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“Boss, that Six-Tailed Fox is strong,” On the other side of the mound, the plump Tong Xiao frowned and exclaimed.

The boss he called of was only at the extraordinary-level, but he held a dominant position among the few sovereign-level people around him.

Zhu Zhihan said, “That Six-Tailed Fox has the strength of a sovereign Level 7.

You guys lure it away later, and Ill get that pet beast egg.

A commander-level pet beast egg is very precious.”

They had gotten the news from somewhere and were there to snatch the pet beast egg.

Usually, beasts could only give birth when they reached adulthood.

In other words, a beast with a commander-level bloodline had to that level before it could give birth to a pet beast egg.

It was rare for a commander-level beast to give birth to a pet beast egg at its sovereign level.

One of the reasons was that the Six-Tailed Fox had a mutated bloodline.

Huo Yan said, “My Snow Mountain Wolf is only at sovereign Level 3, and Tong Xiaos Flaming Boar is at sovereign Level 4.

Its difficult for us to defeat the Six-Tailed Fox.

Zhu Zhihan, you must hurry.

We will run if he cant hold on.”

Zhu Zhihan said, “Dont worry, I know.

After winning the Seven Cities Exchange Competition, Ill bond with the Six-Tailed Fox and advance to the sovereign-level.

Then, well hunt sovereign-level beasts together.

We can even kill the Six-Tailed Fox directly.

Were teammates, arent we”


Tong Xiao and Huo Yan nodded.

Then, they walked straight towards the Three-Tailed Fox clan.

A Snow Mountain Wolf and a Flaming Boar gave off an invisible threat.

Many Three-Tailed Foxes, who had yet reach their peak, did not approach them.

The huge gap between sovereign-level and extraordinary-level feared them because those Beastmasters might kill them.

There were about a dozen sovereign-level Three-tailed Fox in the group.

When they noticed the two pet beasts, they immediately surrounded them.

Huo Yan said, “Focus on attacking one first.

At least attack it until it is seriously injured.

That would irritate the Six-tailed Fox The Six-tailed Fox has to maintain its dignity as the clan leader even if it wants to protect the pet eggs.”

“Alright,” Tong Xiao nodded seriously.

That was the strategy they had planned.

The Snow Mountain Wolf released the Aurora Ice, and Flaming Fox shot out flames.

A sovereign-level Three-tailed Wolf flew and fell due to the attack.

The Three-Tailed Fox was bewildered.

The Snow Mountain Wolf and the Flaming Boars auras were clearly at the same level as it was.

It could not understand why they were stronger.

Suddenly, something stuck in its mind.

Human Beastmasters seemed to have unique talents.

Some talents could enhance the abilities of their pet beasts!

It was right.

Tong Xiao and Huo Yan both had strengthening-type beast tamer talents.

Both had B-rank beast tamer talents.

One was flame amplification, while the other was ice amplification.

Under the strengthening effect of their beast tamer talents, the Flaming Boar and the Snow Mountain Wolf attacked together.

With that, they severely injured a sovereign-level Three-tailed Fox.

“Roar!” A deep roar sounded.

The Six-Tailed Fox located at the bottom of the mound slowly stood up.

Its blood-red eyes filled with killing intent towards the two of them.

Chu Feng was a little speechless.

The Six-Tailed Fox did fall for their trap.

As the clan leader, the Six-Tailed Fox was a little impatient.

He looked at the Three-Tailed Fox clan in the distance.

Tong Xiao and Huo Yan quickly rode on their pet beast and fled.

The other Three-Tailed Foxes looked at each other and waited for the Six-Tailed Foxs order.


The Six-Tailed Foxs voice was hoarse, and its eyes burned in anger.

It let out a low roar and led a few three-tailed foxes to go after Tong Xiao and Huo Yan.

The rest of the Three-Tailed Fox guarded below the mound.

Li Siyu said in a low voice, “Most beasts are very prone to get angry during childbirth.

The two Beastmasters just now almost killed a Three-Tailed Fox Lord.

It was unknown whether it could survive the attack.

That was a loss that the Three-Tailed Fox Clan couldnt bear.

No matter what the Six-Tailed Foxs current situation is, she had only one choice, which was to stand up and fight for her clan.”

Chu Feng said, “There are still nearly ten Three-Tailed Fox Lords at the foot of the mound guarding the pet eggs.

I guess that person planned on snatching the pet beast eggs.

We might as well wait for him to snatch the pet beast egg and then snatch it from him.

What do you think”

Li Siyu nodded.


Under the dim moonlight, a black shadow flashed past.

Chu Feng could barely see what it was.

[Speed Rat]

[Level: Extraordinary Level 10]


[Bloodline: Elementary Sovereign-Level]

[Talent: Top-level Speed Talent]

[Skills: 1.

Acceleration, 2.

Sprint, 3.

Lightning, 4.

Godly speed, 5.

Flash charge]

Chu Feng looked at Zhu Zhihan and noticed that Zhu Zihans eyes were glowing with red light.

A-rank beast tamer talent, attribute enhancement!

Zhu Zhihans beast tamer talent could continuously enhance one of the pet beasts attributes.

As long as the Speed Rat could withstand it, he could even upgrade it to an infinite level.

However, that was impossible because the other attributes of the Speed Rat were not powerful.

Its only powerful skill was its speed.

Whether or not it could increase its speed to an inconceivable limit would depend on the pet beasts ability to bear the load.

Even though there were many conditions, Zhu Zhihans beast tamer talent was still great.

Now, Zhu Zhihan had undoubtedly increased the speed of the Speed Rat.

The Speed Rat was so fast that it had turned into a black shadow.

Even the Three-Tailed Fox couldnt react in time.

The black shadow entered the cave and came out with a pet beast egg.

Suddenly, Chu Feng said with a serious tone of voice, “They were about to snatch the pet beast egg away.

We have to attack now.”

He immediately activated the Wild Bears full strength and transformed it into an incomparably huge form.

He and Li Siyu stood on its shoulders.

The Wild Bear was at its full strength.

In its giant form, the Wild Bear could move more than 20 meters in a single step.

Moreover, the Wild Bear was fast.

It directly charged towards Zhu Zhihan.

Li Siyu was stunned by the sudden change in the situation.

The cute little Wild Bear had suddenly become so huge and extremely fast.

Li Siyu looked down and saw the canopy of trees.

She could even see the nests of many awakening-level birds.

Chu Feng was somewhat helpless.

He had no choice but to put his arm around her waist, “Senior sister, dont be distracted.”

“Ah… Okay.”

Only then did Li Siyu snap out of her daze.

Her face immediately blushed when she saw Chu Fengs arm around her waist.

Touching her head wasnt a big deal, but hugging her waist was indeed beyond her acceptable range.

However, her heart melted when she thought about how Chu Feng was helping her bond with a pet beast.

Zhu Zhihan was happy when he saw the Speed Rat carrying the pet beast egg back, “Speed Rat, you have done a great job.”

He looked into the distance and saw a few angry Three-Tailed Fox lords heading in his direction.

Zhu Zhihan smirked, “Lets go!”

When he was about to flee, he saw something and stopped, “What is that”

Zhu Zhihan looked at the huge Wild Bear charging at him in a daze.

He had seen many huge pet beasts, but he had never seen one as big as a Wild Bear.

The Wild Bear was charging quickly towards him.


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