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Judging from the sounds in the realm, it was a party filled with the rhapsody of dark creatures.

It was like they were having a rare feast.

In the darkness, all the creatures were excited! However, not long after the happy tune was sung, they were stunned.

“Where is he”

“Hes gone…”

When they came to their senses, all the dark creatures were furious!

“Damned human!”

“To think he escaped.

Why didnt he obediently wait for us to devour him”

“To think that the king said that we should leave a wisp of his godly soul behind.

Such an insensible person should be skinned, deboned, and have his tendons removed alive! He should even be thrown into the infernal hell so that he would be begging for death!”

The screeches that were filled with vicious curses spread through the space in the spatial barrier.

Chu Feng, who had completely turned into an elemental and energy body, strangely understood their words.

If he used his spiritual power to investigate himself now, he would surely come to the conclusion that he was “omnipresent”.

The division between the human race and the beast race was rooted in their initial forms.

However, this form wasnt completely fixed.

For example, in the Beastmaster team that he had met earlier, there had been a burly man in the atavism state.

Atavism, bloodline, experiments, acquired skills… There were quite a few methods that could change a creatures appearance, just like Chu Feng now.

With his ultimate strength and a chaos power skill that was even more powerful than elemental transformation, he could easily transform his human body into an infinite number of tiny molecules.

At this moment, he was even more unrestricted than air!

After all, there was no air in the vacuum, but Chu Feng could be everywhere! Of course, the max-level divine skill “origin spirit power” that came from the Astral Spirit did not only have such abilities.

One had to know that when the Astral Spirit transformed into the origin spirit power, it could even refine planets.

Now, Chu Feng was like an alien invasive species that had no natural enemies.

He was going on a killing spree!

Through the principles of spirit and illusion, he could simulate himself into the thick black gas that the God Venerable had transformed into.

In the pitch-black darkness, whether it was the black gas, the poison spider, mantis, demons, and other dark creatures, they were all killed before any of them could issue a warning!

Chu Feng could of course kill the dark creatures and even the God Venerable while causing a great commotion, but wouldnt that be boring The curses that drifted in the air gradually changed their words.

Even a certain ball of black gas, one of the God Venerables endless avatars, was furious.

“Werent we ordered to find the escaped criminal and kill him Why is there a traitor!”

“Sigh, that human disappeared for no reason.

We cant find him even if we wanted to!”

“Even the fortune-teller cant find him…”

“Maybe hes already dead.

After all, hes just an immortal.”

“Now its more important to find the traitor hiding in the races.

If we let the traitor cause trouble, well definitely anger the King!”

“Traitors among the races Isnt it just the black gas”

“Who told you such outdated news The mutant bees, demonic nightmare beasts, vampires, and other races have all suffered heavy losses because of the traitors.

I heard that there are many traitors in other races as well!”

“In that case, could it be that the disappearance of that human earlier was also due to the help of the traitors”

“Its very possible!”

“Damn traitors!”

“We cant go on like this.

We should unite and resist!”


The source of all the chaos was naturally Chu Feng.

Since he could simulate the black gas, he could naturally simulate the dark creatures he had seen before.

He had stirred up the races within the protective barrier without making a sound, so he was very relaxed now.

He did not even need to make a move.

He could simply make some noise, and those elusive dark creatures and even the black gas would nervously make a move on their own kind.

Not long after, the result of a battle with heavy casualties was made common among all the dark creatures.

Some who did not believe that there were traitors at first either died at the hands of their own kind or joined the suspicious army in a panic.

Unknowingly, the roles of hunter and prey had reversed.

Chu Feng had hidden in a smaller level of existence for a very short period, but the effects were abnormally remarkable.

From the point of view of the God Venerable, in a few blinks of an eye, his strength had been reduced by a small part! Upon closer inspection, it was even due to a war of attrition with heavy casualties!

“We havent even found or hurt the human, yet they are already crazily destroying themselves”

The blood lotus God Venerable, who thought of himself as the Lord of the ghost region, couldnt figure it out.

He summoned the leader of his clones to inquire but only received different and strange feedback.

“Your Majesty, we have been infected by the traitors poison! Most of the members have gone mad, and they even say that I, the leader, am a traitor! The devil has reappeared, and Hell is now even scarier than the human world…”

The God Venerable: “”

Searching for the corresponding situation from the huge information database, the situation was indeed a bit similar to a virus infection.

“Could it be that I have really been infected by the virus”

Before he had time to think further, he suddenly realized that Chu Feng had appeared! The person who had disappeared from the barrier earlier had appeared outside the barrier without a sound and was even looking at him with a half-smile.

“Should I call you the Ghost King or Blood Lotus God Venerable” Chu Fengs expression was indifferent.

He chuckled and said, “It doesnt matter anyway.

No matter what your name is, youre going to die anyway.”

With that, the black gas and dark creatures that were fighting each other suddenly lost their bodies and turned into organs, flesh, blood, tendons, and bones.

A weak scholar with a pale face appeared in the barrier.

His footsteps were unsteady, and he seemed to have a kidney deficiency.

Chu Feng noticed that the corrosive dark creatures that had been gnawing on the barrier were nowhere to be seen.

It seemed that the experience of his power being weakened right before him had left a huge trauma in the God Venerables heart.

Even so, his position as a god was not to be insulted, “To think a mere immortal dares to act so presumptuously in front of me!”

The scholarly blood lotus God Venerable looked very sullen, his blood-red eyes almost falling out.

Chu Feng smiled, though the smile didnt reach his eyes, “You cant even break the space barrier I set up, so where did you get the confidence to speak to me like that”

The God Venerable clenched his fists and black liquid dripped down.

In truth, even if he was sure that Chu Feng was an immortal while he himself was a God Venerable, he didnt have the confidence to defeat Chu Feng.

Otherwise, he would have destroyed his opponents soul at the very beginning!

Perhaps it was because of the white holy lotuses he had been forced to eat, the Ghost King that should have possessed a combat strength that was superior to ordinary God Venerables could now only display less than 70% of his strength.

Moreover, he had just been schemed against and lost a huge portion of his combat strength again…

Simply put, the white-faced scholars chances of winning were much lower than Chu Fengs.

However, he did have something to rely on.

“Chu Feng, I advise you to stop immediately! I am the reincarnation of a Ghost God.

I was born as a god.

I am under the Eastern Temple.

My death is not something that an unknown person like you can decide,” As he spoke, the God Venerable transformed into a white-faced geisha.

She wore a prostitute-worthy kimono that had the obi tied behind her back.

She looked like a creature in the style of the ukiyo-e.

“Sir, you cant do anything to me.”


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