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“Roar!” In the beast world, the eager roar of the dragon could be heard.

Obviously, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon was very eager to become stronger!

Chu Feng said leisurely, “Continue to enhance!”

Even if the War God wanted to come and kill him, it would still take some time.

He could continue to enhance Geer for the time being.

“Geers interface has a total of eight skills that can be enhanced by the divine source,” He thought to himself.

The world skills and divinity skills undoubtedly had the greatest potential! No matter how strong the beast would be in the future, these two types of skills would definitely come in handy.

For example, the tree world of the Mythical Tree could accommodate many treants, while the “tree god world” could complement the former.

Together, they were equivalent to the “tree god world” twice multiplied!

Chu Feng believed that Geers myth world skill, the “saint dragons world”, was the same.

In the past, he had thought that the dragon world was already incredibly strong, but looking at it now, it could be easily broken with a snap of his fingers.

He could even easily turn the Dragon God who had created the dragon world into his spiritual slave.

Speaking of which, he had originally planned to let those two immortals scout the way, but they were too weak and couldnt do much.

Right now, he had simply left them in the origin world as backup coordinates for teleportation.

After finishing dealing with this matter, the enslaved immortals would all be ordered to protect the Blue Planet.

Of course, Chu Feng couldnt place all his hopes on those immortals.

After all, he had a better choice.

If needed, he could ask Lila to create a few plant gods with strength comparable to the God Generals.

“Saint dragons soul, Dragon Blood, battle divine body…” Chu Feng thought to himself.

These three myth skills had allowed the dragons combat strength to soar to the limit! At the same time, divine dragon travel had raised its combat strength on the basis of other skills!

Lastly, element fusion was also a skill that Chu Feng valued very much.

All elements could be converted into chaos through elemental fusion.

Chaos had once given birth to the chaos-type gods! Even the beginning of the universe was nothing but chaos! From this perspective, elemental fusion might have an infinite upper limit in the future! Thinking of this, Chu Feng immediately began to enhance the dragons skills.

When he stopped, all the skills on the attribute panel were maxed-out!

[Dark-sky Azure Dragon – Skills]

[Myth Skills: 6 in total, all maxed-out.

Namely saint dragons world, elemental divinity, true dragon divinity, saint dragons soul, holy blood bathing dragon, and battle divine body.]

[Divine Skills: 2 in total, all maxed out.

Namely divine dragon travel, and elemental fusion.]

Chu Feng closed his eyes and inspected the Dark-sky Azure Dragon.

He sensed that it was emitting endless chaos elements.

He even felt that if Geer wanted to, he would be able to create countless worlds in a short time! If the Dark-sky Azure Dragon had enough free time, it could even open up a whole new universe! Of course, the size of the universe that Geer could create was naturally incomparable to Gods world.

Chu Feng suddenly had a special thought: “Lila can create living beings, Geer can open up a universe, and the Mirage Butterflys soul… Soul and hell! If the three of them coordinate perfectly, even reincarnation can be created!”

Intense emotions surged in his heart, mostly shock! If such a matter could be realized, it would definitely be heaven-defying!

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“In addition, the planets that Hera has refined can be projected again.

From this point of view, all these are extremely close to the transfer and creation of the universe…” Thinking of this, an incomparably terrifying thought surged into Chu Fengs mind.

Could it be that the universe he was in, and even the countless universes in the universe ocean, were created by the combined efforts of many people who were above the laws As for the differences between different universes, they could ultimately be the difference between the creators.

“If thats the case, then no matter how I get stronger, which path I take, and what I experience, Im just walking from a small cage to a bigger cage.

Cage after cage, and the levels are limitless…” Chu Feng pondered, and a strange light flashed in his eyes, “Even if everything in the world is a cage, I will definitely get stronger and eventually put those cage-makers in my cage instead!”

He chuckled and continued to add points to his beast.

With that, all three types of the dragons principles had been upgraded to level 50!

[Dark-sky Azure Dragon – Principles]

[All three types of laws are at level 50.

Namely elemental-type principle, true dragon-type principle, and war god-type principle.]

In essence, the various types of principles couldnt be ranked.

It all depended on how the principles were used.

The principles of his six beasts were all discussed and decided on between the Beastmaster and the beasts.

The ones chosen were the ones that were most suitable for each beast.

The essence of principles is the same, such that the level 1 war god-principle would not be superior when compared to other principles at the same level.

For example, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon walked the path of close combat, so it was naturally suited to the war god system.

Other than the fact that there was no difference in the nature of the principles, any principle could be combined with any skill.

After all, nothing in this world could be independent of the principles and exist alone.

If one understood it thoroughly enough, all skills could enjoy the augmentation of the principles!

“Geer, breakthrough,” Chu Feng said slowly.

“Roar!” The Dark-sky Azure Dragon roared excitedly.

In the blink of an eye, it condensed the three principles into principle source crystals! At this moment, like the bear, butterfly, and tree, it had also reached the limit of the immortal level!

Chu Feng suddenly raised his eyebrows, “Eh”

In the next moment, he arrived in the void outside the Blue Planet.

In the endless void, a huge human figure in golden armor was standing in the air! The Blue Planet, which was originally considered huge, was much smaller in comparison.

The golden light emitted from the War Gods body was like an infinitely sharp blade aimed at the balloon-like Blue Planet.

If it werent for other concerns, the Blue Planet would have already been eliminated! In front of a true God, a planet was simply as fragile as paper!

Chu Fengs expression was exceptionally calm, “Youve finally arrived.”

The War Gods gaze was incomparably vicious, “Chu Feng, your growth potential is too terrifying, even I feel threatened.

No matter what, you will die at my hands today! The reason why you had been able to kill those trash earlier was that they were as weak as ants!”

“Trash” Chu Feng smiled, “But youre not even a match to me.”

With that, he smiled faintly and casually pointed his index finger.

The War God, who originally felt that the human before him was extremely arrogant, suddenly had an abrupt change in expression, “This is impossible! !”

At this moment, he could not even move a finger, let alone physical strength! The War God looked at Chu Feng in disbelief.

How could the other party have the ability to bind him!

Chu Feng slowly walked over, “Anything is possible.”

The War God still found it unbelievable and lost his temper at the void, “Luo He! Are you sure you want to protect him You even gave him such power! Are you really going to violate the temples rules and attack a God General of the same level as you If you insist on doing so, the Holy Tribunal will definitely punish you!”

Seeing him like this, Chu Feng looked at him with amusement, “War God, youre a true God, so you shouldnt be that blind, right Why You cant even tell the source of the power thats binding you anymore”

Hearing this, the War God was slightly taken aback.

The person in front of him was clearly still the same, but the aura he emitted was strange and terrifying.

It was as if Chu Feng wasnt a legend-level Beastmaster but a terrifying fierce beast born from chaos.

The War God was deeply shocked, feeling as if even his soul was about to be suppressed by the other party, to the point that he would have no choice but to tremble and go crazy!


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