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“Where are the youths” Chu Feng asked the beast next to him as he nibbled on some dry vegetarian food.

The Mirage Butterfly replied, “They left after knowing their capabilities.”

Chu Feng grunted in agreement, then suddenly thought of something, “Have you completed the orders I gave you before I left earlier”

On the fourth day in the pagoda, he had given some instructions to the Mirage Butterfly before leaving the center of the pagoda, such as protecting the Beastmaster team while it was at it.

If they were to leave on the fifth day, remember to share some of the white holy loti with them, and dont forget to invite them to the Solar Systems celebration later.

Now, it was the fifth day in the pagoda.

It was early in the morning, but the air in the pagoda wasnt fresh.

Even if there was dew, it was blood-red.

The Mirage Butterfly nodded and took out a large pile of principle source crystals.

Perhaps it was proud of its actions, but it danced around its Beastmaster cheerfully.

Chu Feng put away the principle source crystals and finished the rest of the food in a few bites.

He then said, “Since the center of the pagoda isnt of much value anymore, lets go see the four guardian beasts.”





The beasts responded cheerfully without any objections.

Chu Feng rubbed the Astral Spirit Heras head, his expression becoming gentler.

Yesterday, maybe because the time wasnt up, but he looked around and didnt see any other creatures besides the endless blood souls.

Although he had harvested countless blood soul flowers and white holy lotuses along the way, he could still be considered to have returned in defeat.

With this thought in mind, there seemed to be a twinkle in his eyes.

In the next instant, the human and six beasts teleported to a certain place that they had found yesterday.

They had clearly killed the blood souls in the wild yesterday to the point the blood souls were on the verge of extinction, but upon their arrival, there was still an endless stream of blood souls.

Rather, some kind of unknown switch seemed to have been activated on the fifth day.

Compared to yesterday, todays blood souls were much stronger and fiercer.

If these blood souls before them now were also in the center of the pagoda, the remaining immortals would definitely not be able to last two days.

Chu Feng casually made a judgment but didnt do anything about it.

The dangers of the Bloody Pagoda had long been known among those who entered.

Even so, over a thousand people still chose to stay.

Since they had made their choice, they would naturally have to taste the corresponding consequences themselves.

Chu Feng didnt think he was a good person.

He didnt care about the lives of those immortals or true Gods.

As for giving some protection to those Beastmasters who were of the same age as him, he was just returning the favor.

A hero should protect the weaker ones anyway.

However, Chu Feng was not so rigid.

He only protected those that he liked.

As for the ungrateful ones who would bite back at him, they could die a billion times and it still wouldnt be enough,

They killed and rushed all the way.

Not long after, Chu Feng and the others found the first four-directions guardian beast.

It was a blood-red dragon whose eyes were emitting a cruel red light.

As soon as it saw them, the Blood Dragon with countless meat strips hanging from its body pounced at them like a huge virus!

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“Pa!” The Blood Dragon pounced too hard and found itself stuck to a circular light barrier.

Chu Feng made a gesture casually and let the Dark-sky Azure Dragon confront the bloody western dragon.

The Blood Dragon had a pair of huge dragon wings that could cover a large area of the world when it opened them.

As usual, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon put on multiple layers of armor.

As it roared, it looked like a true god of the world.

“Roar!” The Blood Dragon did not want to be outdone and responded with its intimidation skill as well.

Chu Feng raised his eyebrows.

He felt that the voice of the Blood Dragon sounded very familiar.

How should he put it If someone else only listened to the roars of both dragons, they might think that the roars were from the same dragon.

The Blood Dragon also had a dragon-type talent, as well as an elemental-type talent.

“Roar, roar!”

The two dragon roars that were extremely close in pitch overlapped and turned the blood souls army that was rushing over upside down.

The Dark-sky Azure Dragon had been looking into its race skill catalog recently, but its gains were limited, and had yet to reach the stage where it could successfully use the skills in the catalog.

A large amount of blood flowed out of the Blood Dragons body.

In the next instant, that blood turned into countless blood arrows, attacking densely at the Dark-sky Azure Dragon! Chu Feng sensed that its strength was roughly that of a middle God King.

As for Geer, after absorbing so many principle source crystals, even though it was still in the immortal level, it could totally go up against a God King!

“Roar!” The Dark-sky Azure Dragon used its max-level dragon gods roar but didnt achieve the invincible effect from before.

However, it wasnt angry.

It simply charged over, wanting to use its powerful body to defeat the Blood Dragon that dared to challenge the Dragon God.

The mighty Dark-sky Azure Dragon that wore dragon-scale armor seemed to give the opponent a very strong sense of pressure as the Blood Dragon began to retreat… One side retreated while the other advanced.

The battle continued.

Gradually, Chu Feng noticed something, but he didnt make a sound.

One, two… seven spots formed in sequence, and a terrifying elemental storm raged through the entire space! Especially after the Blood Dragon added its blood, the elemental storm formation showed some kind of frightening power.

At this moment, even the Dark-sky Azure Dragon couldnt help but take it seriously.

The Blood Dragons attack had been raised to an extremely high-level step by step.

Geer knew that Lila had a resurrection skill, but it knew Chu Fengs painstaking efforts.

It was indestructible!

Even if it was just an immortal dragon, it could still make a God King realm dragon kneel! With that, Geer unleashed his divine-grade elemental talent, max-level divine skill elemental fusion, level 50 elemental principle, and the power of the max-level mythical plane saint dragons world…

Various forms of combat strength merged into one.

Right now, Geer had his eyes fixed on the Blood Dragon on the other side.

Killing intent flashed in his eyes as he waved his dragon claws! In an instant, the elemental storm that was so terrifying that it caused space to faintly collapse was forcefully compressed into a small ball and sucked into the dragons mouth.

If it wasnt for the fact that he could sense the condition of the Dark-sky Azure Dragon at all times, Chu Feng would probably have pulled it out of the battlefield and forcefully inspected it right away! The Blood Dragon was clearly a special creature, but at this moment, it seemed to be terrified…

However, that inaudible emotion disappeared in a flash.

Even if the beasts present subconsciously looked in that direction, they didnt catch it.

Chu Feng only felt that the Blood Dragon was very special.

As for what was special about it, perhaps he would be able to find an answer in the future.

The battle outcome had been set from the moment the Dark-sky Azure Dragon displayed its great strength! Even if the guardian beast had set up a series of traps and used several buffs to make its elemental storm extremely powerful, it was still unable to face Geer head-on!

“Roar!” The Dark-sky Azure Dragon let out a furious roar as if it had realized that this battle had lasted longer than before.

Geer never felt that he was weaker than other beasts.

Even if he was weaker, it was only temporary.

A terrifying dragon breath was spat out from the dragons mouth.

In an instant, the dragon breath that was as vast as an ocean engulfed the Blood Dragon!

Chu Feng looked at the golden molten liquid and couldnt help but sigh, “Oh no, I might not be able to get anything this time!”

The Dark-sky Azure Dragon, who felt the same way as its Beastmaster, had originally been wagging its tail excitedly.

It wanted to approach Chu Feng to ask for praise, but when it realized that it hadnt seemed to hold back its strength, it immediately became a little dispirited.


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