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“I am honored to return with my mission fulfilled.

I am Chu Feng…” The handsome young man on the screen continued, “Next, the Blue Planet will begin a series of infrastructure projects, such as building the Blue Planets defense and establishing cultivation support arrays… in the future, the Blue Planet and the Solar System will be the center of two major regions.

To celebrate the Blue Planets success in surviving this catastrophe, we will start a three-day holiday from tomorrow.

After the infrastructure is completed, there will also be a seven-day global celebration… Finally, I wish Blue Planet a prosperous and peaceful future.”

The youth on the screen smiled as he handed the center of the stage to someone else.

Someone was explaining Blue Planets upcoming arrangements to the public on the stage, but some netizens focused their attention on the VIP seats.

“Magnate Chu Feng is quite intimidating when he gets serious.

Looking at how he looks in a suit and tie, who would have thought that hes not even 17 yet!”

“I feel like all the other political figures are extremely respectful towards him.”

“Haha, I feel like Im in front of a teacher… I dont even know where to put my hands.”

“I feel like acting carefully as if Im facing my idol.”

“He is, after all, the man who saved the entire planet by himself.

Who wouldnt admire him”

“I suddenly realized that many are secretly watching the magnate.

I want to look at him too (super loud.gif)!”

“I just took a walk outside.

It seems that everyone is watching the magnates live broadcast.

I also heard an old lady say that this young man is quite handsome.

Someone beside her told her about Chu Feng, and many looked at him with starry eyes!”

“As long as you like Chu Feng, we are good friends (heart.gif).”

“It feels like our third magnate is about to become the idol of the whole nation!”

“This idol is so powerful.

Its so stressful to be his fan.”

“Let alone us humans, even many in the other races worship Chu Feng.”

“Even children know that they have to be as powerful as the big brother magnate!”

As the netizens joked around, the live broadcast of Central TV continued.

No one knew when it happened, but when the camera once again swept across the familiar location, the young man in the seat was gone.

The audience understood that the time and energy of such a big shot were extremely precious, so they did not say anything sarcastic.

Basically, everyone was submerged in a celebratory atmosphere.

Some had their attention focused on other things.

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“Yes! Holiday! No homework!”

“Hey, just now, the magnate said that Blue Planet will become the center of the two regions.

Could it be that the Blue Planet is going to rise”

“Lets wait and see what happens next.”

While everyone was happily thinking about which historical site to visit, Chu Feng returned to his courtyard.

Almost a third of the many treasures in his hands had gone into the treasure trove of the Blue Planet.

Only with abundant resources would more talents be born.

The Blue Planet was still under Chu Fengs protection, but they couldnt possibly rely on him alone to continue protecting it in the future.

The initial construction plan included the construction of the center of Blue Planet and the Solar System, as well as the defensive line set up with the help of treasures and military forces.

Chu Feng also planned to use the origin world treasures and the Astral Spirits realm of concepts to further strengthen the defense and build a cultivation array.

Blue Planet now had four immortals: Monica, the Desolate God, the Dragon God, and the Water God.

Monica would definitely continue to guard Blue Planet.

As for the Desolate God, the Dragon God, and the Water God, if there were no accidents, they would probably be staying in the Solar System.

Among them, the Desolate God would manage the affairs of the wild region from a distance and guard the Solar System, while the Dragon and Water Gods would be in charge of all sorts of important traveling matters.

However, the sky region already had a Nine God Council in charge, formed from nine immortals.

Although he didnt know if the Nine God Council would be willing to be controlled by someone else, he wasnt too worried.

With his current battle strength, immortals who resisted were no different from ants.

The races had better behave themselves.

Otherwise, even a true God wouldnt be able to protect the lives of those who deserved to die.

As for the wild region, their region lord, the Desolate God, was his spiritual slave.

A region lord had quite a number of resources, which he planned to divide into two parts.

One part would go into the Blue Planets treasure trove, and the other part would go to Chu Feng.

As he was thinking about it, Chu Feng decided to set up two treasure troves in the Solar System and the Blue Planet.

Only those that were good enough would be taken into the Blue Planet.

As for the treasure trove in the Solar System, it would be equivalent to a storage warehouse.

Since there would be a large number of treasures there, he would have to allocate the corresponding military forces to protect it…

He remembered when he had killed the Mirage Butterfly Moer elder who had roamed the sky region for ten thousand years, the other party had said that the Blue Planet had been so powerful in the previous era that it had almost dominated the entire sky region.

Although the beast-taming civilization on the Blue Planet now had not reached its peak, it already had the power to dominate two great regions.

The development was looking quite good.

“Oh, never mind.

I wont be in charge of administrative matters anyway.

At most, Ill just be the guardian that maintains law and order and receive the corresponding benefits.

Im more or less just a boss with a title and no responsibilities” Chu Feng rubbed his chin, feeling that his position was very clear.

At this moment, his communication device suddenly rang.

He picked it up and saw that it was his second brother.

On the light screen, the magnate Zhong Hen was currently in a huge mechanical space filled with all kinds of machinery.

“Second brother, is there something you need me for” Chu Feng asked.

Zhong Hen casually wiped the sweat off his face and did not notice that there was residual oil used to lubricate the machinery on his hand.

As he did this, a layer of oil was smeared on his left face.

Chu Feng couldnt help but laugh, “Brother, why did you become a tabby cat”

Zhong Hen took out a tissue and wiped his face casually, then said, “Third brother, why did you say that the Blue Planet will be the center of the two regions in the future Didnt you say earlier that we would start with construction first and then slowly take over the two regions”

By saying such words before taking over the two regions completely, if there were any other changes in the future, it would be very easy to go against ones words.

Because of this, there were all kinds of discussions on the major forums, but most did not mention that “Blue Planet is the center of the region in the future”.

Some who did were more reserved in expressing their opinion.

After all, ever since the totems from the front line returned, most of the living beings on Blue Planet knew that the sky region where the planet was located was jointly controlled by the nine gods.

Although the battle between the wild region and the sky region had been quelled by Chu Feng, the Nine God Council of the sky region had been in charge for many years, so they might not be willing to give up their power.

Chu Feng chuckled, “The battle between the two regions has subsided.

Naturally, theres no need to take things slowly.

I can even kill a God King at will now.

If there are still people in the two regions who dont know whats good for them and want to fight me, then they can only blame themselves for being blind.”

Thinking of the nine realms of the true God level, Zhong Hen couldnt help but be amazed by Chu Fengs super strong battle strength.

He wondered how his third brother had improved.

No one dared to believe the speed and increase of his battle strength!

“True, I was stupid.

I shouldnt have looked at you like an ordinary person,” Zhong Hen held his forehead and said a few more words before hanging up, “I hope things will really be that smooth.”


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