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Sky region, Nine Gods Council.

Around a huge round table, several immortals were gathered.

Among them, the Mountain God Coulomb, Kraken, Basilisk, and the bloodthirsty vine races Yorkie were all the main Gods that had fought against the wild region.

They were all immortal region lords.

These four gods had different battle strengths.

Overall, the unspeakably ugly Kraken was the strongest.

In addition to them, there are five other regular members of the Nine Gods Council.

They were the elder ancestor Melda of the mirage butterfly race, the Collector Rat who was talented in hoarding goods and delicacies, a representative from the spiritual unicorn race who valued peace, and a representative from the cactus race which is either desertifying the battlefield or releasing prickly thorns.

There was also a race that was known to occupy the magpies nest, the dove race.

It can be seen from this that although the Nine Gods Council of the sky region had several relatively powerful immortals, if they were to fight against the wild region, they wouldnt have much of an advantage.

After all, the wild regions army was famous throughout the various regions.

Due to the lack of troops, after the defense line that they had built earlier was defeated, no reinforcements had come to save them.

Originally, all of them thought that the sky region was destined to become a colony of the wild region.

They didnt expect that the Desolate God, the leader of the wild region, would be enslaved by a human on the Blue Planet!

The moment they heard the news, none of the immortals present believed it.

One had to know that the Desolate God was a subordinate of the War God from the Eastern Temple.

Even though he was only in the region lord realm, in a real battle, he could even fight against some world lords!

When they first heard about the news of the “totem beast enslaving an immortal”, none of the living beings who received the news believed it.

Later, because the battle between the sky region and the wild region had inexplicably subsided, the Nine Gods Council had discussed the matter twice with doubt, but they could not come to a conclusion.

Now, an official letter had been submitted to them.

“In that letter, they asked us to give authority to the Blue Planet of the Solar System.

What do you all think” Seeing that the situation was at a stalemate, the Mountain God Coulomb took the initiative to ask.

Kraken spat out a bubble from somewhere that was either its mouth or nose, then said in a low and muffled voice, “If you dont think its a good idea, you can bring us along to fight! Ever since the war between the regions has subsided, Ive been so bored.”

Basilisk hissed twice and spat out a forked tongue, “It doesnt matter.

In any case, Im not in charge of the miscellaneous matters that we usually deal with.”

“That human magnate, Tyrant Chu Feng, although he does have some fame in the illusory world, rumors have been spreading all over the place recently!” The Bloodthirsty Vine Yorkie snorted disdainfully and said angrily, “How could a beastmaster who just became an immortal not long ago kill four God Generals in a row Theyre the four God Generals of the Eastern Temple at that… This is ridiculous!”

The immortal from the spiritual unicorn race had a different opinion, “Didnt there use to be a Chaos Gods origin world called the Blue Planets secret realm some time ago Chu Feng might have obtained something that allowed him to kill the God Generals.”

The dove race immortal, who had always maintained his human form, nodded as well, “Its very possible.

After all, that person could cross levels and kill Immortals when he was a totem.”

The mirage butterfly races elder ancestor Melda couldnt help but sigh, “Speaking of which, when we learned about that back then, all of us had thought it was just a rumor.

We didnt expect someone from the Blue Planet to be so monstrous!”

Hearing this, the nine Gods present all had ugly expressions.

If they had known that the kid was so monstrous, they wouldnt have dragged things on.

Sigh, now they did not know what to do.

However, this matter was too shocking.

Even descendants with the bloodline of Gods were not so outstanding.

Even the son of the Mountain God that they used to praise, a seventh realm totem, seemed too dim in comparison to such a monstrous genius.

As expected, comparisons would just make one unhappy!

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Top prodigies are a minority, after all.

They should not yearn after it too much.

Seeing that the atmosphere was about to fall silent again, the Mountain God Coulomb threw out some news, “Everyone, I had some contact with the God Controller of the Eastern Temple back then.

After receiving the official letter, I went to ask in private about Chu Fengs potential.

He said that Chu Feng is destined to become a god, and may even reach the supreme level!”

Coulomb sighed, sighing, “Even the God Controller said so, do you still think this is a lie Since such a peerless genius has appeared in the sky region, then we old men should be happy that a young man who can take the baton has appeared!”

The other eight immortals looked at each other, knowing that a monstrous genius was rare and valuable.

The Collector Rat chewed on hazelnuts as he mumbled, “Hmm… Then lets pass the power to the humans on the Blue Planet.

After all, this council doesnt pay.

It should have been dispersed a long time ago.”

The green Cactus immortal with a pink flower on his head nodded silently.

Amongst those present, other than the Bloodthirsty Vine who was obviously unwilling, and the Mirage Butterfly Melda who gave up on making a choice, the other immortals all nodded in agreement.

“Since he can kill four God Generals in a row, he must be even stronger than me!”

“I wonder if I can rush over and fight with Chu Feng”

“Old monster, with your looks, you might scare a large group of people into fainting!”

After settling a huge matter, the Gods felt much more relaxed.

The Mountain God smiled, “Along with that letter, theres also an invitation to the Solar Systems celebration.

If you want to go over, remember to bring some gifts.

In the future, that place might be the political center of the sky region.”

One of the Gods smiled and echoed, “Not only that, even the wild region might have to fall under the sky regions jurisdiction!”

Seeing the other immortals chatting and laughing as they left, the Bloodthirsty Vine Yorkie couldnt help but pull Basilisk and said somewhat indignantly, “Whats the matter with you guys Although the sky region is so poor that we cant even afford to pay the army, theres no need to hand it over to an aborigine, right”

Basilisk twisted his snake body and hissed in response, “Do you really think that taking control of the region is an easy job Putting aside the various local tyrants in the region, just the army alone would consume a huge amount of resources.

In addition, there are other regions next door that are eyeing us like tigers watching their prey… Moreover, ever since the news of Chu Feng killing the four God Generals has spread, many forces have been secretly watching the sky region.

Even if we dont hand over the power, we might not be able to protect it in the future!”

Yorkie rubbed his leaves, not understanding, “Even so, we can still watch and see, right Why are you so anxious”

Basilisks snake tail slapped the air repeatedly, beginning to get impatient, “Wait Do you really think youre tough Chu Feng could easily kill four God Generals of the Eastern Temple.

Even if we immortals dont want to give up power, what can we do Besides, there are more and more forces keeping an eye on the sky region.

If this continues, we wont even be able to keep the region.

Since its a mess in our hands, why dont we just hand it over”

The Bloodthirsty Vine hesitated, “But there seems to be a treasure in the sky region.”

“Tch, who knows where that treasure is!”


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