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The bear, butterfly, tree, and dragon all broke through to the peak of the immortal level! Their levels showed that they were only peak immortals, but when they fought, they already had the ultimate combat strength of a God Marquis!

The true God level could be divided into nine realms: Beginner true God, intermediate true God, advanced true God, God General, God Marquis, God King, God Lord, God Venerable, and God Emperor.

Every single realm could be further divided into lower, middle, upper, and peak.

For example, the War God was a middle God General.

Now, he had died with just a point from Chu Feng!

The four beasts that had reached the immortal level now each had combat strength comparable to a peak God Marquis! If they did fight a lower God King, they might not necessarily lose! Due to the buff of his second talent that was at the supreme level, all his beasts soul and body attributes, skills, talents, and even their three principles were gathered on Chu Feng!

Now, Chu Feng could even fight against a higher God King, and defeat was not certain! In the battle with the War God just now, he hadnt even used a skill before his opponent was destroyed with a mere point! What was left of the War God on the battlefield was his divinity! Other than that, there was nothing left! Even wisps of his true Gods power were completely destroyed.

After all, any true Gods power could bring great trouble!

If one cultivated to the true God-level, myth skills werent considered rare.

This was because when the true Gods who didnt have immortal bloodlines had their bloodlines upgraded, they could automatically comprehend the corresponding myth skills.

The roots of most races that had immortal bloodlines could be traced back to the origin of the true God! Even the human race had descendants of true Gods!

For example, the humans of the central region.

Other than those in the Beastmaster cultivation system, quite some others walked on other great paths.

Those people who cultivated, just like the Beastmasters, had skills, talents, and even bloodlines similar to other living creatures.

When they cultivated, they were naturally similar to the beasts that could be bonded.

However, humans could not form a beast contract with another human Beastmaster.

Other than the path of being Beastmaster and subduing beasts, there were also martial masters, psyche masters, painters, divine scribes, and many more.

There were all kinds of occupations that allowed the human race to flourish.

The reason why he didnt reserve the true Gods power was to prevent the already dead War God from coming back to life!

Chu Feng wasnt worried about his life being threatened.

He just hoped that the other party would never come back to life.

In his opinion, the many disasters that Blue Planet had suffered were all the work of the War God.

If Luo He had not been involved, Blue Planet might not have lasted until now.

Chu Feng took the divinity left behind by the War God and went through his treasures.

Within the divinity space were treasures so many that no one could remain calm when they first laid their eyes on them.

“Ive never seen a mineral vein so huge.

There are even divine treasures, all kinds of supreme treasures, and also extremely precious divine materials!” Going through everything carefully, Chu Feng realized that there were many treasures inside that he could not identify.

“The treasures inside can be worth at least 100 billion supreme treasure points.

In other words, I can convert for at least 10 million divine source points!” After estimating the approximate range, Chu Feng was very excited.

However, after being excited for a while, he suddenly frowned, “Thats not right.

The War God is a veteran God General in the Eastern Temple.

How can his entire fortune be worth only 10 million divine source points!”

Not long after, he thought of the temples virtual image that had just appeared.

Thinking about it, most of the War Gods fortune had been converted into contribution points.

Otherwise, the Eastern Temple wouldnt have been able to release the law power that could even kill a God Marquis.

Chu Feng felt a little regretful.

To think so many treasures had turned into nothing.

He tossed the divinity, and his brows relaxed, “Forget it, these treasures are enough for now.”

He threw that battle to the back of his mind and entered the beast world.

At this moment, the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet and the Astral Spirit were eagerly watching.

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“Mystic,” Chu Feng chuckled.

“Boss,” Mystic couldnt help but fly forward a little, then stop.

Its voice was filled with all sorts of emotions that were so complicated that even Chu Feng couldnt tell how many emotions there were.

“Mystic, your skills can be maxed out again.”

After enhancing his beasts several times, Chu Feng had come to a realization: Compared to advancing the principles, maxing out the myth skills didnt use much divine source.

The majority of the divine source points had been spent on each beasts three principles.

Simply put, the divine source consumption of advancing a single principle was equivalent to advancing 100 myth skills! Calculating as such, the nearly 70 myth skills of the Mystic Fall Fighter Jets myth mode were not as exaggerated as he had imagined.

Chu Feng thought to himself, “If the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet is completely enhanced, it might even be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with a lower God King.

At that time, maybe it can kill a middle God King…”

After all, among hid beasts, the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet had the most profound foundation! The other beasts still had to consider the problem of the inability to convert skills into combat power fast if they had too many new skills, but a beast of the mechanical race did not need to worry about this at all.

With its super strong computational ability, even if it did not participate in actual combat, it could simulate thousands of times in its mind.

From this characteristic, the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet had an extremely high advantage.

It was because of this that Chu Feng had long wanted to bring the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet to the mechanical races headquarters! When that time came, its number of skills could even reach up to a thousand! Because he had just received a huge sum, Chu Feng was now able to spend the points even more wantonly.

“Mystic has a total of 67 skills.

Other than the 52 types of cannon-type weapons in the mechanical treasury, there are also six super skills, seven myth skills, and two divine skills… Lets raise them all to the maximum level, including its three types of principles!”

When Chu Feng stopped, the attribute panel of Mystic changed drastically.

[Mystic Fall Fighter Jet]

[Level: Immortal level.]

[Bloodline: Advanced true God-level]

[Talent: Two divine talents, spirit type, and energy type.]

[Principles: Three types, all at level 50.

Spirit type, energy type, and mechanical type.]

[Fighter Jet – Skills]

[Mechanical Treasury]

(In the following 58 sub-skills, the super skills have been maxed-out, and the myth skills have been maxed-out as well.)

[Beginner, intermediate, and advanced skills: 52 in total, all high-tech artillery.

Includes 20 lower skills, 14 medium skills, 10 higher skills, and 8 supreme skills… The details of the 52 types above have been collapsed.]

[Super Skills: 6 in total, namely universe constant wave, heaven-suppressing giant cannon, time domain, extreme nuclear explosion, quantum invasion, and broken fragment wings.]

[Mythical Skills: 7 in total, all maxed-out.

Namely mechanical treasury, overload origin, quantum detection, twist and turn, tidal speed, photon calculation, and totem armor.]

[Divine Skills: 2 in total, all maxed-out.

Namely equipment control and energy control.]

Chu Feng closed his eyes and came to a conclusion.

The current Mystic Fall Fighter Jet must have the combat strength of a God King! If it went all out, even if it was up against ten or so lower God Marquises at the same time, Mystic would still have the upper hand!

“If I use the mechanical treasury to fight, I might be able to kill even a higher God King!”


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