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In the blink of an eye, several days had passed.

In these few days, the infrastructure on the Blue Planet was basically completed.

Chu Feng came to the Solar System alone and sensed the aura of two other immortals besides Monica.

It wasnt the Desolate God, the Dragon God, or the Water God, but the Tree God, Sheng Yi, and the Flower God, Luo Li.

The two immortals were like workers in the newly built Solar System administrative center, diligently handling all sorts of miscellaneous matters.

The Flower God fell back and nestled into a huge chair.

“Damn! Why did I come over to seek refuge with Chu Feng All I do is work all day, I dont even have much time to rest!” She threw the Ipad to the side and shouted, “We must have been tricked by that brat!”

The Ipad that was equipped with an AI let out a beeping warning sound and a mechanical sound rang out, “Detected that the Ipad has been thrown out for the 12th time today.

Including the number of times yesterday and the day before yesterday, the total is…”

The Tree God stretched out a tree branch to retrieve the suspended Ipad.

At the same time, she turned off the Ipad and placed it back on the table.

“On the bright side, at least we dont have to worry about our lives now, right” The Tree God scrolled down on her Ipad and continued to deal with the next matter.

Compared to fighting, she preferred to stay in one place.

Thinking of something, the Tree God smiled brightly, “Luo Li, didnt you want to build a botanical garden with me earlier The sunlight in the Solar System is great.

Its very suitable for plants to grow.”

Hearing this, the Flower God became even angrier.

She muttered to herself with disdain, “Chu Feng is really too stingy.

We cant grow anything with just two small plots of land!”

“In my opinion, Sheng Yi, you should also join forces with me to resist him.

Youve already worked so hard, but after work, you still have to go to the Blue Planet to teach that newly advanced Mythical Tree immortal.

This is bullying us too much!”

The Tree God gently touched the other partys flower bud and smiled gently, “Its fine.

Im very happy to be able to help other plants.”


Chu Feng better makes sure that he can get things done, or else Ill be the first to defect!” After complaining a few times, the Flower God picked up the Ipad gloomily and continued to work.

At this moment, Chu Feng was in the newly built treasure trove of the Solar System.

Looking at the huge treasure trove that was seeming very empty due to the vast space, he sighed, “A treasure trove without treasures is no different from an empty building.

I still have to think of a way to fill this place up.”

After leaving the treasure trove of the Solar System, Chu Feng looked at the totem army that had been gathered and didnt think that they were any good at all.

Fortunately, he already had an idea.

After Hera refined the Chaos Gods origin world, she obtained the realm of concepts.

After a small-scale experiment, Chu Feng discovered that through this skill, he could replicate the realm barriers that had various attribute values.

Moreover, these barriers could be folded into one.

Simply put, Hera could copy the attributes of the world barriers of other beasts and paste them onto her realm of concepts.

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At this moment, Chu Feng was preparing to set up such a barrier in the Solar System as well.

The six beasts were lined up in a row, looking like they were undergoing military training.

The soldiers patrolling the Solar System secretly looked over with curious gazes.

“Eh, what is the magnate trying to do”

“The aura of the magnates beasts is so strong, I cant even look at them directly!”

“Just the aura that they have leaked is almost making me, a second realm totem, unable to breathe… Theyre too strong!”

Noticing the gazes from afar, Chu Feng nodded slightly.

Immediately, the totems that had managed to suppress their emotions couldnt help but become excited and exclaim in admiration.

“How lucky, to think I could meet my idol!”

“Haha, when we get back, those old men will definitely be extremely envious.”

“Fortunately, I switched shifts with someone today, otherwise, how would I have the chance to meet the low-key magnate!”


The person leading the patrol team this time was a third realm totem.

Although he was also very excited, he was also thinking about his mission, “Alright, dont just stand there like a fool! If the magnate figures out that you guys are so unfocused, he might even appear less in the future.

Be alert, continue to patrol!”

Only then did the other totems retract their attention and continue to patrol.

They were all thinking in their hearts that after the completion of the cultivation array, they would definitely go all out to train.

At that time, the Blue Planet totem army would also be able to turn into a super strong army and go to war elsewhere! It was indeed not bad to guard their homeland, but if they could contribute to the development of their homeland, they would then be able to realize their value.

In this world, there is nothing more important than protecting and building their homeland!

They had experienced the helplessness of the great calamity, so the living beings on the Blue Planet valued the current peace even more.

At the same time, they respected Chu Feng to the extreme, who was equivalent to the hero who had saved the world, and they were also eager to contribute.

It was just like what they had learned since young: The Blue Planet was their home, and peace depended on everyone.

The living beings on the Blue Planet all hoped to realize the vision that magnate Chu Feng had previously said, that “the Blue Planet will always be prosperous and peaceful.”

Even if they could not do what Chu Feng did, they could add bricks and tiles in the process!

Chu Feng started thinking, “The Wild Bears wild domain, desolate gods domain, and wild world; The Mirage Butterflys spiritual dimension domain, the combination of illusion world and true world illusion, the three arrays of space-break, space-tear, and psychedelic, as well as the divine skills that include divine soul domain, dimensional divine domain, and divine soul world; The Mythical Trees tree gods world, plant domain, Tree God world, and tree god domain; The Dark-sky Azure Dragons dragon world, dragon god realm, elemental realm, and saint dragons world.”

“Although Mystic has the mechanical treasury, it doesnt count as a realm.

However, the mechanical space, the medium realm which I created based on Mystic, can also be replicated.

With that, people in the realm of concepts can counterattack with weapons and cannons.

Added with overload origin, they wont lose their combat power in a short time.”

In his mind, Chu Feng directly had Hera duplicate the attributes of the realms.

With the Blue Planet as the core and the Solar System as the radiation zone, an extremely special realm of concepts was constructed.

Not long after, the Astral Spirit completed the construction.

Through the message sent to him by Hera, Chu Feng looked at the void and revealed a satisfied smile.

Although many different realms had been stacked together, in general, it was still the four myth planes of the desolate, divine soul, divine tree, and saint dragon that brought the strongest increase in attributes.

That made sense, though.

After all, they were all maxed-out myth skills.

Moreover, it wasnt just the beasts who had them.

Chu Feng himself had also built a corresponding myth-level plane through the alternate dimension.

Everything stacked together, the realm of concepts formed was extremely powerful.

“Even if a peak God Supremacy comes to attack, he wouldnt be able to do anything to this realm!” The faint sense of worry in Chu Fengs heart lessened a lot.

In the future, even if he stayed outside for a longer period, he wouldnt have to worry about others attacking his home.

The various authorities of the realm of concepts, such as access permits, the right to transfer weapons, and so on, were naturally all in Chu Fengs hands.

However, considering his desire to be a hands-off boss, Chu Feng only retained the highest authority.

The first authority was given to Wu Yu, Zhong Hen, and Monica, while the second authority was given to the Dragon God, Water God, Desolate God, Flower God, and Tree God.

To prevent more trouble, the authorities of the ancient gods were restricted.

After finishing all the setup, Chu Feng tried to enter the realm of concepts and exited again.

He thought to himself, “Doesnt it feel like playing a holographic game


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