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Chu Feng frowned as he sensed many gazes on him.

With that, the beings, including the true Gods, that were secretly observing the figures in the sky felt their eyes being pierced by an invisible force!

“It hurts!”

“How can we not look straight at an immortal!”

“Its too terrifying!”

Most of them were just watching the show.

After their eyes had been pricked as a warning, they immediately stopped looking.

However, there were also a few screams from the crowd that couldnt be suppressed.

“Retreat! Weve been discovered…”


The crowd looked towards the source of the screams and saw a few cunning-looking people hugging their heads while screaming as if they had experienced some kind of torture.

“What are they doing”

“Didnt the expert only give us a little warning Why are they so…”

“In my opinion, could it be that these people have evil intentions in their hearts Otherwise, how could they be targeted like this”

“Thats right.”

As the discussions intersected, those people were singled out.

Chu Feng, who was at a higher position, casually picked up a few “ants” and began to search their souls.

He sensed the aura of the “eyes” on these people and knew without even asking that they were spies sent by a certain faction.

After controlling the other party and extracting useful information, a hint of understanding flashed through Chu Fengs eyes.

These people were all ordinary subordinates of the Black Flood Dragon Gang.

This time, they had only come by chance.

They heard that the whereabouts of the green flood dragon elder in the faction were unknown and learned that anyone who found out about the relevant information would be heavily rewarded.

After that, they learned that the green flood dragon elder had been near the Bloody Pagoda before he died, so they came to investigate.

They had not expected to be inexplicably discovered not long after they had arrived.

Chu Feng smacked his lips.

He did not believe that their appearance here was accidental.

It seemed that he had already entered the eyes of the Black Dragon Gang and was deeply feared by them.

Such harmless probing was probably because they were not sure of his strength.

Thoughts flashed through his mind, but Chu Feng did not pay much attention to them.

There were more than one or two enemies hiding in the shadows.

It was not too late to kill them after they revealed themselves.

The only way to break out of the cage was to continuously increase his strength.

The creatures in the air high and low noticed, all of a sudden, that the atmosphere in the area had changed.

The supreme expert seemed to be impatient.

The true Gods who were originally thinking of flying over and assisting the beasts to kill the six crazed Gods instantly trembled, not daring to say a word.

When they couldnt say anything, the thoughts in their hearts became even stronger.

Tyrants aura was truly astonishing.

They have never seen such an immortal…

Someone who can compare to a God Venerable definitely cant be an immortal!

He was too strong, unprecedentedly strong!

Its said that Chu Feng was born on an ordinary aboriginal planet.

That saying is very likely a diversion.

Even the children of Gods arent as monstrous as him!

An unknown storm seemed to have blown up in the minds of everyone present, and all their thoughts revolved around two words, “Chu Feng”.

It was only when sounds rang out one after another in the space that those who had just been caught in the heavy rain turned their heads as if they had just woken up from a dream.

They were immediately overjoyed.


“Second brother…”

“Xiao Tang!”

In an instant, the space turned into one filled with tearful and joyous family reunions.

After knowing that it was Chu Fengs Mythical Tree that had helped them, the reverence and admiration in their hearts deepened.

Although they could also help their relatives recover from some of the injuries by feeding them pills and through other means, if it werent for Chu Feng, the newly-made sovereign of the two regions, God knew what kind of terrifying injuries those ten crazed Gods would have caused!

It was also their fault.

Never mind if they didnt believe the white-bearded old mans suggestion, but they even insisted on waiting around the Bloody Pagoda, almost causing a disaster…

Just as everyones thoughts were fluctuating, an earth-shaking roar suddenly came from where the six crazed true Gods were!


No one knew what techniques had collided, but a large part of the void over there collapsed.

In an instant, a huge universe tide was stirred up in the void of the universe, and with a boom, it spread out.

The Heaven and Earth, which were once incomparably stable, were now no different from a small boat in a storm!

A small portion of those who were still standing on the ground fell into a huge crack like a fallen leaf swaying in the autumn wind.

The crack was vicious and dark, like a giant mouth that was feasting on humans.

Fortunately, there were many immortals and true gods at the scene.

They used all kinds of gentle and harmless defensive skills, and thus basically no one lost their lives.

The leader of the humans looked at the leader of the beast races on the other side.

After snorting, both sides looked away.

It was worth mentioning that both the human race and the beast races in the eastern region had suffered heavy losses because of the Bloody Pagoda.

At least many humans had come out alive.

On the beast races side, only a scattered few had come out.

On top of that, most likely due to the Bloody Pagoda, the beasts that appeared before them became more and more agitated.

During the chaotic scene just now, violent beasts had been fishing in troubled waters, injuring many humans.

However, their injuries werent serious, so Chu Feng didnt bother.

The Mountain God Cullen flew to the side of the sovereign.

Just as he was about to explain that most of the sky region residents had temporarily moved over to the wild region, he saw the other party frowning as he looked at the true God battlefield.

The battle was getting more and more intense.

If they were allowed to continue like this, half of the sky region would probably turn into nothingness! Chu Fengs silhouette flashed, and in the next instant, he disappeared before everyones eyes.

The four crazed immortals were being restrained in the cage prison.

They couldnt move and could only let out sounds like zombies.

Chu Feng casually grabbed one and stuffed the white lotus into his mouth.

The madman with the bloodshot eyes abruptly broke free from the cage and pounced!

Chu Feng raised his right hand and pressed down with a finger.

With that, the immortal couldnt even struggle and only let out a few growls, “Awoo!”

Chu Feng then casually bound the immortal, and his right hand grabbed another immortal through the air, throwing a white holy lotus down the latters throat as well.

The result was also the same strong reaction, and the immortal this time even had the symptoms of retching.

With a light leap, Chu Feng teleported to the void battleground far away.





The Wild Bear, Dark-sky Azure Dragon, Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, and Astral Spirit, who were fighting fiercely with the six true Gods, greeted their Beastmaster in the gaps between the battles.

Chu Feng nodded slightly.

Then, he grabbed a true God who had been blasted to smithereens by the cannon fire from the side of the battlefield and fed him with a white holy lotus.

Following this, the blood-red eyes of the crazy, irrational person turned a dark-red color and he swung his fist at Chu Feng!

“Roar!” A beast-like growl came from the humans throat, strange and inexplicable.

Chu Feng waved his hand and set up a barrier, covering the void battleground.

In the battleground, the man and his four beasts were fighting against six true Gods.

Among the six true Gods, there was even a God Venerable! No one weaker than the totem level was around the Bloody Pagoda, to begin with.

Many, including the immortals, the Mountain God, and a few true Gods, were watching the battle from afar with their excellent eyesight or other treasures.

Seeing the confrontation between both parties, their eyes were wide.

For a moment, exclamations sounded one after another.

“Damn, what is he doing!”

“Its one thing for those beasts to be able to hold off the true Gods, but why does it seem like Tyrant can even beat a peak God Venerable”

“I suddenly remembered why I kept feeling something isnt right.

Didnt they say thatevil spirits will emerge from the pagoda Where is the God Venerable realm evil spirit from the Bloody Pagoda”

“Could it be that the true God madman over there is going to become even crazier!”

“Its too terrifying… An immortal against a peak God Venerable…”



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