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Although he had only caught a glimpse of the other party, the function of the [unlimited growth] panel allowed Chu Feng to successfully see the other partys attributes.

[Wild Bear]

[Level: Level 1 awakening]

[Bloodline: Advanced king]

[Talent: Top-level strength talent, top-level defense talent, high-level speed talent]

[Skills: 1.

Great strength 2.

Great transformation 3.

Wild body 4.

Wild domain]


Who knew that the Wild Bear would run away as soon as it saw Chu Feng.

With the addition of its high-level speed talent, the Wild Bear was able to flee at a rapid speed even though it was only at level 1.

In particular, the Wild Bear seemed to be able to display a very unique domain that could confuse the outside world.

After Chu Feng regained his senses, the Wild Bear had already disappeared.

He wandered around the training center for a long time, searching for the Wild Bear, but to no avail.

“Forget it, I dont think I can find it.

I will come over tomorrow and form a contract with the other sovereign-level bloodline beasts.”


“I have the SSS-rank beast tamer talent after all.

The bloodlines and talents of pet beasts arent that important.”

“Even if its the worst talent, I can make it into a mythical talent by utilising unlimited growth.”


Chu Feng thought for a moment and finally felt relieved.

He was ready to leave the training center.

Sheng Nana, who had been observing Chu Feng, said in surprise, “Siyu, look, hes leaving before he even signed a contract with any pet beast.

Could it be that hes unable to sign a contract”

Li Siyu said, “Ive already checked.

He has awakened the B-rank nurturing type beast tamer talent [skill enhancement].

It shouldnt be that there arent any pet beasts to sign a contract with him.”

Sheng Nana teased, “Aiyo, you even went to investigate.

Tell me, dont you think youre abusing your power”

Li Siyu blushed and whispered, “Everyone can read the talent file of new students.”

Sheng Nana did not continue to tease her.

Instead, she said in surprise, “Theres a pet beast behind him, a white bear The colour of its fur is snow-white, and its very clean.

Is it a white bear”


Sheng Nana was not sure.

The white bear was a pet beast with an extraordinary bloodline.

Its appearance was similar to a polar bear.

It had moderate strength talent and elementary ice talent.

Among the pet beasts with extraordinary bloodlines, it was considered a good choice.

Li Siyu said in astonishment, “He discovered that white bear! Eh, is he preparing to form a contract with it”

The Wild Bear was extremely conflicted.

It could sense that there was something about Chu Feng that was attracting it.

This kind of attraction caused it to return after a short escape.

It was extremely careful and had been using its [wild domain] to follow behind Chu Feng.

Chu Feng thought it had left, but in reality, it hadnt.

The wild domain could increase the Wild Bears strength in all aspects and it could also confuse the field of vision.

It wasnt until the Wild Bear removed its wild domain that Chu Feng discovered that the Wild Bear had been following him.

“You fellow.” Chu Feng was helpless.

No wonder he couldnt find it.

It turned out that it had been following him all along!

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear cried out.

It was very reluctant to part with him and it was also very conflicted.


Chu Feng instantly understood.

The Wild Bear had been following him all this time, and it had appeared just as he was leaving.

This meant that it wanted to form a contract with him, but it was also somewhat hesitant.

For pet beasts, forming a contract with a Beastmaster was a lifelong affair.

When it saw him leave, the Wild Bear couldnt bear to let him go.


After understanding the situation, Chu Feng prepared to directly form a contract.

He looked at the Wild Bear in front of him.

Its snow-white fur was less than a meter long and it was very cute.

Chu Feng knew that this was a young pet beast with a king-level bloodline.

Even though it was only at level 1, it couldnt be underestimated.


Chu Feng placed his hand on the Wild Bears head and the beast space emitted a trace of power.

The Wild Bears expression instantly changed! It knew that the contract with Chu Feng was equivalent.

To be more precise, it was because it had ascended to a higher level! It was unable to completely probe Chu Fengs beast space.

The Wild Bear believed that even a pet beast with a higher bloodline would agree to the contract with Chu Feng!


[Contract successfully.]

Chu Feng opened his eyes.

He was extremely excited! The contract was successful! Wild Bear, king-level bloodline, top-level talent! No matter which one it was, it was far superior to a pet beast with a sovereign-level bloodline!


[Wild Bear]

[Level: Level 1 awakening]

[Bloodline: Advanced king]

[Talent: 1.

Top-level strength talent Level 1 (0/100), 2.

Top-level defense talent Level 1 (0/100), 3.

High-level speed talent Level 1(0/50)]

[Skills: 1.

Great strength 2.

Great transformation 3.

Wild body 4.

Wild domain]


Great strength Level 1: Basic skill, instantly doubles ones strength.



Great transformation Level 1: Middle-level skill, doubles ones size and strength at the same time, can be used at the same time as other skills.



Wild body Level 1: High-level skill, wild power fused into the body, all attributes doubled, can be stacked with other skills.



Wild Domain Level 1: Top-level skill.

The power of the wild has gone berserk and formed a strange domain.

Within the domain, all attributes are doubled.

At the same time, it can suppress the opponent and confuse the opponents vision.


After Chu Feng and the Wild Bear formed a contract, he could understand the Wild Bears attributes more clearly.

Behind every talent and skill, there was an option to add points.

Chu Feng glanced through them.

He didnt have a single enhancement point, so he couldnt add points.

What surprised him, even more, was that the Wild Bears four skills were not only very powerful but could also be used at the same time!

If all of them were activated, just the aspect of strength alone could be increased by five times! Moreover, the middle-level skill [great transformation] could also increase the size of the body.

The high-level skill [wild body] and the top-level skill [wild domain] could both strengthen all attributes! How terrifying would the Wild Bear be if it were to unleash its full power


Chu Feng felt that the Wild Bear was a king-level pet beast and was very skilled in battle.

“Awooo!” The Wild Bear was somewhat at a loss.


Chu Feng felt that the Wild Bear looked very young and delicate as if it had just been born.

“You should stay in the beast space for now,” Chu Feng said.

He activated his willpower and allowed the Wild Bear to enter his beast space.

His space was enough for the Wild Bear to jump around.

But the Wild Bear immediately fell asleep after entering the beast space.

Chu Feng checked and was immediately stunned.

The Wild Bear had already reached the second level of awakening.

The Wild Bear had advanced just after entering Was this the power of an SSS-rank beast space It was too terrifying!

Chu Feng was very happy and immediately left the training center.

On the way, he had been using his phone to search for information about wild bears.

It didnt take long for him to get a general understanding.

“Among pet beasts with the king-level bloodline, wild bears dont take long to mature.

Wild bears only need 500 years to reach the adult king-level.

If one uses the SSS-rank beast space, it would take less than two years to reach the adult level.”


“Under normal circumstances, it takes a newborn wild bear ten years to reach extraordinary level.

If youre using an SSS-rank beast space, thats… fourteen days”


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