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“Splash…” The sound of water sounded, and Chu Feng was secretly on guard.

Suddenly, countless tentacles emerged from the water and suddenly attacked the surrounding human and his beasts.

“These are… octopus tentacles”

The countless tentacles that emerged all had suction cups but also sharp hooks with a metallic luster.

This guardian beast was only a higher God King in terms of its realm, but the terrifying attack it brought was not the slightest bit weaker than a peak God King!

“If the tentacle water monster had launched an attack just now, none of the hundreds of people who entered the pagoda wouldve been able to escape this calamity,” Chu Feng thought to himself, but he didnt panic at all.

The instant there was a sudden change in the outside world, all the beasts in the beast world appeared.

The main body of the Mythical Tree was still guarding the beast world.

Its clone, Lila, flew and waved her hand, casting all kinds of supporting divine spells on the human and five beasts below.

After her myth skills had been maxed out, even if she didnt return to her original body, all of her attributes were still ten thousand times stronger!

The Wild Bear instantly expanded into a thousand-meter-tall giant bear, bending down to grab a bunch of tentacles.

It pulled the tentacle monster out of the water and threw it onto the dark red ground in the Bloody Pagoda like a shot! An unpleasant howl resounded throughout the entire area, causing the immortals who had been running slower earlier to accelerate like crazy.

This guardian beast had no head or tail, and its entire body was just wriggling tentacles.

As a weapon, the tentacles were extremely sharp, but from time to time, they displayed a softness that was exceptional from that of living creatures.

If ones didnt have good eyesight, one might even think that it was an incomparably large pink ball of yarn at first glance.

A ball of yarn was harmless, but this flesh-pink ball of tentacles might not be.


Perhaps it realized that it was no longer in the water that it relied on to survive, but the tentacles suddenly went berserk.

Countless tentacles instantly stretched in all directions.

Each flesh-pink tentacle was stretched to an extreme length, but it also had a tenacity that made it difficult to cut.

A large number of tentacles shot toward Chu Feng like arrows, and there were even tentacles coming at him from behind!

The tentacles intertwined into a cage and violently rolled toward the person in the cage! The sudden shrinking force even tore the void apart.

The twisted tentacles were then suddenly untangled, but there wasnt even a piece of flesh or an area of blood mist.

It seemed like they missed.

The tentacles bounced back to their main body, and then the other tentacles coiled around the giant bear.

In just a few breaths, the giant bear was entangled by thousands of tentacles, and even its attacks were restricted!

“Yiya!” Endless divine suppression strength surged out from the young kylin-like Astral Spirits back.

The galaxy flowed, and Lethe appeared, suppressing the tentacle monster to the point it could not move! The twisting force weakened slightly, and the Wild Bear continued to expand, breaking those seemingly indestructible tentacles!


An indescribable sound cut into the ears like a blade, so piercing they seemed to scatter ones mind.

At this moment, Chu Fengs figure suddenly appeared on top of the tentacle monster.

He raised the destructive divine sword in his hand, which was imbued with all kinds of principle power and full-level skills, then slashed down!

“Chi!!” The extremely terrified and eerie sound almost tore the sky apart.

The tentacle ball, which was screeching from God knows where, squirmed and bounced crazily…

As if it knew that it could not block this move, it frantically tried to escape! However, with the Mirage Butterflys space domain, no matter how it struggled, it was useless.

As the destructive divine sword descended from the sky, the flesh-pink tentacle ball was instantly shattered into countless pieces of flesh, and a strange-colored blood mist enveloped the area.

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Chu Feng suddenly felt a little uneasy, “Is it dead”

No, if it really was dead, how could the tentacle balls aura be everywhere

“Gather!” Chu Feng shouted and gathered his beasts at a spot that hadnt been contaminated by the blood mist and tentacle flesh.

Just as a protective barrier was set up around the man and six beasts, the flesh and blood mist, as well as the water that hadnt completely evaporated, and the blood soul that hadnt been completely killed, were all suddenly absorbed by a strange force.

The flesh and blood were mixed with a strange liquid, fusing to form an incomparably huge monster!

To be honest, if one ignored the tentacles, the blood soul bodies, and the color differences, this monster even looked a little like Ultraman.

Chu Fengs mouth twitched, and he quickly snapped back to his senses.

“Who cares if its Ultraman or a monster Theyre all strange creatures.

Just kill them!”

Upon receiving the Beastmasters order, the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet immediately activated its mechanical treasury.

All of its offensive weapons and skills were activated in the mythical mode, and countless turrets shot out from the cracks in the void, bombarding the behemoth incessantly!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”



The bear and dragon, which were best in close combat, didnt fear the opponents enormous height at all.

They roared and charged forward.

The Wild Bear activated the Demon God bloodline in his body.

The Dark-sky Azure Dragon turned into a divine dragon and displayed its skills in the dense artillery fire! Under the photon calculation of Mystic, the artillery fire completely avoided the bear and dragon, while bombarding the strange giant figure that was constantly emitting an evil aura!

For a moment, there were incessant rumbling sounds.

The other beasts also used all sorts of max-level skills, continuously weakening the opponents strength.

While the beasts were all fighting, Chu Feng had some free time instead.

He didnt think that this monster had any other tricks up its sleeve.

However, he felt that this monster alone had at least the strength of two guardian beasts.

The giant monster was too huge.

No matter how far away the beings who had entered the Bloody Pagoda were, they could still see and sense its existence.

Their expressions changed drastically, and they were inexplicably shocked.

“What… What is that thing”

“Its so terrifying! Quick, run!”

“Looking at the direction and distance, it seems to be where the guardian beast of the Bloody Pagoda is…”

“The position of the giant monster doesnt seem to have changed.

Could it be that someone is trapping it there”

“Thats impossible! We can sense that powerful aura even from so far away.

How could anyone dare to fight it Even the temple officials of the Eastern Temple wouldnt dare to fight such a terrifying monster!”

“That monster seems to have the aura of the blood souls.

Could it be a blood soul too”

“Even God kings wouldnt dare to face such a powerful and evil fierce beast, much less fight it…”

“Shit, am I really going to die”

“What the hell is with this Bloody Pagoda! No one can stop such a monster!”

While the beings who entered the tower were discussing, a large group of immortal and true Gods who were breathing fast fled to the center of the tower with either pale or flushed faces.

Someone asked curiously, “Where are you guys from”

The escapees breathed rapidly for a while.

When their heartbeats finally slowed down, they answered with lingering fear, “Do you see that terrifying giant We were there earlier!”

The other escapees were also terrified.

Their bodies and voices were trembling.

“Its… Its too scary.

Luckily, we left early!”

“We were just running and when we turned back, we were almost scared to death…”

“What with the guardian beasts or joining forces Even true Gods cant survive!”

“Were fine.

Its the team that left the latest, the one with Tyrant Chu Feng, I guess theyre going to die.”

“No way.

If even Chu Feng cant deal with that monster, what should we do in the remaining two days”

“If I knew this would happen, I would have left last night!”

Among the group of escapees, a man in a green robe slowly came to.

A hint of killing intent flashed in his eyes, “Its best if they die!”


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