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The five world supremacies who were originally treating Chu Feng as a joke finally realized that they were the fools! Since that mysterious person could even easily store the Chaos Realm in his space, what the hell was the point of them fighting over the chaos inheritance Even if there were treasures, they had all been taken away by the newbie! They had gone to great lengths to come into contact with a Chaos Realm, and the opportunity to advance and become a true God that they had been waiting for for so long had just turned into nothing in front of their eyes!

At that moment, even the Elven Emperor, who had been quiet, could not keep his calm.

If they had been competing on the same platform, even if they lost, they would admit their defeat! But now, the other party had simply taken away the platform, so what was there to compete on There was no way to compete at all!

The one who was most furious was Aude, who regarded the chaos inheritance as his own.

He roared furiously, “How dare you!”

The chaos inheritance was his last chance to break through and even save his life.

If he didnt get it, he wouldnt be able to live for long.

He would be killed by the human true Gods of the central region who treated traitors as a must-kill! Any race with strong beings wouldnt tolerate the existence of traitors.

If Chu Feng encountered such a situation, he wouldnt let the traitors go either!

Being questioned, Chu Feng smiled, “Of course I dare.”

When he heard this, Aude became even more furious and immediately summoned an immortal beast with the aura of a world king.

He applied his SSS-grade talent to it! With that, the world king realm beast from the shadow beast race instantly had the battle strength of a world supremacy! Aude then activated his second talent and reached the immortal world supremacy realm as well;! In other words, two immortal world supremacies were charging at Chu Feng together!

At this moment, Chu Feng was feeling emotional as he thought, “Should I say as expected of a human Beastmaster Although Aude can barely be considered an immortal world supremacy, the strength of his realm is already very high.”

Unfortunately, now wasnt a good time.

If he had met this person a few days ago, Chu Feng might have restrained his other thoughts and fought with the other party in a slightly serious manner.

But now, since it wasnt a good time, even a world supremacy Beastmaster was no different from an ant to him! Chu Feng glanced at the other party indifferently and simply summoned the Dark-sky Azure Dragon.

As for himself, he wasnt interested in fighting at all.

“Roar!” As soon as the Dark-sky Azure Dragon flew out, it let out a roar.

It was finally its turn to fight.

This time, he vowed to have a more enjoyable battle!

But then, Geer realized that his opponent wasnt of standard.

Immortals couldnt take a beating at all! After all, he could even fight a God King now.

How was this immortal world supremacy different from those immortal star lords he saw in the beast world earlier Dark-sky Azure Dragon was rather bored, but he still looked at Aude and the shadow beast politely, thinking, “Since youve run into me today, youre destined to die!”

Aude didnt know what the dragon was thinking.

He only felt that the emotions in the dragons eyes seemed strange.

It was as if it was looking at a dying person…

“A dragon” Aude was displeased, “There arent many immortals among the dragons.

Most of them only have the overlord-level bloodline! Are you sure you want to use this dragon to fight my immortal-level Shadow Beast My beast has even comprehended two myth skills!”

As if he had regained his confidence, he looked down on the Dark Sky Azure Dragon arrogantly.

He felt that the other party only had an elementary immortal bloodline, which was far inferior to the Shadow Beasts intermediate immortal bloodline.

Even if the other party was an immortal world supremacy, a dragon with an elementary bloodline wouldnt be able to defeat a beast with an intermediate bloodline!

Chu Feng raised his eyebrows, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

It cant be that Aude seriously thought that his Shadow Beast had the advantage, right In terms of bloodline, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon had an advanced true God bloodline.

In terms of skill, Geer had six myth skills and two divine skills… It was clearly his beast that had completely crushed the other party.

Chu Feng looked at Aude and could not help but shake his head.

He wondered where the other party got his confidence from.

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“Roar!” The Dark-sky Azure Dragon did not wait any longer and rushed to the Shadow Beast!

Aude, on the other hand, charged toward Chu Feng! His expression was savage as he said coldly, “If you return the Chaos Realm to me, I can spare your life!”

Chu Feng laughed instead, “You dont seem to have understood your situation clearly.”


Under the dragon claws, the Shadow Beast with the strength in the world supremacy realm was as fragile as paper and was torn apart.

After that, it was completely annihilated! A trace of blood suddenly trickled out from the corner of Audes mouth.

It was obvious that he was heavily injured after his beast died in battle.

Not only that, his beast space that had lost a beast was trembling violently as if it was about to collapse!

“Roar!” After killing a world supremacy realm beast with one claw, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon rushed over.

The attack that was aimed at Chu Feng was easily blocked.

At this moment, Aude suddenly had a terrifying sense of crisis that would only appear when his life was on the line! It was as if in the next instant, his soul would be destroyed!

Chu Feng glanced at him and said indifferently, “Kill him.”

“Roar!” The dragon responded.

Audes pupils constricted and knew that something was wrong.

If he didnt run now, he might really die here today! Even Aude, who was a self-proclaimed supreme world supremacy, had never achieved the terrifying battle record of killing a beast of the same realm in an instant.

Yet, the other party had managed to nurture such a terrifying beast.

He wasnt his match at all.

Audes nerves were extremely tense.

Other than using his space skill to escape, he had no other thoughts.

At this moment, it was either escape or die! However, no matter how hard Aude tried to accelerate, he couldnt escape even if he used his trump card that he never easily displayed in public!

“Roar!” The terrifying dragon roar was released, and even the four world supremacies nearby were affected, let Aude, who was targeted.

He was stunned on the spot! This time, no matter how fast or how slow he was, he couldnt even escape.

Besides Chu Feng and Geer, the other immortals who were at the scene were all stunned by the dragon gods roar.

It was also because of this that no one noticed that the roar was only a super skill! If the matter of one using a super skill to attack an immortal world supremacy who had myth skills was to spread out, those who didnt know the details would definitely laugh their heads off.

But if someone had sensed such terror before, they would only feel admiration, worship, and respect.

At the peak of the realms, even an elementary move could unleash the power of an ultimate move.

Aude that was intimidated was no different from a dead object.

With a claw, his body and soul were destroyed!

After finishing the battle, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon still felt extremely bored.

Fighting with an ant didnt bring it any sense of victory.

Geer subconsciously looked in the direction of the other four world supremacies, wondering if there would be any that was unique among the ants.

The four world supremacies from the north, south, east and west regions all shivered.

Why do they feel as if they had been targeted by something terrifying

The four of them were furious just a moment ago, but now they didnt even dare to look at him.

Chu Feng found it funny.

They seemed to be scared out of their wits.

The four world supremacies looked at each other, their eyes filled with fear.

They had never seen such a terrifying cultivator who could kill another at the same level in an instant.

At this moment, a terrifying pressure suddenly filled this area as if something had descended.

Under that terrifying pressure, the world supremacies found it hard to even breathe.


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