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Chu Feng turned his gaze to the Astral Spirit.

Out of his six beasts, only Heras principles hadnt been upgraded.

If he wanted to refine the Chaos Gods origin world on the Blue Planet, he would definitely need Hera.

“Yiya!” Hera felt the same as her Beastmaster.

Back then, when she heard the origin world saying that it wanted the Blue Planet to die together with it and didnt treat the latter as an independent entity, Hera had felt very wronged.

The origin world could die however it wanted.

Why did it have to drag the Blue Planet with it

With the origin worlds ability, it could clearly help the Blue Planet, yet it didnt! Although she hadnt been on the Blue Planet for long, the Astral Spirit regarded the Blue Planet as extremely important.

Seeing a great calamity about to happen on the Blue Planet, she naturally couldnt sit idly by.

Since the origin world wasnt willing to take the initiative to help, she might as well refine it into her power and protect the Blue Planet herself!

Chu Feng and the Astral Spirit shared the same feelings.

Without saying more, he enhanced the Astral Spirit.

After he stopped, the Astral Spirits panel changed.

[Astral Spirit – Principles]

[Three types of principles, all level 50.

Namely the origin-type principle, refinement-type principle, and world-type principle.]

Compared to her other companions, Heras three principles were more vast.

Origin and world made her panel look very advanced! The three principles of origin, refinement, and world were incomparably suitable for the astral spirit race.

The astral spirit races exclusive divine skill, Planet Refinement Derivative Ability, was so heaven-defying that words could not describe it!

By using this skill to refine a planet, the Astral Spirits power would become increasingly stronger! In Gods world, there was no lack of Astral Spirits that could easily refine tens of thousands of planets.

They were all very powerful.

However, not every planet could provide a new skill.

Moreover, even if an Astral Spirit could extract a derivative skill from the planet, it was very likely that it would be merged into a similar skill that was more powerful, turning into a part of an old skill.

It was because of this that the number of skills of the astral spirit race did not exceed tens of thousands.

For example, Heras star power.

In essence, the skill allowed the Astral Spirit to control all the power of the refined planet.

Therefore, every time a planet was refined, this skill would be strengthened.

It was also because of this that star power was the easiest skill to improve to level 10 among the Astral Spirits skills!

Apart from that, if one could successfully refine some special planets, they would also be able to comprehend many special-type skills.

However, not every skill refined from planets would be useful, and the effects of the skills might not be very strong.

Among the skills that the Astral Spirits derived from refining planets, most of the skills were simply advanced skills.

Even super skills were rarely seen.

Even so, the Astral Spirits were heaven-defying.

When fighting with the enemy, they could use all kinds of skills.

“Hera, you should break through too,” Chu Feng smiled, calmly waiting.

“Yiya!” Hera excitedly responded, and began to use her level 50 principles to condense her principle source crystal.

From her body, an invisible and terrifying aura was emitted!

Chu Feng didnt wait for long before he discovered that the Astral Spirit had successfully condensed her crystal, and her level had risen to the immortal level! The upgrade of the beast world followed closely behind after that.

The world upgrade effect Hera produced after breaking through to the immortal level was not weaker than when Lila broke through!

Chu Feng was slightly surprised, but he quickly understood.

Indeed, after all, it was a large realm upgrade with level 50 origin and world principles.

It was a given it had high compatibility with the beast world.

Rather, it was quite normal to have such an upgrade effect.

He waved his hand and took out a large number of space-type treasures, throwing them all into the beast world to assist in the upgrade.

Only when there were no more space-type treasures in his hands did Chu Feng stop his actions.

The commotion of the beast worlds upgrade gradually subsided.

As far as the eye could see, it was boundless!

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“Although each Beastmaster can only contract twelve beasts at most, it has never been required that all twelve slots must be filled.

Right now, I only have six beasts, so my beast world naturally cant reach its limit right now.

After I bond with other beasts and train them in the future, I can then let the beast world reach its limit,” Chu Feng thought about it and didnt put it to heart.

Even if he only had six beasts now, he could still easily destroy a true God!

“Everyone has risen to the immortal level, so I cant fall behind either,” With a thought, he immediately strengthened the beast source principle on his attribute panel to level 50.

Using this as the core, along with the eighteen level 50 principles of his six beasts, he began to condense his immortal crystal! When the multi-elemental source crystal was formed, Chu Feng had thus reached the immortal level! The terrifying aura from breaking through spread out in the air, causing the entire space around him to shake!

Seeing this, Chu Feng quickly restrained his aura.

If he didnt restrain it in time, just the portion of aura that leaked out could destroy a planet! A sparkling and translucent source crystal that contained many types of principles revolved within his soul body.

Chu Feng looked at that source crystal and couldnt help but exclaim, “Perhaps, there has never been such a powerful immortal source crystal in the entire universe!”

His source crystal was condensed with 19 types of level 50 principles.

It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that it was unprecedented! What was even more terrifying was that this was only the beginning.

Chu Feng could now comprehend two more types of principles.

When those two principles were fused into the principle source crystal, that would be a super strong source crystal condensed from 21 principles… If he added the 18 principles of his six beasts, he would have thirty-nine types of principles in the future!

At that time, his source crystal would probably be unimaginably powerful! Now that all of them had been strengthened to their current limits, Chu Feng teleported from the Beast World to the Blue Planets secret realm that was in another dimension.

Stepping into the Chaos Gods origin world once again, his figure flashed and appeared in the Ancient Realm zone.

Ignoring the various expressions of the immortal world lords, Chu Feng left the Ancient Realm zone and arrived at an Evil Realm with over a hundred world kings around.

There were a total of nine Evil Realms here.

No matter which one it was, they were all formed from the origin world!

Different from the Treasure Realms and the Ancient Realm, the nine Evil Realms were like separate test grounds.

When the Evil Realms opened, they would last for an entire month.

Only one would survive at the end of each Evil Realm, and they would obtain all the treasures inside!

Chu Feng looked down at the nine Evil Realms coldly.

When he stretched out his hand, an invisible force spread out.

[Evil Realm test…]

One of the Evil Realms had just reacted, and before it could utter a few words, Chu Fengs vast divine strength had washed away all of its willpower! Once the Evil Realms willpower was destroyed, the immortal world kings who had been inside taking the test were teleported out! Their faces were livid.

Just as they were about to fly into a rage, they saw that the huge Evil Realm they had just been in was easily taken away by a human!

The Evil Realm fused into the beast world, becoming the nourishment to enhance this space.

As for the various treasures in the Evil Realm, they had naturally been stored in a corner of the beast world!

Chu Feng estimated, “The treasures produced by an Evil Realm are worth roughly one million divine source points.”

This harvest was indeed quite bountiful.

After collecting one, he did not stop and teleported straight away to the nearest Evil Realm.


With one hand, he destroyed the Evil Realms willpower, and with the other, he put it into his beast world.

His movements were extremely smooth!


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