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“Roar!” The roar of the Dark-sky Azure Dragon broke through layers of obstacles and traveled over.

Leng Qiu cast her skills with all her might, and a huge net of yin energy was formed in an instant, pulling Annie out of the group of mutants.

However, at the same time, the blood souls and mutants that were already flooding over became even more ferocious due to her attack that stopped halfway.

In the blink of an eye, she saved Annie, but put herself in a dangerous situation!

Tears fell from Annies eyes as she kept bombarding the enemy with her limited firepower.

“Sister! Come over quickly…” She wanted to rush over to save Leng Qiu, but she was forcefully pulled back by a rigid puppet.

Leng Qiu constructed a barrier net among the mutants, but in just a few breaths, the net was broken through by a huge force, and she drowned in the tide of mutants.

The remaining people automatically shrank the protective circle again.

In the crowd, other than Annies cries, there was only fighting and howling.

The puppeteer pulled Annie over, patted her head, and continued to fight.

Even though no one said anything at the moment, everyone tacitly accepted the fact that Leng Qiu was dead.

Even Leng Qiu, who was ranked at the top among the disciples of the Autumn Water Citadel, would not last long in this turbulent tide.

If they were to drown in the tide alone, they would probably not last even an instant, right

Just when everyone was feeling sad and hopeless, Annie suddenly raised her head and shouted, “Sister Leng Qiu is not dead!”

Hearing this, the other people who entered the pagoda felt that she was possessed.

“Death is like a lamp going out.

Just accept reality.”

“With such a huge army, even if we resist together, we wont be able to hold on for long.

How can Leng Qiu still be alive”

“Although the disciples ranked at the top of the Autumn Water Citadel are all extraordinary, even the God Kings of the Eastern Temple might not be able to survive from this endless army… Ultimately, the Autumn Water Citadel is still not comparable to the Eastern Temple.”

“Annie, dont think too much.

Let alone your sister, even we might not be able to escape this calamity!”

Everyone who entered the pagoda was determined that Leng Qiu had fallen.


One of the God Generals could not help but cursed, “I think that this Bloody Pagoda doesnt want us to live! Otherwise, why would it cast an illusionary spell on us the moment we entered and make us kill each other!”

Hearing this, many peoples eyes turned red.

At least they could still live until now.

Some of the people they had seen in the pagoda, or even knew and were familiar with had been caught off guard and sentenced to death as soon as they entered Hell.

Unfortunately, they couldnt use their divine strength at all in the beginning.

Those like them who were sent to the malicious ghost hunting ground were actually very lucky.

Moreover, there were an unknown number of such Hells.

This time, no one will be able to leave the Bloody Pagoda alive… Thinking of this, the mood of those who entered the pagoda became more and more dispirited.

“No! Sister is still alive!” Annie shook her head repeatedly and said while blasting the mutants, “I can sense sisters existence through the sect token, she is definitely still alive!”

Hearing this, the other immortal and true Gods werent too sure what was going on.

Other than those who were bewildered, a beast said frankly, “Maybe the token is wrong.”

Hearing this, Annie, who had already managed to hold back her tears, started to cry again, “Youre lying, sister is definitely still alive!”

The beast shut up in embarrassment.

The puppeteer pulled Annie over and told her not to forget to kill the enemy.


Suddenly, an earth-shattering sound rang out.

The blood souls and mutants who had surrounded the group were blown away by the explosion.

Everyone looked in the direction of the sound and saw an incomparably tall humanoid mecha striding over.

“Wait, isnt this Hell When did a mecha come!”

“Could it be the beast of that person from before But doesnt that senior only have six beasts… Judging from this mechas size, it doesnt seem like that fighter jet either.”

“Could it be that other than us, there are other races in this world”

“Hmm, is that mecha here to save people or…”

Facing that tall silhouette, even the immortals and true Gods felt their hearts tremble.

They could only use words to get rid of that strange feeling.

Annie looked at the token in her hand, then at the tall armor, and suddenly broke into a smile, “Sister!”

Everyone was stunned.

They didnt even have the time to stop the girl who ran over.

“Oh no, there are still some mutants there!”

“Is she going to die Wouldnt that mean that Leng Qiu died for nothing”

“Who is that mecha”

The people who entered the pagoda blurted out in surprise.

At this moment, someone suddenly patted his head and said, “Annie had called out sister when rushing over!”

The other humans and beasts could not help but be surprised, “Is Leng Qiu really still alive”

“Even if shes still alive, shes probably on the verge of death.”

“Strange, why is she running towards that Mecha”

The puppeteer shot a glance at the immortals and true Gods who were constantly spouting nonsense.

He immediately led his tens of thousands of puppets and rushed over.

Without Leng Qiu and the puppeteer, even if there were much fewer blood souls and mutants in the surroundings, the remaining ten or so who entered the pagoda did not dare to stay on the spot alone.

All of them immediately shut up and followed closely behind.

No matter what, it was always safer to stay beside experts who did not have any strange fetishes.

The group of Immortals flew over one after another, only to realize that the world had stabilized at some point, and the world-collapsing momentum from before was no more.

Halfway through the flight, they saw that huge mecha shrinking.

It seemed to be carrying a human figure.

The people who had entered the pagoda were confused.

When they landed on the ground, only then did they realize that the young man who had saved them earlier was also there.

Annie was supporting Leng Qiu, who was covered in blood.

The puppeteer was standing beside them, and the huge mecha that had made people fearful earlier had disappeared.

Further away from here, the six beasts were still fighting in Hell, especially the dragon and the butterfly.

From time to time, they would use moves that no one had ever seen before, such as the Heavenly Blood Rain, Ghost Slash…

“That Lord is indeed very mysterious.

Even his beasts seem to have endless skills!”

“From the looks of it, could it be that the senior was the mecha from before”

“Does that mean that the one who destroyed the endless blood soul and mutant army in one move was Tyrant”

“Im afraid that even a peak God King wouldnt be able to unleash that attack just now… could it be that the Lord is already a God Venerable”

“Impossible, looking at that aura, hes clearly an immoral region lord!”

“I think youre blind.

With such a vast aura, how can he be a mere immortal Didnt you see that the other immortals on our team were almost drained by the battle”

“Thats right, how can an immortal be so terrifying I was wrong.”

The survivors chattered softly.

The immortals who were being looked at with disdain and pity could only laugh dryly.

They couldnt help it.

Since they couldnt beat true Gods, they could only be jabbed at.





“Boom! Boom!”

It was rare for them to have time to rest amid battle.

The tired Immortals and true Gods couldnt care less for their surroundings as they found a relatively clean place and lay down after putting something on the ground.

In the distance, the beasts roared and disappeared at times.

As for Chu Feng, he was currently facing three people.

As soon as she recovered, Leng Qiu bowed respectfully to Chu Feng, “I cant repay you for saving my life, my Lord…”


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