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On the other side, Chu Feng teleported to the side of the evil spirit who was seriously injured due to its shattered heart.

The peachwood sword in his hand waved and stabbed towards the evil spirits glabella.

This move seemed ordinary, but for some reason, the evil spirit, who was originally going berserk, trembled and did not dodge.

Chu Fengs heart sank slightly, but the sword momentum in his hand did not decrease at all.

He stabbed with his sword and immediately left.

The others watching through the light screen were immediately confused.

Strange, why did he leave so decisively Just as this thought flashed through their minds, the evil spirit suddenly exploded with a bang!

It was clearly black, but the flesh and blood mist that filled the sky drizzled down, forming a strange scene in the vague darkness.

The flesh and blood rapidly expanded on the ground, then gathered like a pool of water.

Other than the flesh and blood that were further away, which automatically gathered into small piles, most of the flesh and blood gathered on the big ball of blood-red flesh in the center.

Whether it was the incomparably large ball of flesh in the center or the small piles scattered all around, blood vessels extended out from the flesh and blood in all directions.

“All beasts, get up and get to work!” After saying that, Chu Feng used the Wild Bears great transformation skill and instantly expanded into a thousand-meter-tall giant.

The dragon scale armor covered his body, and the mechanical space was activated.

Mystics totem armors first form, the humanoid armor, appeared!

Lila soared into the sky and waved her hand like the god of life, sprinkling divine light and giving Chu Feng multiple auxiliary powers.

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear clenched his fist and patted its chest.

Then, it threw a punch at the big meatball!

“Roar!” The Dark-sky Azure Dragon was unwilling to be outdone.

It immediately used its newly learned elemental extraction skill to draw blood from the meatball…

As if its most precious thing had been violated, the giant meatball at the center of the battlefield suddenly squirmed violently.

It stirred up a vortex in the surrounding space and sucked in the Dark-sky Azure Dragon! Chu Fengs expression abruptly changed.

Just as he was about to rescue the Dark-sky Azure Dragon, he heard a familiar voice.

“Mi-meh!” As if it was very dissatisfied that a living creature had used a spatial-type move in front of it, the Mirage Butterfly flapped its wings to stop the vortex.

When the Dark-sky Azure Dragon broke free, at a distance of one thousand meters from the air mass, it created a relatively sturdy space barrier.

After that, that space, along with the spaces that carried the ball of flesh and blood, exploded simultaneously.


Countless ripples from the explosion collided.

Even the universe tide that would normally only appear in the universe was triggered in the Bloody Pagoda!

However, even though the entire pagoda was on the verge of collapsing from the explosion, after exploding along with the multi-level space, the ball of flesh and blood stuck together again!

“Even with the max-level myth skill, stacked destruction, the meatball cannot be defeated in one fell swoop.

This mass is not that simple,” After muttering this sentence, Chu Feng said, “Release all the other people who have entered the pagoda.”

Perhaps, the others would have some understanding of this evil creature.

Lila acknowledged the order and released all the people in the tree world.

When they were back in the Bloddy Pagoda, most of them frowned when they saw the mass of flesh and blood that didnt have any facial features, limbs, or even bones.

Chu Feng retracted his gaze and felt a little disappointed.

It seemed that no one knew how to deal with these meatballs.

The meatballs did not have many methods to attack.

From the looks of it now, they had blood vessels that could bind people and extract their blood.

They could also construct space vortexes and split their targets.

Even if the weakest at the immortal regional king realm among the current survivors could not kill the meatball completely, he could easily dodge the blood vessels that would shoot out from time to time.

Even if he was caught off guard, he could still cut off the blood vessels and escape in time.

Suddenly, the puppeteer walked over.

Sensing that someone was approaching, Chu Feng turned around in confusion, “Whats wrong”

The puppeteer stopped in front of him and said hesitantly, “Ive heard of some methods, but its just hearsay.”

Chu Feng chuckled, “Do tell.”

Regardless of whether it was useful or not, it could at least be used as a reference.

“The most powerful lump of flesh on the battlefield right now is most likely a middle God Venerable,” Ignoring the surrounding survivors who were shocked by her words, the puppeteer continued, “According to the current records, no matter what method we use to deal with this foreign object, we cant completely destroy it.”

Chu Feng frowned, “Theres really no way”

Puppeteer nodded then shook her head before continuing, “We cant kill the meatballs, but there are ways to deal with them.

For example, we can expel, seal, kill all the minions, destroy its source world, enter its world and destroy its spirit manifestation…”

Chu Feng pondered, “If we just seal it, the Bloody Pagoda might not be willing to let us out.”

“Other than the above methods, theres a plan whose authenticity is undetermined,” The puppeteer replied.

“Oh Go ahead.”

The puppeteer slowly said, “I heard that under the first few rays of light of dawn, it can be completely destroyed.”

Chu Feng nodded slightly.

If he wanted to use this method, he would have to speed up the destruction that followed.

Looking at the state of the sky, it would only take ten minutes at most to reach dawn.

“Alright, you can go back first.”


The huge meatball in the center had just been subject to the Mirage Butterflys max level skill, stacked destruction.

With Chu Fengs current strength, he could naturally destroy it again.

On the battlefield, besides the meatball in the center, there were also a few small meatballs scattered around.

Chu Feng was in charge of one meatball.

The bear, butterfly, dragon, fighter jet, and Astral Spirit were each in charge of one meatball as well.

As for the three remaining smaller meatballs, the survivors were divided into three teams based on their overall strength and each team was in charge of one.

Cena, the puppeteer, and Leng Qiu were the team leaders.

“The team leaders will be responsible for the rest of the operation,” Chu Fengs voice traveled through space, “If you really cant destroy the meatballs, remember to report it to us in a while.

When the time comes, those who have extra strength can lend a helping hand, to prevent the Bloody Pagoda from keeping us in suspense again.”

Hearing this, all the survivors responded in unison.

Chu Feng held the peachwood sword in his hand and began to cut continuously on the mass of flesh and blood.

Fresh blood kept gushing out from its wounds.

Due to the suppressive power of the peachwood sword, no matter how the mass of flesh and blood squirmed, even if it hid its wounds in its flesh, the blood still kept flowing out and seeping into the ground.

The meatball did not have vocal cords.

Even though it rolled around in pain as the number of wounds on it continued to increase, it could not make any sound other than the sound of friction on the ground.

Perhaps it was too painful, but the surface of the meatball was very tight.

Countless blood-like strips were bulging in all directions, looking extremely malicious.

Chu Feng casually waved his sword.

In the blink of an eye, thousands of thin blood vessels broke and exploded! The meatballs recovery speed was originally very fast, but because it was suppressed, its recovery speed slowed.

On the other side, the Wild Bear turned into a huge bear and continuously used demon god sky splitter to crush the meatball into meat paste.

The Dark-sky azure dragon spat out a dragon breath, and the ball of flesh and blood rolled in the “pot” like a literal meatball…

The other beasts also had different methods to weaken the meatball.

As for the three teams, they each used their divine abilities.

Gradually, the darkest moment of the day arrived.

If they could survive, dawn was to fall.


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