gods.]

[Slaughter (level 1): One of the 24 words of truth.

Even if the target of the attack is an army of tens of thousands, they can be easily defeated as if they were one.]

[Destroy (level 50): One of the 24 words of truth.

Not only can it destroy ones physical body and spirit, but it can also erase the targets existence.]

[Compressed Bomb (level 10): Did you know that a body or even a wisp of a divine soul can be compressed into a bomb]

[Wring Out (level 1), Butterfly Call (level 1)… ]

Of course, these few skills werent the only new additions to the Mirage Butterflys interface.

Although the Beastmasters cores interface showed that the progress of his beasts learning their respective skill catalogs was less than 3%, the key to this percentage was clearly not the fault of his beasts.

Rather, it was more because there were too many skills to learn.

In terms of the total number of skills learned by a single race, it wasnt an exaggeration to say that there were hundreds or even thousands of them! Currently, only two of his beasts had the skill catalog in their hands.

Other than the Mirage Butterfly, there was also the Dark-sky Azure Dragon.

Geer only had half of the skill catalog, so his progress was relatively slow.

Most of the dragons newly learned skills were elemental skills, such as body elementalization, summoning wind and rain, and arson.

In short, they were all moves that werent of much use at the moment.

Of course, some were very useful in battle.

[Dragon Scale Blood Blade (level 1): On the battlefield, a dragon scale can turn into countless blood blades that can pierce through all living things.]

[Elemental Extraction (level 1): Everything in the world is formed from elements.

Anything that is made of elements can be extracted.]

[Tornado (level 1), dragon god slash (level 1), dragon blood blade (level 1)… ]

Chu Feng didnt pay much attention to them.

He only glanced at them briefly, then waved his hand and spent a large number of divine source points! The cost of upgrading the two beasts new skills to the maximum level was nothing to the current Chu Feng.

The cost was only a fraction of what he owned!

Perhaps it was because of the stimulation of multiple skills being upgraded to the maximum level, but the Mirage butterfly and the Dark-sky Azure Dragon immediately entered the state of breaking through to the true God level.

Considering everything, Chu Feng didnt ask them to suppress the process.

After a short while, the butterfly and the dragon both stepped into the true God level and became advanced true Gods! Their realm was about the same as the Astral Spirits.

In actual combat, they could easily defeat a God King!

Not only that, but Chu Fengs beast world also became bigger and stronger… It was now about the size of seven Solar Systems.

If he used it as a weapon, he would probably be able to smash a God King to death on the spot!

In fact, this was normal.

After all, as the master of the beast space, although Chu Feng was now only at the immortal level, in terms of combat power, he could even be compared to a middle God Venerable! He had a vague feeling that it would be challenging for him to improve his combat power in the future.

“Yiya!” The Astral Spirit returned to the beast world and circled the Mirage Butterfly and Dark-sky Azure Dragon that had just broken through curiously.

The Wild Bear, Lila, and the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet all returned to the world as well.

With his second talent, the improvement of his beasts would reflect back on the Beastmaster as usual.

Chu Feng clenched his fists, sensing the hidden power in his body.

“Its not enough, I still have to become stronger!” He closed his eyes, suppressing the boundless fighting spirit surging in his heart.

“Maybe its time to brandish my sword,” Chu Feng entered the beast world and fought a few battles with his beasts.

On the other side, the two magnates and other core members were studying the dimensional traveler.

“Just as magnate Chu has said, this item is deeply bound to him because its the reward for killing the most blood souls,” A researcher turned on his iPad and motioned for everyone to look over.

On the vast map, a blue light spot was particularly eye-catching.

The icon of a small home had been placed on it.

When zoomed in and magnified, it did not seem to be much different from the Solar System.

“Other than the Solar System where we are, the other black areas are unknown,” The researcher tapped on the dark black areas that were so black they seemed to be able to corrode the souls of humans, “Based on the geographical environment that is revealed in some of the partially black areas, we can find that they are quite different from the real world.

For example, there is clearly only a black hole here, but there is an external body of a planet on the map…”

The researcher gave a whole speech and finally came to a conclusion, “Based on the above, I think the mission given to us by this dimensional traveler should be to explore the map.

To put it simply, it is to explore the black areas and make them known areas.”

Hearing that, some people nodded, while others frowned.

“The magnate clearly said that this is a system that can allowplayers to be reborn indefinitely.

With such great power, how could it be for the sake of exploring the surrounding areas” Another person stood up and said bluntly, “In my opinion, this is clearly the development of a planet in another dimension.

We should let all the living beings on the Blue Planet participate in it!”

Among his words, how the participants should be selected was another debate.

Wu Yu and Zhong Hen looked at the few people who were glaring and did not agree with each other.

They sighed helplessly.

“Alright, stop arguing,” Wu Yu said slowly, “How about this, well follow my third brothers idea and distribute the rights to enter this system as players to the people.

Well say that its a holographic game.

As for the administrator rights, well hand them over to the interdimensional travel management team that will be formed later.

Since Chu Feng said that all players will not be restricted by death if they log into other worlds through this system, he must have his reasons.”

Zhong Hen nodded when he heard that.

His trust in Chu Feng was long unwavering.

He suggested, “Since thats the case, well temporarily open 100 closed beta slots and see how things go first.”


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