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Chu Feng was somewhat speechless, “Principal Gao wants you to snatch the Six-Tailed Foxs child”

Li Siyu explained anxiously, “No! That Six-Tailed Fox is the pet beast of a teacher in the school.

However, he has used a special training method to make the Six-Tailed Fox return to its original state.

Principal Gao has already discussed this with that teacher.

That teacher is willing to hand over the pet beast egg to me.

The only condition is that I have to have the ability to snatch the pet beast egg from the hands of the Six-Tailed Fox.”

Chu Feng said, “I see.”

Chu Feng felt that President Gao would observe such an interesting event secretly.

It meant that Li Siyu finding him was not necessarily out of President Gaos expectations.

Chu Feng thought, “What an old cunning fox.

I wonder what he is planning to do.”

Li Siyu whispered, “President Gao has already helped me a lot.

Otherwise, I wouldnt be able to afford to buy the Six-Tailed Foxs cub.

After all, it is a commander-level pet beast.”

Chu Feng knew that the six-tailed fox was a commander-level pet.

The Three-Tailed Fox, Six-Tailed Fox, and Nine-Tailed Fox were correspondingly the sovereign-level, commander-level, and king-level bloodlines.

If the Nine-Tailed Fox broke through the racial restrictions and became an overlord-level pet beast, it would awaken its totem bloodline and become a Nine-Tailed Divine Fox.


In the past, there was a human tribe that worshipped the Nine-Tailed Fox.

The Nine-Tailed Fox totem was different from other totems.

The Nine-Tailed Fox totem was friendly to humans.

Even after the rise of humans, the humans had never had any bad relations with the Nine-Tailed Fox clan.

“A Six-Tailed Fox with a commander-level bloodline must be at least a sovereign Level 10, even if it hasnt reached the commander-level, Principal Gao had specially arranged such a difficult mission for Li Siyu.

It must be to test me,” Chu Feng felt somewhat helpless as he pondered.


He had agreed with Li Siyu that he would meet her at the base citys gate the next morning.

Then he headed home.

Qiao Xiong was greatly shocked when he saw Chu Feng.

“You… are already at the extraordinary level” He almost couldnt believe his eyes.

Chu Feng smiled, “It was just mere luck.”

Qiao Xiong didnt believe what Chu Feng said.

There was no such thing as mere luck about improving a Beastmasters strength.

One could only gain something by putting in the effort.

Qiao Xiong sighed, “Qiao Xingrans Dream Caterpillar has only reached awakening Level 10, yet you are already at the extraordinary level.”

Qiao Xingran happened to walk out of the villa and asked, “What are you guys talking about”

Qiao Xiong said, “Chu Feng is already at the extraordinary level.”

Qiao Xingran froze for a few seconds before she finally snapped out of her senses.


“Oh my god, Chu Feng, youre at the extraordinary level My Dream Caterpillar has only awakened to Level 3 even after I have nurtured it for so long! I have a C-rank talent, and you have a B-rank talent.

Why is there such a huge difference in our level”


Chu Feng smiled, “You can do it.

I believe in you.”


Qiao Xingran put on a distressed expression, “Ive tried my best to train it, but I cant help it if it doesnt advance.”

Chu Feng thought for a moment and said, “Ill guide you in the future.”

He remembered that the Mirage Worm was a top-level insect-type pet beast.

At the same time, it also had spirit-type talent and illusionary talent.

If Qiao Xingrans Dream Caterpillar and the Mirage Worm could get along more, it would probably be of great help to the advancement of their level.

Qiao Xingran also laughed, “Thank you.

Looks like Ill have to hang out with you more.”

Qiao Xiong looked at the two people in front of him and sighed.

In the past, he had taken extra care of Chu Feng because he had a good relationship with Qiao Xingran.

He didnt expect a little help back then would be rewarded now.

Qiao Xiong was certain that President Gao had come to find Chu Feng.

Chu Fengs future achievements would be limitless.

Qiao Xiong was relieved that Qiao Xingran could have a friend like Chu Feng.

