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Several lumps of flesh and blood of different sizes continuously lost their life force.

Soon, the sky darkened to its darkest point.

“Its dawn…” No one knew who said these words, but when everyone heard them, they were all pumped, and their actions became even more ruthless.

Steady streams of blood flowed out from the lumps of flesh and blood, and a screeching sound that seemed to be able to penetrate ones soul rang out.

It seemed to be able to tear apart the flesh and even the soul of everyone present! It was clearly the moment that they should unleash their full power, yet only a few of the survivors present continued to attack.


After a shocking explosion, the light of dawn lit up slightly.

That light even carried some of the darkness and coldness that was unique to the dark night, but it was scorching hot like the blazing sun, continuously burning the gigantic lump that had fallen on the dark red ground.

The terrifying voice of a will resounded throughout the Bloody Pagoda, stirring up a terrifying storm in everyones minds!

Even if they did not understand, they could sense the boundless fear hidden in the voice.

The survivors who had been in a daze immediately jolted awake.

Those who woke up in time immediately cut off the tentacles that were wrapped around their bodies, then continued to attack.

Of course, some did not react in time, such as the two people who thus screamed in pain.



The largest meatball was first killed by Chu Feng swiftly and fiercely.

Then, the Wild Bear, Mirage Butterfly, Dark-sky Azure Dragon, Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, and Astral Spirit also forcefully finished off the meatball before them!

In contrast, the three smaller lumps of flesh and blood that had been each tasked to the three small groups of survivors were still alive and kicking due to the lack of firepower.

The best opportunity was only a few moments! Chu Feng narrowed his eyes slightly and the peachwood sword in his hand floated.

It was clearly just a wooden sword, but in an instant, it transformed into countless peachwood swords flashing with the morning light, forming a formation that contained boundless suppressive power! The people standing here could only see that after a flash of cold light, there was no longer a trace of flesh and blood.

It was obvious that during this time when they could not even utter a complete sentence, the terrifying monsters that were so powerful that they made one despair were annihilated by an even more terrifying invincible expert!

The first few rays of light flashed and disappeared, and the sky grew brighter.

The pagoda was terrifyingly quiet, without the slightest bit of vitality.

“Whats the matter, are you all dumb” Chu Fengs gaze swept over the survivors one by one.

The immortal that had half of his body corroded by the mass of flesh and blood just now cried out, then realized that he wasnt dead…

“Its fortunate that senior acted in time.

Otherwise, we would have lost the best opportunity to kill those meatballs!” The puppeteer, who had personally witnessed the difference in strength between herself and Chu Feng, was now fully convinced.

She turned around and cupped her fists at Chu Feng to express her gratitude.

His actions seemed to have broken some sort of signal, and the space immediately became lively.

“Yes, we do have to thank senior!”

“My Lords strength is indeed unfathomable.

Hes too strong…”

“I didnt expect that strange creature to be able to launch a spiritual attack.

I was caught off guard and almost fell into the trap!”

“Fortunately, Tyrant acted in time.

Otherwise, we might have really died here!”

“We should have passed the last round, right Even the evil spirit is dead, so why isnt there any movement from this Bloody Pagoda”

“Speaking of which, it seems like its been a long time since I heard the pagoda spirit speak.”


Everyone was in a heated discussion and their speculations were wild.

Although they were saying all sorts of things, the fear still lingered in their hearts.

They were both shocked by Chu Fengs terrifying strength and at a loss.

“Strange, what is the Bloody Pagoda doing”

“Is there something wrong with the Bloody Pagoda Its not spawning new monsters, nor is it giving new notifications…”

At this moment, a familiar voice sounded.

[On the seventh day after the pagodas opening, the evil spirit has been annihilated.]

[The damage to the entire pagoda has reached 67.9%.

Currently, there are four people still without the protection of the white holy lotus.

All those who have entered the pagoda and have killed the blood souls will be rewarded accordingly.

Now, all those who have entered the pagoda will be teleported out of the Bloody Pagoda.]

When he heard “there are four people still without the protection of the white holy lotus”, Chu Feng immediately asked, “Who else doesnt have it”

Someone raised his hand in a daze and replied, “I dont…”

With that, a white holy lotus was thrown to him and he subconsciously took it.

Two others followed suit and each received a corresponding white holy lotus.

They immediately thanked Chu Feng and gave him their treasures and resources in return.

Chu Feng nodded slightly and ignored the last person who did not reveal his identity.

Since the other party did not want to come out, then forget it.

Whether it was a conspiracy or simply slow, since the other party missed the final opportunity, it was only fitting that death awaited.

A pre-calculation interface appeared in front of Chu Feng.

He noticed that the gazes of the people were focused before themselves, and they were looking at the approximate location of the panel.

Retracting his attention, his gaze fell on the panel as well.

[Person who has entered the pagoda: Blue Planet, human, Chu Feng]

[Blood Curse Seal Level (number of blood souls killed): S-grade (first place)]

[Obtained items from the pagoda: A large number of blood soul flowers, several white holy lotuses, access to the Holy Tower, Beastmasters core, beasts core, peachwood sword, top-grade realm-crossing pill.]

[Evaluation: The biggest winner, full harvest.]

[Cancelling out the level of the blood debt with the number of white holy lotuses… Chu Feng, you have sufficient stock of the white holy lotus.

All blood curse seals on you have been removed.

You have received a side-effect-free version of the Dimensional Traveler.]

Only Chu Feng could hear the voice in his mind.

Just as he was about to ask something, a white light flashed in front of his eyes, and he disappeared from the Bloody Pagoda!

“Oh my God, someone is coming out!”

“How is his condition Is he going to become crazy and massacre people!”

“Where is the temple Didnt they say that they would send the God Emperor to kill the evil spirit Why isnt there anyone…”

“Eh, someone is teleporting out from the Bloody Pagoda again!”

“Why is the pagoda flashing all of a sudden”


As soon as he stepped out of the pagoda, he was immediately surrounded by chaotic noises.

At the same time, Chu Feng could sense that he was surrounded by people.

However, even though the army was isolating him, their realms were mostly at the totem level… To be honest, no matter how many totems there were, they couldnt possibly block an immortal.

Chu Feng opened his eyes.

Just as he was about to scold them for their recklessness, he saw the rows of soldiers standing straight.

The people closest to him could not hide their wariness as they observed the group who entered the pagoda, including him.

It seemed that if something went wrong, they would try their best to seal off all the dangers!

Further away, cultivators stood.

One could tell from their clothes whether they were rich or poor.

Most of them were observing the survivors, their expressions ugly.

It was obvious that they did not find the familiar figures they were looking for among the few who entered the pagoda.

Some of them could not accept it, and they stumbled and could not even stand properly.

Before one of them fell, they even cried out, “Liner is not dead!”

When the Bloody Pagoda disappeared in a flash, many fell with a crash.

They were pressing down on one other, and they were either crying or mumbling.

Most of the relatives of those who had not survived were in so much pain that they wished they were dead.

Other than these two groups, there were also several busybodies.

When Chu Feng closed his eyes, he heard a lot of noise.

It was from this group of onlookers.

“Hey, a total of 21 people came out!”

“A few thousand went in, but not even 100 came out.

How tragic…”

Hearing this, Chu Feng frowned.

The number was not right! Before he could think further, there was a scream that pierced through the ears of those present.

“Hes crazy!”


“F*ck, didnt they say it was fake”

“Damn it! Why isnt the Eastern Temple in charge of the order in the eastern region here yet”



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