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In the core area of the origin world, the five God Generals were each sitting in a corner of the void, not interfering with each others absorption of the extremely low amount of chaos origin energy in the space.

If they continued to absorb at this speed, who knew how long it would take to condense even a trace of the chaos origin However, the Chaos Realms assessment hadnt started yet, so they could only sit and wait while absorbing.

Fortunately, they had nothing important to do now.

Otherwise, they would not have time to stay here.

Although the speed of absorption was slow, they still had some hope.

After all, true God creatures had endless life, so they were not afraid of waiting.

The action of absorbing was the same, but there were differences in the speed of doing so.

At this moment, if the absorption rankings were listed, it might trigger some disputes.

Although those present could not measure the specific values, they could vaguely sense a certain gap.

It was the innate gap that had been fixed since birth, their talents.

Although the God Controller was very young, only a few tens of thousands of years old, he was definitely the one with the highest absorption rate among the four God Generals.

Even the strongest God Subduer could not help but fall behind at this moment.

After him, the Green Blade Gods absorption speed of the power of chaos was only slightly faster than the River Gods, while the oldest Ancient Eye Gods speed was the slowest.

The God Generals absorption speed of origin energy could be roughly divided into three groups, and from this, one could see the difference in talent.

Suddenly, the sound of flowing water could be heard.

“Did you guys receive the news from the temple” The River God paused for a moment, then said, “The War God has fallen.”

The others all had different expressions and were greatly shocked.

“How could it be so sudden!”

“Doesnt the War God have a lot of contribution points Could it be that he didnt ask the temple to take action…”

“Strange, who could kill the War God”

“Did the temple say what to do”

“Eh, the one who killed the War God was… Chu Feng!”

“It cant be that human that Luo He knows, right”

“I dont think so.

When he entered the Blue Planets secret realm earlier, he seemed to be only a legend-level Beastmaster.”

“God Controller, why arent you saying anything Arent you curious”

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Luo He, who had been called out, opened the message sent from the temple and was immediately shocked.

The Human Beastmaster on the screen was indeed Chu Feng! Luo Hes brows were tightly furrowed.

For a moment, he didnt know whether to be happy that the other party had grown so quickly or to be worried about the other partys boldness.

To think he even dared to kill a God General of the Eastern Temple as he pleased! How was this different from slapping a large god-region-level faction in the face With this, that kid probably wouldnt have many peaceful days left.

Seeing that the other God Generals were still looking in his direction as if they wanted to confirm something, the God Controller didnt hide anything.

He said frankly, “Its indeed the person you think.

His talent is extraordinary.

Its very possible for him to kill the War God while only being at the immortal level!”

Although he didnt know how Chu Feng did it so easily, it didnt matter.

The stronger he was, the better.

The God Subduer, Ancient Eye God, Green Blade God, and River God looked at each other in dismay.

They all understood what Luo He meant.

This meant that Chu Feng had the ability, but it was also a warning to the others who wanted to make a move against him.

After all, if he could kill one, he could kill also kill two or three…

Moreover, although they were colleagues, they werent close to each other.

Rather than saying that they were teammates, it was better to say that they were competitors who couldnt kill each other directly.

If the War God was dead, so be it.

Those who would fight back for the death of the War God were not here.

As for the fact that the temple only released the death notice and hadnt made any related arrangements, it must have other considerations.

The five God Generals quieted down and continued their cultivation.

Of course, the calmness was only on the surface.

Only they themselves knew how shocked they were in their hearts and how unbelievable they found the news.

“The gap between an immortal and a true God is more than a few moats.

Can Chu Feng really kill a God General”

“Theres not much information in that picture.

Should I investigate after I go out”

“The Black Sword Marquis will definitely come…”

“Can humans really be so monstrous”

“Chu Feng, your strength is much stronger than mine… I hope you can protect the Blue Planet.”

Time passed slowly, and the area was as quiet as before.

No one knew when exactly, but suddenly, the God Generals opened their eyes and looked in a certain direction.

“Someone entered the Origin Realm!” Luo He also left his cultivation state, feeling uneasy.

Under the gaze of the God Generals, that person slowly walked over.

“Chu Feng”

“How can an immortal enter the Origin Realm”

“No! Only God Generals of the Eastern Temple can enter!”

“Who cares, just kill him.”

“That person seems to be Chu Feng who killed the War God!”

Ignoring the other true Gods, Chu Feng greeted Luo He, “Hello, senior.”

“Chu Feng, why are you here” Luo He didnt expect to see an acquaintance here, and it was Chu Feng who had been the topic of discussion with the other God Generals not long ago.

He knew that Chu Fengs talent was unparalleled, but he also felt that even if the other party had special methods to kill the God Generals, it would probably not be as easy as before.

Seeing Chu Feng here, Luo He was a little nervous.

He secretly transmitted his voice, “There are many treasures in the Evil and Chaos Realms.

Why dont you go and snatch them”

Chu Feng smiled, “I collected them one by one, not leaving any behind.”

Luo He didnt quite understand.

What did he mean by one by one

“Treasure, Ancient, Evil, and Chaos Realms.

I collected them all into my beast world.”

Hearing the answer, Luo He realized that he had asked out loud.

“What You collected them all How can the beast space accommodate the realms in the origin world No, arent there tests in those realms… Youre not injured, right” Luo He asked in surprise, looking at the other party worriedly.

“Senior, dont worry, Im fine now,” Chu Fengs gaze swept over the other God Generals, his tone calm, “I wonder what treasures are here”

Luo Hes attention subconsciously followed the question.

He subconsciously shook his head, “We dont know yet.

The willpower of the origin world hasnt said anything, so we can only absorb the power of chaos here.”

“Power of chaos” Chu Feng raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, when we have collected enough of the power of chaos, it is possible to condense a trace of the Chaos Gods origin.

At that time, a God General can even become a God Marquis!”

While explaining, Luo He actually felt powerless.

The God Marquis realm seemed to be out of reach.

Even from the billions of years in the entire universe, there were very few creatures in the five divine regions that could break through to become a God Marquis.

“Youre that Chu Feng who killed the War God” Suddenly, a charming voice sounded.

Chu Feng looked over and saw a charming woman in luxurious clothes.

“No matter who you are or who you killed, you shouldnt be here.”

“Anyone who isnt a God General of the temple isnt allowed to enter.”

“I advise you to be sensible and get lost!”

Another two men, one holding a sword and the other holding a huge disc, walked over with a giant eye behind them.

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear let out a roar in dissatisfaction, looking at the menacing strange group in disdain.

How dare these people provoked its Beastmaster Were they tired of living


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