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On the small flat ground outside the Bloody Pagoda, the people and beasts on the scene were in a mess.

Chu Feng was fine, but the situation of the rest of the people who entered the pagoda was not that good.

The one who was missing seemed to be the one who did not possess the white holy lotus just now.

However, even with the protection of the white holy lotus, the reactions of the survivors were all different upon coming out.

The true Gods who had killed more blood souls, including Leng Qiu, the puppeteer, Sydney, Richardson, Santana, and Brin, all held their heads and struggled.

Apart from them, there were also Annie and a dozen other immortals and true Gods.

Out of the five surviving immortals, only one was struggling.

In contrast, the eyes of the others suddenly turned red after a moment of stupor.

Then, they began to launch frenzied attacks!

An elemental storm formed from ice, fire, lightning, and other elements took shape in an instant, bombarding everyone who was caught off guard and causing them to be covered in injuries.

Even though there was no lack of immortals among the spectators, in a moment of panic, they could only take care of themselves.

A true God cast his time and space domain to suppress the immortals who were continuously launching various attacks, but in the next moment, a force field far more terrifying than the immortal level spread out and bound the small area around the Bloody Pagoda! At the same time, inhumanly violent cries sounded.



A total of six true God-level survivors had fallen into a berserk state and turned into berserk killers!

They had clearly left the Bloody Pagoda, but the pagodas influence on them was still there, turning them into berserk beasts that had unleashed themselves after being dormant for many years.

They crazily attacked as if they did not care about their lives, starting a massacre against all living beings, including the other struggling survivors!

If these immortals and true Gods only had their normal strengths, they were nothing to be afraid of.

What shocked and panicked everyone was that after these 10 people lost their minds and attacked indiscriminately, they suddenly became stronger.

The true God with the most terrifying aura seemed to already reach the God Venerable realm! Beginner, intermediate, advanced true Gods, then the God General, God Marquise, God King, God Venerable, and the God Emperor realm… The God Venerable realm was the second most powerful realm in the true God level, just below the God Emperor realm! With this, let alone the immortals, even the true Gods that had been able to remain standing earlier were panicking.

“Damn it! Why is the temple dropping the ball at such a crucial time Wheres the temple official!”

“Terrifying… terrifying…”

“Dad, hurry up and lets go save him! My second brother is still inside!”

“Hurry and run! Any later and well die!”

“My God, how can it be so terrifying These arent things that we can deal with!”

“Contact the temple!”

“Oh no, the communication magic treasure cant be used!”


Chaos engulfed the area.

Just the friction during the crowds escape had caused a lot of casualties, not to mention that ten lunatics were attacking the crowd without any regard for their own lives.

A pair of red eyes shot out petrifying rays, turning all the creatures that were hit into stone statues.

An enormous giant trampled on the ant-like crowd.

Hundreds and thousands of spectral shadows flashed, taking away the souls in the bodies of humans and beasts…

At the same time, most of the firepower was focused on the struggling and defenseless Gods like Leng Qiu and Cena.

The targeting was especially apparent on Chu Feng, who had maintained absolute clarity.

He had been targeted by the strongest madman! The beasts that had been staying in the beast world immediately came out to take over.

The Mirage Butterfly cast the max-level spiritual illusion, pulling most of the creatures in the area into the illusionary space that had all sorts of full-level skill buffs.

With the three arrays of space-break, space-tear, and psychedelic, the spirit-space domain, true world illusion combined with illusion world and virtual reality, added to the maxed-out myth skills divine soul domain and dimensional divine domain, even true Gods would find it hard to escape!

Other than the ten crazed gods, only a small number of true Gods had not fallen into the abyss of the illusion.

However, when Chu Feng also executed his spiritual and illusion-type beast skills, only six true God lunatics were left who were still attacking crazily!

As if it was a side effect of falling into the abyss, everyones eyes lost focus.

The Mystic Fall Fighter Jet used its maxed-out time domain, causing the six true Gods to fall into the chaotic time flow.

Lila hovered high above, waving her hand to perform the manifestation of life.

With that, the members of the sky regions totem army, whose souls were almost shattered by the true Gods auras due to their low levels, were instantly healed.

Their physical, mental, and even spiritual injuries were all healed.

Especially the Mountain God Cullen, who had taken the lead to stop those immortal lunatics, half of his body was blown away! However, with Lilas skill, all his injuries were healed.

Even the stubborn disease left in his body from years of battle was eradicated.

With this, Cullen, the former member of the Nine Gods Council, now under Chu Fengs command, was restored.

Chu Fengs gaze swept past him and didnt stay for long.

The six mad Gods were teleported to the distant void battlefield.

The Wild Bear, Dark-sky Azure Dragon, Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, and Astral Spirit followed closely behind, and the battle was quite enjoyable.

The cage that had previously been constructed by the man and his six beasts was once again released.

However, it was only used by Chu Feng to bind the four true gods.

At the same time, Cena and the others, who seemed to be fighting against some kind of power, were moved away from the battlefield by the Mirage Butterfly to a place far away from the crowd.

It set up a barrier along the way as well.

The chaos lasted only a short time, but there were many casualties.

The casualties were all sent to a spacious place by the power of space.

Lila waved her hand and sprinkled the miracle of life.

Soon, some of the fainted creatures woke up slowly.

After the Dark-sky Azure Dragon learned a new elemental skill through the dragon races skill catalog, Chu Feng learned a lot indirectly as well.

Seeing that the thousands of creatures below were still in their berserk and chaotic state due to the withdrawal of the spiritual and illusion spells, he raised his right hand slightly, as if he was extracting a large number of water elements from the boundless sky.

Then, he flipped his right palm downward, and torrential rain fell from the sky.

The immortals and true gods who were like roosters were instantly drenched in cold water.

That coldness seemed to be able to drill into ones bone marrow.

Many who were originally full of anger curled their bodies and shrunk their necks.

They looked extremely terrified.

The sudden rain was like a torrential downpour, disappearing in two short moments.

The immortals and true gods present all whispered and cast spells, quickly getting rid of their sorry state.

At this time, they looked at the figures in the sky.

“Eh, who is that”

“He looks so familiar… it seems to be Tyrant Chu Feng…”

“Look, those lunatics are all tied up by him and his beasts!”

“These lunatics were all fighting with their lives on the line, but to think Chu Feng is still able to fight against the ten Gods who have received a great boost in strength!”

“Looking at Tyrants condition, he doesnt seem to be affected at all.”

“But none from the Bloody Pagoda last time survived!”

“I wonder what will happen this time…”

“Speaking of which, the Bloody Pagoda disappeared! Could it be that the temple had anticipated this and didnt come”

“Isnt Chu Feng an immortal How could his beasts trap true Gods”

“Its too terrifying, the strongest crazed God seems to be a God Venerable!!”

“Impossible! You must be mistaken.”

“Who do you think obtained the Bloody Pagodas fortune”


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