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“I know! Thats the human magnate, Tyrant Chu Feng!”

“He seems to be a Beastmaster from the sky regions Blue Planet in the eastern divine region.

Its said that his combat strength far surpasses his level.”

“Eh, wasnt he the one who killed four God Generals consecutively in the Blue Planets secret realm Didnt the Eastern Temple attack him”

“Speaking of which, the temple sent people into the Bloody Pagoda this time.

I wonder if there will be a fight…”

“I think you guys are being stupid.

How can an immortal be compared to a temples official!”

“Right, dont tell me you think its easy to become a true God About the four people sent by the temple this time, its said that even the weakest one has accumulated a foundation of over a million years!”

“Sigh, its not easy to become a god.

Thats why we still entered even though we know that its not an easy place to survive…”

“Speaking of which, have you heard the news that the sky region has been spreading”

Seeing that they had rested longer than they had fought, some of the immortals wanted to retreat, “I heard that although the Bloody Stupa seems to encourage us to kill the evil beings, which are the blood souls, the more blood souls one kills, the harder it is to get out of the pagoda!”

Some had also heard some news from their families, “I heard that last time, tens of thousands of people had entered the Bloody Pagoda, but less than 100 of them came out alive!”

“Huh Really”

“If thats the case, then why is it that you, someone from an aristocratic family, still dare to come”

“This time, even though the total number of people who have entered is much smaller, there are still about 3,000 of us.

If we are to calculate based on the probability, then wouldnt we immortals be unable to leave alive”

“It must be fake.

I just saw someone teleport out.”

An immortal said confidently, as though he believed that he could leave the Bloody Pagoda anytime he wanted to.

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“Didnt they say that the faster you kill, the faster you die” Someone laughed mockingly, his gaze casually sweeping past the two teams that were killing the blood souls the most ferociously, “Then, wouldnt that Beastmaster with his six beasts, as well as the Eastern Temples officials, be in danger”

“What are you saying” His companion hurriedly tried to make up for his words, “If it wasnt for the existence of such experts, how could we have the time to rest”

The other immortal also echoed, “Thats right, if only immortals came in, we might have died in battle on the first day!”

“Cultivation is truly endless,” An immortal world king sighed, “I wonder when Ill be able to reach the top-tier…”

Not many blood souls were left in the center of the bloody battlefield.

Occasionally, a few would appear, but no one knew where they came from, and everyone there would scream.

Apart from where the immortals gathered, the true Gods on the battlefield were gathered in another huddle.

Among the true Gods, there were lower, middle, and advanced true Gods, as well as God Generals, God Marquises, and God Kings, but there didnt seem to be any above that.

Chu Feng retracted his gaze, forming a divine seat for himself in mid-air, and sat there, pondering, “Why is it said that the more one kills, the faster one will die Arent we sending the blood souls on their way by killing them Could it be that theres something hidden behind this”

He looked down at the dark red earth and the endless stream of blood souls around him, his thoughts floating.

“Perhaps, after killing most of them, I should go investigate far from here.”

If there was a blood-soul killing leaderboard in the Bloody Pagoda, he and his six beasts should be at the forefront.

They had already killed over ten thousand blood souls, and there was already a small mountain of blood soul flowers in the warehouse.

Chu Feng didnt know if it was because of some special mark, but he realized that the blood souls he and his beasts encountered were the most and the highest level.

Even the four God Kings were only fighting against blood souls in the immortal world venerable realm.

Chu Fengs beasts were all surrounded by beginner true God-level blood souls.

He still remembered that on the first day, blood souls in the immortal region lord level had appeared the most.

Now, they were only on the third day, but they were already fighting against true Gods.

He glanced at the small battlefield of the immortals again, and realized that the blood souls that were surging towards the immortals were all immortal region lords to immortal world lords…

“Could it be that the Bloody Pagod will choose lower-level blood souls based on the cultivators levels

If that was the case, then the reason why he and his beasts were facing blood souls in the true God level was probably that the Bloody Pagoda simply took their combat power level as their true level.

At this time, some true Gods and immortals cried out in shock.

“How… How could this be”

“This is impossible!”

“Immortals are fighting with true Gods!”

“Why are the levels of the blood souls that the Eastern Temples officials fighting of even lower levels than the ones that the Beastmaster team are fighting”

“Maybe its because that beast team came earlier”

“Even if they came earlier, how could a mere immortal Beastmaster be a match for true Gods”

“Look at who that Beastmaster is carefully before you speak.

Hes an expert who can kill four God Generals in a row!”

“Tyrant Chu Feng could defeat totems back when he was an overlord.

Now that hes become an immortal, fighting a true God…”

“Even if Chu Fengs combat strength has reached the God Marquise realm, those God King realm temple officials have also fought for more than a day.

They shouldve climbed to the front in terms of numbers of blood souls killed, right”

“Weve indeed been here for more than a day, but that may not be true for that person.”

“Isnt he crazy No matter how monstrous that Beastmaster is, he cant possibly defeat a god King!”


The discussions of the surrounding crowd drifted into the ears of the four temple officials.

A peak God King looked coldly at the colleagues around him, “Who is that Chu Feng”

Although the four temple officials sent by the Eastern Temple were all God Kings, each had his own faction.

The God who had just spoken had a relative who was a God Lord.

The God Lords family hadnt managed to produce a true God, so he supported his nephew who had the aptitude of a true God, and they helped each other in the temple.

It was also because of their nepotism that the other three officials on this mission had him as their unofficial leader.

One of the God Kings who had no backing immediately flattered, “Thats just a person from an aboriginal planet.

Even if hes faster than us, he wont be able to last more than a few rounds!”

“Cate, did I let you speak” The peak God King was displeased.

The official named Cate laughed dryly and gave himself a couple of slaps while having a sorry face, repeatedly saying that he had done wrong and shouldnt have spoken up.

The other two officials didnt even look at him as they felt the disdain in their hearts.

“Just a scene of a dog trainer training his dog.

Does he really think that the other gods have to follow his orders”

“Its said that when beating a dog, one still has to consider the dogs owner.

Without the support of his God Lord relative, Cena would at most be a middle God King ranked behind me!”

Of course, although they didnt think much of him in their hearts, the officials still maintained a harmonious relationship on the surface.

After all, this time, they had come with a mission issued by the temple! The higher-ups said that no matter how they did it, the Bloody Pagoda must belong to the Eastern Temple!

Richardson did not know why the temple was so determined to get this tower, but since there was an order, the mission naturally had to be completed.

Thinking of this, his gaze unconsciously looked at the familiar figure and he sighed inwardly, “Chu Feng, I hope you wont fight against the temple.

Otherwise, even if you can defeat me, you will never be able to block the combined attack of a middle, two high, and a peak God King.”


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