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After exchanging a few words with his beasts, Chu Feng stood up and reached out his hand to grab the peak God King who was jumping around like a flea.

Seeing that the situation was bad, the true Gods were about to beg for mercy or escape when they realized that they were unable to move! Not only that, they immediately realized that their consciousness had fallen into a bottomless abyss…

Chu Feng glanced at the 10 true Gods with lifeless eyes, then casually grabbed the lackey that was following Cena before, “Whats your name”

That official was a God King as well, yet he was cowering, “My name is Cate.”

Cate had seen with both eyes that even if the immortal before him was truly an immortal, he was an immortal who could easily kill true Gods! He clearly hadnt used any moves, yet in an instant, he had bound over a dozen true gods! One had to know that out of the dozen true Gods here, four were lower God Kings, and then there was him, a middle God King, as well as a peak God King.

Logically speaking, as long as they didnt meet a God Lord that was one realm higher than them, they could walk unhindered even in Gods world.

But now, this team, which could be said to be invincible, was crushed by an unknown aborigine!

Regarding the matter of Chu Feng killing four God Generals in a row, the news was quite popular even within the God King circle.

But before today, Cate had never paid much attention to it.

All true Gods had been immortals before, so they naturally had a clear understanding of the strength of an immortal.

How could an immortal fight a true God Even if an immortal had managed to beast some God Generals or God Marquises with some special techniques, he couldnt possibly do anything to a God King! Because it was impossible, when this scene happened in front of them, no one dared to believe it…

“This is impossible!!”

Including Cena who was close to Chu Feng, as well as the onlookers who had just been regretting that “an ultimate genius is about to die”, whether they were immortals or true gods, most of the living beings present were shocked.

“This, this is impossible!”

“God Generals and God Kings are not on the same level.

How can Chu Feng trap God Kings!”

“Could it be that his SSS-grade beast tamer talent is a control type”

“Chu Feng is definitely not just at the immortal level!”


The battlefield was in chaos, and even the battlefield between the immortals and beasts on the other side was affected.

The immortals were so afraid that they almost ran helter-skelter, while the other sides morale was boosted, taking this opportunity to kill many immortals.


However, the center of the storm was especially quiet.

Due to their shock, several true Gods struggled to break free from the bottomless abyss.

Their eyes were bloodshot, and they were so jealous that their faces were hideous.

Especially Cena.

He had always thought that his talent was excellent, even though he had only barely reached the peak of the God King realm by consuming many pills and precious resources.

Every time he encountered bottlenecks, he had always relied on pills and various cultivation resources to break through, so he could probably only ever reach the God King realm.

But now, an immortal much stronger, younger, and more talented than him had appeared.

The discontent, anger, and jealousy that Cena had accumulated since he entered the Bloody Pagoda exploded at this moment!

“Why are you so strong! I went through so much trouble to reach my current realm and get information about the Bloody Pagoda… I was supposed to be the first person to enter the pagoda and obtain the white holy lotus, and even be the only survivor among the thousands of people who entered…” Cenas words were in a jumble, and he would scream from time to time, “How can you come earlier than me and ruin all my plans! Damned human, you deserve to die! !”

Being cursed at in the face, Chu Feng raised his eyebrows and chopped off the others left arm.


With a snap of Chu Fengs fingers, the screams stopped abruptly.

The God King temple official who had been well-dressed and dignified was now no better than a prison slave.

Chu Feng restrained the others body and spirit and didnt intend to talk to the madman.

Waving his hand to strengthen the shackles around the true God, he looked down at the Gods.

The immortal battle in the distance continued.

Other than some of the immortals and true Gods whose bodies had yet to recover, most had gone to fight the blood souls again.

The onlookers watched the show but didnt forget their business.

After all, if the blood souls broke through the defensive circle, they might not even have the chance to leave the Bloody Pagoda.

Of course, some didnt forget their original intentions of watching the show as well.

“Eh, Chu Feng seems to have called the other two temple officials over.

What are they talking about”

“Right, that official priest seemed to have howled for a long time just now.

Did you guys hear it clearly”


“It should be a cry for help.”

“Ive never seen such a powerful immortal.

Hes truly terrifying.”

“If I were as strong as him, I would definitely…”

“Tyrant could already crush totems when he was a mere overlord.

His name is still number one on the battle totem rankings!”

“I wonder when will he go to the illusory world to challenge the immortals and true Gods”

“If Chu Feng can defeat a higher realm true God in the illusory world, he might have the chance to meet the creator of the illusory realm!”

“Hes too monstrous.

When I talk about Chu Feng now, I subconsciously feel that he is already an unfathomable true God…”


Chu Feng casually sat on the throne.

Beside him were more than ten true Gods who looked like objects on display.

Richardson glanced at the few lower God Kings from the corner of his eyes.

They were sent by other major factions in the eastern divine region to investigate the Bloody Pagoda.

Apart from them were Cena and Cate.

The former used to rely on his God Lord relative while the latter relied on the peak God King “master”.

They were now no better than the weak they had tortured in the past…

Richardsons emotions were extremely complicated.

He asked after he calmed himself down, “May I know why you called me here”

When he realized that the master and the slave, as well as the nearly twenty true Gods, were about to court death, he subconsciously pulled his other colleague back.

That colleague had been unhappy at first, but when he saw the turn of events, his jaw almost dislocated.

Richardson looked at those who had sent themselves to their deaths and did not show much emotion.

However, as a temple official, he could not just watch Cena and Cate Die.

After all, not everyone could leave the Holy Tribunal alive.

Chu Feng propped up his chin with one hand, feeling bored, “Why did the Eastern Temple send you here for”

Richardson frowned, not knowing whether to say it or not.

In contrast, perhaps he was afraid that Chu Feng would lose his patience, the other temple official next to Richardson quickly said, “The temple told us to take down this pagoda!”

Chu Feng looked over, “Your temple has a deep understanding of the Bloody Pagoda”

The two relatively free temple officials looked at each other and shook their heads.

“Although we are officials, we are only here under orders.

Other than following Cenas orders to seize the Bloody Pagoda, we know very little,” The unknown high-ranking priest said.

Chu Feng did not comment.

He looked at Richardson, who was inexplicably silent, “You tell me.”

Richardson hesitated for a moment before saying, “Cena is the leader, so he must know more.

Due to special reasons, I learned that there were no survivors when the Bloody Pagoda last opened.

This tower is like an incinerator.

The so-called blood souls and the cultivators who enter the pagoda are different forms of fuel, or you can call us nutrients.

You have already discovered the blood soul flower.

It is said that the more blood soul flowers you eat, the faster your energy will recover, but the easier you will die after leaving the pagoda.

Oh right, tonight is the final deadline for leaving the pagoda safely.

After today, even if you successfully leave, you will be destined to die!”


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