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The first person to move was Leng Qiu.

She stood up from the campfire and pulled Annie to Chu Fengs side.

Chu Feng glanced at the two of them and looked away.

Then, the puppeteer moved as well.

Without saying a word, he moved over and stood next to the two sisters like a protector.

Chu Feng glanced at them again and retracted his wandering thoughts.

He did not quite understand the strange and quiet atmosphere.

He asked with a calm expression, “What”

Before he could ask further, Annie had already started rumbling and even ridiculed how bad the pagoda spirit was.

She was innocent, not stupid.

Just the notification from the pagoda spirit she had heard just now, it was either trying to take advantage of others or harboring evil intentions!

After saying that, Annie straightened her posture and said solemnly in a righteous way, “Dont worry, youre the hero who saved my sisters life.

So what if we dont have the white holy lotus If you didnt save us, we would have long died long in Hell.”

If she didnt tremble when she said “die”, perhaps her works mightve been more believable.

Chu Feng glanced at the ten or so people who were embarrassed by the girls words and didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Its not that I cant give you the white holy lotus.”

The immortals and true Gods on the other side all listened attentively.

Chu Feng found it very amusing, but his voice was still calm, “Pies dont just fall from the sky.

If you want something, you have to at least pay the price.”

Annies small face wrinkled like a bitter gourd when hearing that she had to pay.

It was as if that was worse than taking her life.

Leng Qiu, on the other hand, asked directly, “What do you want How much do you want”

Before anyone could answer, she handed over the spatial secret treasure that she used to store her treasures, “Is this jade pendant and the treasures inside enough”

Chu Feng looked in the spatial treasure and was a little surprised.

In that space, besides all kinds of common cultivation resources, there were also a large number of blood soul flowers.

Obviously, this was not a spur-of-the-moment idea.

He was too lazy to ask further.

He simply took half of everything, then gave the jade pendant and a white holy lotus back, “Half is enough.”

Leng Qiu was slightly startled.

She subconsciously took the things and said in a daze, “You are my savior.

Logically speaking, I should use all my belongings to thank you for saving my life.”

Chu Feng clicked his tongue, “Ill take as much as I say.”

Annie took out her belongings and started counting again and again, like a little money-grubber.

After a long while, she reluctantly took out half of it and handed it over with slightly red eyes, “Here, take it.

I want a white lotus as well.”

The other party was short, to begin with.

Looking at the scene, it was as if she was being bullied.

Chu Fengs face remained cold as he exchanged with her.

Without even looking, he put the treasures into his beast space.

To be honest, he had killed so many immortals and true Gods.

These meager treasures were nothing to him.

If it werent for the fact that he didnt want to be taken advantage of, he wouldnt have even bothered.

In any case, the white holy lotuses Lila had collected earlier had been piled up into a small mountain.

It wouldnt be a problem to just give a few of them away.

However, Chu Feng didnt like to be taken advantage of.

Therefore, he didnt care how little the treasures were, he just piled them all up into the beast space.

After leaving the Bloody Pagoda or returning from the wild region, he had to find some time to improve his strength.

After someone tried first, soon, others came to exchange with Chu Feng.

Chu Feng scanned the spatial treasure with telekinesis power and found that there were pitifully few treasures inside.

Then, he looked at that person, who was wearing a beautiful robe.

It was obvious that he was from a wealthy family.

Chu Feng snorted and said in a low voice, “Are you sure that your life is only worth this much”

The undyings lips trembled and he took a step back, “Is it not enough to exchange for the white holy lotus”

He already had a white lotus in his principle source crystal.

Even though the pagoda spirit didnt announce when he obtained it, the flower in Leng Qius hand looked exactly the same as the one he obtained.

If not for his worry about other unforeseen circumstances, he wouldnt have taken out his precious cultivation resources to exchange for another flower.

Chu Feng chuckled, but the smile did not reach his eyes, “I wont exchange it with you.

I dont think you need it either.”

As he spoke, he tossed the brocade pouch back to the man.

Ignoring the mans increasingly ugly expression, he said frankly, “Next.”

The well-dressed man walked away embarrassedly.

When he turned around, he secretly rolled his eyes, thinking to himself, “If you dont want to exchange it, then dont.

I have it anyway!”

After that, the puppeteer also came over and very frankly gave Chu Feng aspatial secret treasure.

Chu Feng casually took a large batch of the treasures in the spatial treasure, then threw the spatial treasure and the white holy lotus back.

Perhaps it was because of that mans lead, the immortals and true Gods sitting around the bonfire all withdrew their feet.

“The Bloody Pagoda has never had good intentions.

Maybe getting the white holy lotus is the real trap!” This thought wasnt just in the minds of one person.

Chu Feng was happy to be relaxed from the fact that no one else came over to disturb him.

He immediately used his divine strength to build a bed at the side.

He asked the Wild Bear, the big brother of the beast team, to come out and stay watch.

After giving some instructions, he closed his eyes to rest.

Even though it was fine for an immortal to not sleep, he was still a human after all.

If he didnt sleep for a long time, he would feel like something was amiss.

Since he was temporarily free, he decided to take a nap first.

The night passed without a word.

The Wild Bear guarded for a few hours before it was replaced by the Dark-sky Azure Dragon that flew out.

However, only a few people were able to sleep peacefully that night.

Many who entered the pagoda still remembered the pagoda spirits words of “destroy the evil spirits together”.

They had dark circles under their eyes as they anxiously waited for the other people who entered the pagoda to return.

Unfortunately, until seven in the morning, only a few returned from each batch.

Batch after batch returned.

When the time came for the evil spirits to awaken, there were only about 40 or so of them in the Bloody Pagoda.

Except for the batch that Chu Feng brought back, where there were many immortals, the other batches only had one or two.

Perhaps it was because they had experienced a tough battle, but none of the people who came back said anything.

Except for the immortals or true Gods who were guarding while fighting to keep their eyelids open, the rest took the time to rest.

At 7:30 in the morning on the sixth day, apart from a few who were still napping, everyone who entered the pagoda revealed a look of worry.

Chu Feng stood quietly and watched, not saying a word.

At this time, two true gods and one immortal who had gathered around the bonfire yesterday walked over, “Senior, we want to use our treasures and resources to exchange for the white holy lotus.

Do you still have it”

Chu Feng took the spatial treasures and took half of the treasures, then tossed the white holy lotuses and spatial treasures back.

“Hmm So we can exchange for white holy lotuses”

“That person is so familiar.

I feel like Ive met him somewhere before…”

“Are you crazy Hes Tyrant Chu Feng who killed many true Gods and guardian beasts in a row.

I heard that he was only a legend-level Beastmaster not long ago!”

“Right, on the third day after the Bloody Pagoda opened, his beasts obtained the white holy lotuses!”

“He obtained the lotuses on the third day Doesnt that mean he has a lot on him”

“Youre not thinking of snatching it, are you If youre looking for death, dont drag me along.

It wasnt easy to escape from that damned place, and every second were alive is precious…”

“Its indeed precious.

In less than thirty minutes, well all be wiped out.”

“Shit, really”


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