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“Decide yourselves whether you want to leave or not,” Chu Feng was nonchalant as if he didnt care about their lives at all.

He looked at the other Beastmasters, who were older than him but much weaker, and didnt have many thoughts.

“In short, I might not help you in the bloody battle tomorrow.

After all, we havent even known each other for a day.

Since youre already here in the Bloody Pagoda, you can decide on your life and death yourselves.”

Even if the beasts had a good impression of them because they took the initiative to help them, it was nothing.

Chu Fengs cold words chilled the hearts of the youths who were filled with enthusiasm, but they couldnt say anything to refute his words.

After all, there was nothing wrong with what he said.

Let alone someone they just met, even their old friends could turn on down any day.

Qian Hao smiled, “Big brother Chu is right.

Its not our first day away from home.

How can we cling to the strong and seek protection”

Chu Feng didnt care what they were thinking.

He brought his six beasts with him and moved to another place to rest.

The news that the pagoda would be sealed for the whole day tomorrow and there would be an endless army of blood souls spread like wildfire in the Bloody Pagoda.

Many humans and beasts wanted to know more, but they didnt dare to disturb Chu Feng.

Gradually, they gathered around the Beastmaster team.

No one knew how or what they discussed, but many left that day.

Chu Feng activated his telekinesis power and discovered that there were still around 2,000 creatures in the tower.

As for the twenty or so Beastmaster, there were only a dozen or so left.

Obviously, not everyone had the confidence to face tomorrow.

Chu Feng didnt dodge or hide.

After giving some casual instructions, he left and no longer meddled in other peoples business.

Midnight soon arrived.

Suddenly, a scream broke the silence of the night.

“Ah! Save me!”

Chu Feng lay in a room in his beast world.

His eyes opened and closed.

As an immortal, he didnt need sleep.

However, he still had the habit of resting.

Even if he didnt need to sleep, he would close his eyes and rest.

The shrunken beast world floated in the air above the Bloody Pagoda.

Even if there were tactless people who wanted to disturb him, they wouldnt be able to break through the space barrier of.

In fact, with the solidity of Chu Fengs beast space, it was more than enough to kill a God Marquis on the spot!

When he opened his eyes again, the sky was already bright inside the Bloody Pagoda.

Even if he hadnt deliberately tuned in, Chu Feng could still imagine the bloody scene.

The ground of the Bloody Pagoda was dyed an even darker shade of red.

After a night, only a thousand or so who had entered the pagoda were still alive.

The battle last night had been too fierce.

Those who had managed to survive until dawn were almost all covered in the blood of various colors.

At a time like this, the person who looked so refreshed as though he had never experienced a battle was particularly eye-catching.

“Eh, thats Chu Feng”

“I dont think I saw him make a move last night.

Even his beasts only wandered around nearby… Those youngsters sure are lucky!”

“Even the immoral region lord among those Beastmasters didnt die! I heard that quite a few beginner true Gods died last night…”

“If I had known this would happen, I would have clung onto Chu Feng no matter what.”

“Say, if we ask him to help us, would he be willing”

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“Stop dreaming.

Even if he was willing to help us, we wouldnt be able to come up with enough money to ask that level of an expert to help us!”

“Its a pity that we arent human…”

“Whats there to feel pity about Even the most powerful human of the central region is only doing well on the surface.”

“That plant spirit got a lot of white holy lotuses again last night.

I wonder how many they have now.”

“Should be about ten of them.

Why Does anyone dare to rob them”

“Those who dared have all died.

Who would still dare”

“Some didnt die, but I keep feeling that theres something wrong with that peak God King!”

“I wonder where those temple officials from the Eastern Temple have gone.

If I follow them, I think I should be able to live.”

“If I had known earlier that the tower would be sealed today, I would have left yesterday…”

Everyone discussed animatedly, their thoughts all different.

On the other hand, the Beastmaster team of about ten people didnt have anything else besides killing the blood souls and using the blood soul flowers to replenish their depleted energy.

Qian Hao was fully focused on commanding his beasts and the Beastmaster team.

His SSS-grade talent seemed to be related to group control skills.

At this moment, he managed to support the entire team.

Chu Feng didnt care about anything else.

He left the Mirage Butterfly to guard the center of the Bloody Pagoda, then led the other beasts to charge in all directions! Most of the immortal creatures in the tower were gathered in the center.

Apart from Chu Fengs beasts, who clearly had more than enough energy, one could easily tell that the other immortal creatures were more or less powerless after a night of exhausting fights.

Chu Feng brought the Wild Bear, Dark-sky Azure Dragon, Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, and Astral Spirit, deep into the army of blood souls like a shard sword.

If the number of blood souls in the center of the pagoda could only be considered “large”, then when they reached a place further outside, it could be said that there was an endless stream of blood souls.

It was so crowded that there was no room for even one more person.

Lila stood high above, casting divine light, divine protection, and other skill buffs, allowing the other beasts to find killing more enjoyable.

The Wild Bear had skill control, so its bodys attributes could be maintained at their peak at all times.

Even if it didnt activate the god-demon bloodline in its body, no blood soul could resist its attacks!

The blood souls surrounding Chu Feng and his beasts were almost all true God Generals and God Marquises.

With an army of so many God General realm and God Marquise realm blood souls, even a god King wouldnt be able to gain the advantage.

However, these blood souls were no different from ants when they came near Chu Feng!

Chu Feng didnt make a move, because there was no need for it.

Whether it was the Wild Bears continuous explosive punches, the Dark-sky Azure Dragons dragon breath, dragon roar, and dragon claws tearing, the Mystic Fall Fighter Jets terrifying firepower coverage, or even the true God Astral Spirit Heras multiple combination skills, each and every one of them made the spectators tremble in fear.

It was because the familiars were too strong that a huge space of emptiness appeared around Chu Feng.

For the true Gods, even if an occasional empty space would occasionally appear next to them, it would soon be filled up by an endless stream of blood souls.

However, there was always an empty space around Chu Feng and his beasts.

It looked as if even the soulless blood souls were afraid of them.

After the crazy slaughter, nearly ten thousand treants then picked up the spoils of war and processed them.

Occasionally, a white pillar of light would shoot up into the sky, but none dared to cast a covetous glance at them.

Even some true Gods who knew how important the white holy lotus was didnt dare to act rashly.

They were afraid that they would follow in the footsteps of their seniors.

Close to noon, Chu Fengs team bumped into a team of true Gods from an unknown force.

“Little friend Chu Feng, to meet is our date.

Why dont we cooperate and fight together” The leader of the team, a white-haired man, stroked his beard and smiled, “That way, we can better prepare for the spirit-guarding battle later.”

Chu Feng glanced at those people.

There were two lower God Kings, three higher God Marquises, and nearly 20 immortals.

He chuckled, “I dont need anyone who will hold me back.”

He didnt care whether the other party really wanted to ally with him or had other plans.

Since he had killed his way here, so what if he treated this small group as blood souls and killed them as well

“Im an elder of the Black Flood Dragon Gang.

I heard that the sovereign of the wild region has changed recently.

I wonder what my Lord thinks of this” The white-haired old man smiled as he stroked his beard.


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