Next dawn, Chu Feng washed up and headed straight for the city gate.

When he arrived, Li Siyu was already waiting there with her pet beast by her side.

[ Red Firebird ]

[ Level: Extraordinary Level 10]

[ Bloodline: Advanced Sovereign ]

[ Talents: Advanced Fire-Type Talent, Advanced Wind-Type Talent ]

[ Skills: 1.

Raging Fire, 2.

Red Fire, 3.

Blazing Fire, 4.

Red Fiery Divine Bird ]

A small bird that condensed from flames surrounded Li Siyu.

“Li Siyus first pet beast is one of the pet beasts with sovereign bloodline.

It can become the first-rank Red Firebird!”

It surprised Chu Feng.

It was not an exaggeration to say that the Red Firebird was the incarnation of flames.

Even if it only had the sovereign-level bloodline, its combat strength was like a commander-level bloodline, especially its high-level skill, which could temporarily transform the Red Firebird into an elemental being.

Even Chu Feng was somewhat envious of that extraordinary skill.

“I wonder if I can transform into an avatar if I level up my wild body to the max level”


Chu Feng couldnt help but begin to fantasize.

At present, he didnt know much about unlimited points because he didnt have enough enhancement points.

Chu Feng could level up the Wild Bear to the max level if Chu Feng used up his points.

But he couldnt bear to spend all his enhancement points on one ordinary skill.


Li Siyu said softly, “Lets go.”

“Okay,” Chu Feng followed.

The Red Firebird wasnt big enough to carry people, so Chu Feng and Li Siyu could only walk.

As Beastmasters, both had been affected by the strength of their pet beasts, especially Chu Feng.

His physique was like that of a Wild Bear, so killing an elephant with one punch was not a problem for him.

Chu Feng didnt feel tired at all.

But Li Siyus sweat drenched her forehead.

Chu Feng said, “Should we rest for a while”

“Yes,” Li Siyu sat on a rock.

Chu Feng said, “Ill leave for a while.

Be careful when you are alone.”

It startled Li Siyu.

This place was so dangerous.

She had no idea where Chu Feng was planning to go.

There were mountains all around them, with many ferocious beasts.

It worried her that something might happen to Chu Feng if he went into the wilderness alone.


You should be careful too.”

“Okay,” Chu Feng led the Wild Bear into the depths of the forest.

He had already sensed the existence of the sovereign-level beast with his telekinesis.

To him, the sovereign-level beast was only a moving enhancement point.


The Wild Bear was excited.

He had already guessed what Chu Feng was planning to do.

Ever since the massacre in the ruins of Teng Yue, the Wild Bear had become more and more fond of fighting.

He wanted nothing more than to fight every day!

[ Green Leaf Monkey ]


[ Level: Extraordinary Level 6]

[ Bloodline: Advanced Extraordinary ]

[ Talent: Mid-Level Plant Talent, Mid-Level Speed Talent ]

[ Skills: 1.

Plant Grass, 2.

Speed, 3.

Leaf Blade, 4.

Green Leaf Laser ]

Chu Fengs target was the Green Leaf Monkey race.

A group of advanced extraordinary bloodline races would usually have a sovereign-level leader.

Although it was difficult to break through the boundary of bloodlines, it was possible when the base was large enough.

Chu Feng knew the position of the leader of the Green Leaf Monkeys, but he wasnt going to search for it.

He only needed to kill a few Green Leaf Monkeys, and the leader would appear automatically.

Unexpectedly, before Chu Feng could give the order to the Wild Bear, the Green Leaf Monkeys in the surrounding surrounded him.

The green leaf monkeys squeaked loudly as they continuously shot green leaves at Chu Feng and the Wild Bear.

Those green leaves were covered with plant energy and were as hard as steel.


It sparked the wild Bears anger when a group of Green Leaf Monkeys dared to provoke it.

With twenty times of great strength, the Wild Bear rushed to one of the Green Leaf Monkeys and killed it with one strike.

The other Green Leaf Monkeys saw how strong the Wild Bear was and immediately had the intention to retreat.


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