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Wan Wanqing was instantly displeased, “Do you know how rare the Mirage Worm is There was once a totem race, but after the disappearance of the totem era, there were no more Mirage Worms in the world.

How could you obtain one”

Wan Wanqing was somewhat angry because she thought Chu Feng was making a silly joke.

Chu Feng had no choice but to release the Mirage Worm.


The Mirage Worm rubbed against Chu Fengs neck and suddenly sensed the thick aura of the Giant Elven Tree on Wan Wanqings body.

It called out softly.

Wan Wanqing looked at the Mirage Worm and sensed its aura.

She immediately fell silent.

“It is indeed a Mirage Worm.

Im sorry for being rude just now.”

Wan Wanqing finally understood why Principal Gao valued Chu Feng so much.

The contract between Chu Feng and the Mirage Worm meant that his achievement in life would be at least an overlord-level.

If Wan Wanqings student had such talent and fortune, she would probably value her student even more than Principal Gao did.

In the seven cities of the Dibei Region, only Lord Wan of Diming City had just advanced to the overlord-level not too long ago.

Therefore, Diming City had relatively small authorities among the seven cities of the Dibei Region, and the resources allocated to it were not much either.

They even had to reallocate the heritage ruins of Diming City to other base cities.

If the Diming City could produce a second overlord-level Beastmaster, it might not have to endure the suppression from the other base cities.

It would have the same weight as the most powerful city, the Dibei base city.

Chu Feng smiled and said, “Its okay.

I understand.”

Now, he knew how astonishing the existence of the Mirage Worm was to the people of the world.

Even someone as powerful as Teng Yue was astonished when he saw the mirage.


Qiao Shi felt strange when Wan Wanqings anger turned into guilt.

Wan Wanqing, known for her coldness, seemed to show a different attitude towards Chu Feng.

She had always been famous in the seven cities of the Dibei Region.

No one else must have seen her soft and gentle side.

“Mi-meh! Mi-meh!”

The Mirage Worm took out a leaf of the Giant elven Tree and began to eat it slowly.

It astonished Chu Feng when he sensed that the aura on the Mirage Worms body had become stronger.

The Mirage Worm had broken through to the Awakening Level 2.

Usually, it would take about eight thousand years for the Mirage Worm to reach the peak of the overlord level.

It would also take a hundred years to achieve the extraordinary-level.

The Mirage Worm would undergo a metamorphosis process and turn into a butterfly.

It would take about half a year for the Mirage Worm to reach the extraordinary-level in Chu Fengs beast space.

The leaves of the Giant Elven Tree should be able to increase the growth rate of the Mirage Worm to a certain extent.

Chu Feng felt that it would take about 100 days if the Mirage Worm wanted to reach the extraordinary-level and evolve into a Mirage Butterfly.

That speed wasnt slow, but Chu Feng wasnt satisfied with only that.

He didnt need the Mirage Worm to fight right now, so he wouldnt add points to it for the time being.

However, he learned from Teng Yues memories that there was a treasure that had a unique effect on the growth of the Mirage Worm.

Wan Wanqing said, “The Mirage Worm is a very fragile existence in its infancy, and its infancy period is very long.

The Mirage Butterflies protect their young well.

So, Mirage Worms are not usually allowed to go out.

Every time a Mirage Butterfly appears, it was at least at the King Level 10.”

Wan Wanqings sudden explanation left Chu Feng in a puzzle.

Chu Feng had no idea why Wan Wanqing was telling him that.

He had a feeling that Wan Wanqing wasnt someone who would chat idly.



Wan Wanqing said, “You can call me Senior Wan.

Principal Gao is also my teacher.”

Chu Feng immediately changed his way of addressing Wan Wanqing, “Senior Wan.”

Wan Wanqings level was almost the same as Principal Gao.

It wasnt a bad thing to have another senior like her.

“So Principal Gao is Wan Wanqings teacher But why do I feel that Wan Wanqing doesnt have much respect for Principal Gao” Chu Feng muttered to himself.

Wan Wanqing smiled.

Even the ice crystals sprinkled by the Frost Dragon were not attractive anymore compared to her smile.

She said, “The Mirage Worm will experience a rather long period of worm state, but there is one thing that can solve this problem.

That is the [Mirage Grass].

Just one is enough.”

Chu Feng showed a slight change in his expression.

The treasure he obtained from Teng Yues memory was the Mirage Grass Wan Wanqing mentioned.

That treasure would reduce the worm state period of the Mirage Worm by half.

The Mirage Worm, which needed eight thousand years to grow, could reach its peak within four thousand years.

Moreover, that kind of evolution would be even more stable.

But the most crucial point was that there were no Mirage Worms on Earth.

Although Chu Feng wanted to obtain the Mirage Grass, he also knew that the hope of getting them was slim.

The most crucial point was that the Mirage Worm could only consume the Mirage Grass when it was still in its worm state.

It would be useless if it evolved into a Mirage Butterfly.

However, Chu Feng felt that Wan Wanqing wouldnt bring that topic up for no reason!

He probed, “Senior, may I know what do you mean by mentioning the Mirage Grass”

Wan Wanqing smiled, “I happen to have a Mirage Grass.

That was a reward given to my ancestors during the totem era.

If you need it, I can give it to you.

But you need to help me with something.”

Chu Feng fell into deep thought.

He naturally knew that the Wan family of Diming city had existed since the totem era.

The ancestor of the Wan family was a powerful overlord-level Beastmaster.

He had made great contributions in the battle of totems.

But he had never thought that the Wan family would possess an incomparably precious Mirage Grass!

“I obtained the Mirage Grasss pet beast egg from the heritage site of Diming city.

The Wan family has existed for a long time.

Perhaps there is some connection between the two.”

Chu Feng relaxed at the thought of that possibility.

He asked, “Senior Wan, what do you want me to do”

Chu Feng could not understand one thing.

With Wan Wanqings strength, why would there be anything that she needed him to help her

Wan Wanqing said, “There will be an exchange skill competition in seven days.

That will determine the distribution of resources between each city in the following year.

The seven base cities in the northern lands will select three outstanding Beastmasters under 30-years-old to participate in the competition.

The three Beastmasters competitions are of three levels, the awakening-level, the extraordinary-level, and the sovereign-level.

You can participate in the extraordinary-level competition.”

Chu Feng frowned.

He understood, but he still had doubts about it.

So he asked, “Doesnt Diming city have a more powerful extraordinary-level Beastmaster other than me”

Wan Wanqing said, “The strength of the Diming base city is at the bottom of the seven cities in the Dibei region.

Every year, the other base cities suppress us.

It is always a pity that those major factions dont want their geniuses to suffer, so we havent found a suitable extraordinary-level contestant yet.

Moreover, you just defeated a sovereign-level Shadow Ghost.

You are a suitable candidate to participate in this competition.”


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