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Hearing the fierce shout, Chu Feng raised his eyebrows, thinking, “I havent even started yet, and someones already trying to stop me

His divine sense swept over, and he couldnt help but be surprised.

He didnt expect that the person who spoke was a human Beastmaster, an immortal world supremacy!

Chu Feng walked up to that person with interest and sized him up, “And who are you”

That black-robed man was Aude.

Sensing that the distance between them shortened instantly, he couldnt help but furrow his brows as he thought, “Hes too close.

Itll definitely be very convenient to kill him, but why do I feel an inexplicable threat to my life… Moreover, how did the young man across teleport to me”

As an immortal world supremacy Beastmaster, Aude had naturally comprehended the Human Lords inheritance and obtained his second talent.

After cultivating the beast source principle to level 10, he could now use his beasts skills and unleash the same effect, achieving 100% sharing!

“Strange, I have a space-type world king beast, yet why is it I cant see this persons movement trajectory” Sensing the strangeness of the other party, Aude was secretly on guard.

“Since when did the huge Gods world have a human Beastmaster who is at the immortal world supremacy realm!” The Monarch of Darkness landed not far away from the two Beastmasters, his gaze cold.

As a member of the dark god race, like the other members of his race, all of them viewed the beings in the eastern region as backward natives.

They saw them as enemies.

In his eyes, in the entire universe, only the people in the central region of Gods world could possibly become world supremacies.

“Howl!!” Suddenly, a wolf howl rang out.

It was a Green Light Wolf.

The huge wolf stood high above, sizing up the newcomer with a look of disdain.

“So what if youre an immortal world supremacy Beastmaster A human Beastmaster who cant even nurture a world supremacy realm beast is no match for us!” As it said this, the Green Light Wolf glanced at Aude.

Clearly, he didnt think much of either of them.

Aude might be comparable to an immortal world supremacy in battle, but his realm was only at the peak of the world king realm.

Only through his second talent and the combined power of his 12 world king realm beasts could Audes combat strength be comparable to an immortal world supremacy.

In the eyes of the Green Light Wolf, only a Beastmaster whose 12 beasts had all reached the immortal world supremacy realm could be worthy of being known as a world supremacy Beastmaster.

Such an existence could easily kill the beginner true Gods!

“The Chaos Realm is about to open.

Cant you immortal beings just wait quietly for a moment” A beautiful human figure flew over with a slight frown.

She had a pair of slender elf ears.

She must be the elven emperor of the elves! The power she wielded was second only to the true God ancestor of her race!

“Aude, an immortal world supremacy from the central region is right in front of you.

Dont you want to do something” Suddenly, a seductive voice sounded.

Her seductiveness seemed to be able to seep into ones bones.

The one who came was a Flame Fox.

“Vixen, dont use your seductive techniques on me!” The one Aude shouted coldly was a red fox that seemed to be made of flames.

Just looking at her made people feel that everything about her seemed wrong.

The fox revealed a mocking smile.

Her eyes swept over Audes body as if she was evaluating the value of goods.

But soon after, she shook her head helplessly, as though the other party was beyond saving, “I took it upon myself, which is something rare, to remind you with good intentions, but I didnt expect you to not recognize my good intentions! Forget it, traitors are always especially cowardly when it comes to certain things!”

When the word “traitor” was mentioned, no race would respect such a person, not even the side that had been pledged allegiance to.

Any race with a long history would most definitely have had a traitor.

Since Aude was a traitor, even if he had combat power comparable to that of an immortal world supremacy, the others didnt respect him at all.

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Aude naturally felt the hostility that was showcased openly or directed at him in the dark, but he simply thought to himself, “I dont care what you think.

Once I acquire the chaos energy and absorb it, Ill be a true God that none of you can compare to!

At that time, relying on the beginner true God realm power of his beasts, even an intermediate true God would have to bow to him! In this world, the only thing he could rely on was his own combat power.

He, Aude, would rise to the pinnacle of the universe through one powerful faction after another! Thinking of this, Aude no longer felt annoyed by those mocking words.

“The Monarch of Darkness of the east, the Green Light Wolf of the west, the Elven Emperor of the south, and the Flame Fox of the north, what are you looking at me for Dont tell me you want to use me as a tool to kill I have nothing to do with the humans of the central region!” Aude retorted, “Youd better think about how to enter the Chaos Realm to fight for the inheritance.”

The four immortals looked at each other, feeling helpless.

“What else can we do”

The willpower of the Chaos Realm just told everyone to wait and hadnt mentioned anything useful.

The Chaos Realm had always been mysterious, so they could only wait.

At this moment, Chu Feng, who had been ignored by the others, said, “You cant obtain the chaos inheritance I have a way, though.”

As he said that, he waved his hands with divine strength, dispersing the willpower of the origin world in this region! Without the resistance of the assessment power, the Chaos Realm was extremely clear! It was like the answers to a test paper were suddenly presented.

The examinees… Ahem, the world supremacies were shocked!

The Monarch of Darkness shouted in shock, “How can the willpower of the origin world be suppressed!”

A flash of greed flashed across the Green Light Wolfs eyes, but it purposely concealed it, “Since the Chaos Realm has been opened, then the rest will depend on ones own abilities.”

The Flaming Fox was extremely shocked, muttering, “I didnt expect that the one who broke through the Chaos Realms barrier is a newbie with an unknown name…”

“Since he didnt put up any defenses, he must have something up his sleeves,” The Elven Emperor stared at the mysterious man and suddenly blurted out, “What is he doing He cant be thinking of taking the entire Chaos Realm away, right Such a huge amount of Chaos Realm energy will definitely break his space!”

“He must be crazy,” Aude laughed coldly and continued, “Even someone as strong as the God-controller cant store the Chaos Realm in his beast space.

Ignore him, he will probably die within a second!”

At this moment, in the eyes of the other immortal world supremacies, that newbie was no different from a dead person.

Chu Fengs expression was calm as he put the Chaos Realm away in his beast space.

Compared to his incomparably vast beast space, in terms of size, the Chaos Realm couldnt compare to the world at all! Just as he put it in, the Chaos Realm was completely refined!

Among the nineteen types of principles that Chu Feng controlled, there was the level 50 refinement-type principle, level 50 world-type principle, and level 50 origin-type principle.

With the protection of these three principles, he could easily refine the Chaos Realm! Chu Fengs beast world was very powerful, to begin with.

Even when the nine Evil Realms had been put in one after another earlier, none of them had caused a big splash.

Now, after absorbing the Chaos Realm, the strength of his beast world increased by half! If he used it as a weapon, it could kill a God Marquis on the spot! The word “shocking” was not enough to describe such a change.

Sensing that Chu Fengs aura was stable and did not show any signs of exploding, the other world supremacies were all dumbfounded.

But after that, what surged into their hearts was fury!


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