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Chu Fengs beastmaster principle source had already derived a sub-module.

Under the beastmaster principle, a new module for beast learning had been added.

Among the current six beasts, the Wild Bear, Mythical Tree, Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, and Astral Spirit were all at 100% progress in skill learning.

As for the Mirage Butterfly and Dark-sky Azure Dragon, each was different.

Overall, the Mirage Butterflys skill learning speed was faster than the Dark-sky Azure Dragons.

It was worth mentioning that the denominator in the 100% progress in skill learning was related to the learnable skills the beasts had come into contact with.

The total number of skills on the Wild Bear, Mythical Tree, Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, and Astral Spirits interface was the number of the denominator.

As for the Mirage Butterfly and the Dark-sky Azure Dragon, the formers denominator was already close to 1,000, while the latters learned skills number was only more than 400.

As such, 99% of the skills were to be learned.

The skill count of the beasts was related to their foundation.

Besides, even if all of their skills were raised to the maximum level of myth skills, it still wouldnt be a huge burden on Chu Feng.

Currently, among the two beasts that were studying hard, the Mirage Butterfly was constantly expanding its knowledge around the three elemental principles of space, spirit, and illusion.

As for the Dark-sky Azure Dragon, besides the dragon and element principle, it also had the battle god principle.

Speaking of which, before this, the Dark-sky Azure Dragons elemental skills had been too few, to the point that it didnt even have the basic elemental skills.

Although basic skills didnt seem as powerful as other skills, no matter how low-level a skill was, it could still display very powerful combat and supporting effects after being upgraded.

The basics were always important.

Even if they werent used, they would still have a subtle effect.

Of course, apart from learning theories, practicing the skills was also very important.

The butterfly and dragon had been practicing the effects of their skill in Hell just now.

Although the other beasts had no progress to complete in terms of skill learning, they wouldnt be able to escape in the future.

Only Mystic was carefree about this.

As one from the mechanical race, it would be keeping a low profile even if it said that it had a photographic memory.

In short, the beasts skill numbers were slowly advancing.

Since ancient times, there was a saying that the more skills, the better.

Even if one didnt use those skills in battle, it was still good to use them to build up ones foundation.

Moreover, Chu Feng faintly felt that he was at a certain bottleneck.

If he wanted to raise his strength in the future, his current foundation and resources were probably far from enough.

This was normal, though.

No matter how monstrous a genius was, he couldnt possibly grow from a child to an adult in a day.

Chu Feng could only sigh to himself, “Lets take it slow.”

After all, let alone his beasts, even he himself hadnt fully matured yet.

After escaping from Hell, the ten or so survivors automatically formed a team and followed the young man at the front through the spatial passage, returning to the Bloody Pagoda.

To be honest, if they could completely escape from the Bloody Pagoda and return to reality, they would be the first to leave.

However, the situation wasnt that simple.

On the way out with Chu Feng, they saw all kinds of disaster worlds.

The terror in those places was no less than the endless battle in Hell.

Just a moment ago, they were happy to see the other people who entered the pagoda, but in the next moment, an army of locusts flew over and ate the immortal alive.

Even a true God wouldnt be able to keep attacking at full power.

One minute of carelessness could make them lose limbs or even die on the spot.

What was more terrifying was that the god souls that could revive in the Bloody Pagoda couldnt do anything there at all

Facing this strange world, even Chu Feng, who regarded himself as powerful, frowned.

Maybe there werent that many locusts at the beginning.

But by the time those people realized they were surrounded, it was too late and they couldnt resist anymore.

If they had noticed the locusts from the start and used all sorts of methods to kill the eggs, they would not have had to face such overwhelming momentum.

Everyone advanced in silence.

Leng Qiu and the other ten or so people were powerless.

Rather, they were secretly rejoicing.

“Fortunately, the locusts army cannot leave that small planet.

Otherwise, even if I have almost fully recovered, I would not have been able to fight against those locusts that were everywhere…”

Even their lives were given to him by someone else, so how could they have extra sympathy to give others

Chu Fengs focus was different.

He exchanged all sorts of “information” with his beasts along the way.

“Fei Nuo Sha, what do you think of that Butterfly Valley”

“Although theyre not as beautiful or as strong as you, their race can be said to be vast and mighty… Tsk, to think its a carnivore race.”

“Mystic, that creature with a big light bulb on its head, a small white wheel on its body, and its four limbs made of metal rods with claws and feet, does it belong to the mechanical race”

“Lila, look at that tree…”


The beasts that were being “harassed” all expressed their refusal! Chu Feng sighed helplessly.

He didnt expect that he would be despised these days.

After passing through strange worlds, they returned to the Bloody Pagoda.

At this moment, the space inside the pagoda was empty.

Other than Chu Feng and the others, there were no other creatures.

Even the blood souls that could be seen everywhere earlier were gone.

The darkest moment before dawn had passed.

The voice of the pagoda spirit was calm.

[On the sixth day after the opening of the pagodas gates, the evil spirits will awaken in eight hours.]

The voice paused for a moment before continuing.

[At that time, all those who have not returned to the pagoda will be killed.

Those who have returned to the pagoda will fight against the evil spirits that were born from the bloody slaughter together.

When the evil spirits break out of the pagoda, all those who do not carry the white holy lotus will face backlash from the blood debt.]

As soon as the pagoda spirit finished speaking, the people who had just been relieved for a moment exploded.

“What the hell!”

“Isnt it only the sixth day How can the evil spirits awaken already”

“Oh no, before I came, the elders of my race said that the God Emperor sent by the temple would come on the final day.

Isnt that the seventh day”

“No way! If he really comes on the seventh day, even our corpses wouldve gone cold then!”

“What should we do My companions are probably still in those planes.

Six hours is too rushed…”

“Hey, the white holy lotus and the blood debt refer to the flower that the pagoda spirit said can clear the blood seal a few days ago, right”

“Im afraid that the only one among us who has that item is that Lord…”

“I wonder if we can exchange for the white holy lotus from the senior This is the final round.

The Bloody Pagoda shouldnt be lying to us.”

The group of people who entered the pagoda was filled with righteous indignation.

The topic changed again and again, and in the end, their gazes focused on one person.

There was no one around the young man.

The beasts that had been accompanying him seemed to have entered the beast space to rest.

He now looked inexplicably lonely.

Speaking of which, this person was clearly stronger than all of them combined, yet his age was less than a fraction of theirs.

A monstrous talent was indeed terrifying.

The person who initially suggested going over and exchanging for the white holy lotus looked at Chu Fengs back for a while before retreating.

“That pagoda spirit seems to have only said a few notifications.

He probably doesnt have many white holy lotuses on him.

Why dont we just forget about it”

Someone frowned, “The pagoda spirit has always been true to its word.

If we dont get the white holy lotus, Im afraid well have to face the backlash!”

Hearing this, the other immortals and true Gods also had different thoughts.

In the empty pagoda, only the crackling sound of burning branches could be heard.


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