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[Current Divine Source Points: 4.5 million points!]

Chu Feng took a deep breath, feeling both satisfied and excited.

With so many divine source points, he could definitely enhance his beasts to a terrifying level.

[You can even convert so many pearls of divine source straight away Dont you need to spend time refining them]

As if shocked by Chu Fengs actions, the great treasure trove could not maintain its cold and aloof attitude.

Even though it spoke in a mechanical voice, others could hear the shock in it.

In the past, Chu Feng had come to exchange for tens of thousands of pearls of divine source.

Although it was shocking, it was still acceptable.

After all, there were bound to be some who had exceptionally terrifying abilities.

But at this moment, facing such a situation, the great treasure trove found it completely incomprehensible.

4.5 million divine source points was a sum that could not be described with the word “huge”.

After all, even the Eastern Temple could not convert such a sum all in one go! Before this, the great treasure trove had never imagined that a single living being could have tens or even millions of divine source points.

But now, something that had been unimaginable in the past had turned into reality right before its eyes!

Not one of the 4.5 million pearls of divine source had failed to be absorbed by Chu Feng!! In other words, Chu Fengs tolerance towards the divine source was even higher than the divine weapons of the Eastern Temple! The great treasure trove was extremely shocked, but that kid was still smiling faintly as if he had done nothing shocking.

The reason why an SSS-grade beastmaster who could absorb millions of divine source points and had risen with terrifying speed was most likely related to his beast tamer talent.

Seeing how his aura hadnt changed at all after the absorption, it was apparent that the millions of divine source points hadnt put any pressure on him at all.

Perhaps his talent wasnt just at the SSS grade… could it be that it was at the supreme grade The waves of emotions in the great treasure troves heart were so violent that its thoughts were a little muddled.

[Could it be that there had been a Chaos Gods inheritance on the Blue Planet that Chu Feng had inherited A Chaos Gods beast tamer talent… Something like this cant possibly happen, right Moreover, when Chu Feng awakened as a beastmaster, my master was still fine!]

The chaotic thoughts pulled at each other, and the great treasure trove really couldnt figure out the reason behind Chu Fengs shocking actions.

For an existence like Chaos God, even if only a trace of his origin energy was left behind, it would still be enough to benefit a true God endlessly! If the Chaos God did leave behind origin energy or even his talent… Just thinking about the possibility of Chu Feng obtaining it, the great treasure trove couldnt help but tremble in fear.

[Could it be that in this universe, other than the 3,000 chaos-type demons and gods, another new chaos-type demon or god can still be born]

One had to know that even the few supreme beings in this universe, such as the creator of the illusory world and the God Lord of the Eastern Temple, could even not see the back of the Chaos God!

“Since the transaction is over, I will be taking my leave now.”

[Go ahead.]

After leaving the great treasure trove, Chu Feng teleported to the sky above Tianyu City.

Due to the intentional concealment, no one noticed that there was someone in the sky, not even the city itself.

Tianyu City continued to protect the geniuses in the city, even though it felt extremely uneasy.

Every living creature on the Blue Planet knew that their mother planet was facing an unprecedented catastrophe.

and the root was none other than the Chaos Gods origin world that was hidden in the Blue Planet, something they had never seen before!

After the origin world was destroyed, the Blue Planet was bound to be destroyed as well! Everyones hearts were heavy.

Yet, with their current levels, they could not even reach the level of the origin world.

All the living creatures on the Blue Planet could only place their hopes on Chu Feng! If even the unrivaled genius Chu Feng could not change the fate of their mother planet, then the ten thousand races of the Blue Planet would have no choice but to migrate.

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Countless comrades had rushed to the front lines to protect their homeland and had died in battle for three hundred years, and the ten thousand races had painstakingly protected their homeland for countless years… Could it be that they had to give up everyone and everything related to their mother planet Was it fate for them to leave their homeland, lose their ancestral homeland, and drift around without roots The terror of losing ones home was unimaginable when one had never experienced it! Even if all the members of the race were present and Chu Feng protecting them, it was still incomparably terrifying! If they had a choice, absolutely no living creature would be willing to be a wanderer!

Chu Feng sensed that thick sense of despair, but within that despair, there was still some hope.

He knew that he had become the hope of everyone, even the entire planet.

At this point, Chu Feng was also very heavy-hearted.

But his heart was even more determined.

No matter what, he would protect the Blue Planet!

With that, Chu Feng opened the Wild Bears attribute panel and chose to directly enhance it with enhancement points! Since he had sufficient divine source points, he did not need to consider who should come first and who should come later.

He did not need to worry about the problem of not having enough divine source points either.

As such, his actions in enhancing the skills and principles were naturally very unbridled.

On the Wild Bears interface, the total number of skills that could be enhanced by divine source points was 14.

Looking very relaxed, Chu Feng immediately spent 70,000 divine source points and mixed out all of the Wild Bears skills!

[Wild Bear – Skills]

[Myth skills: 11 in total, all maxed-out.

Namely, the divinities of strength, speed, physique, and soul, as well as holy body, holy wild body, desolate world, heaven earth stomp, demon god sky splitter, demon god shield, and demon god shattered star.]

[Divine Skills: 3 in total, all maxed-out.

Namely skill control, body rotation, and strength defense speed combination.]

“Awoo! Awoo!” In the beast world, the Wild Bear couldnt help but roar.

Before its skills had all been maxed out, the Wild Bear, Qian Ye, was already comparable to an immortal world king! Now, after all of its skills had been maxed out…

With a simple exhale from the Wild Bear, even an immortal world supremacy would turn into dust.

Chu Feng sensed that Wild Bear could now fight head-on with a God General.

If its opponent was an ordinary true God, it could easily kill the other party! What if the Wild Bear fought against the war god now The possibility of victory should be extremely high.

“With so many skills that bring attribute buffs and can be controlled by the maxed out strength defense speed combination… When the Wild Bear breaks through to the immortal level, its battle strength might directly reach the level of a God Marquis!” Chu Feng was very excited as he thought of this.

Then, he looked at the principles module.

[Wild Bear – Principles]

[Three types of principles, all at level 50.

Namely strength, defense, and speed.]

The three principles of strength, defense, and speed were basic, but they were extremely suitable for the Wild Bear, and even corresponded to its talents! With the addition of the maxed-out “strength defense speed combination”, all of the Wild Bears bodys attributes were integrated into one.

The reason why Chu Feng turned his attention to the principles instead of continuing to enhance the skills was that the latter seemed to have reached their limits and couldnt be enhanced anymore!

Chu Fengs heart tensed up as he carefully sensed… It turned out that it was not that the “Unlimited Enhancement” had been rendered ineffective, but that the Wild Bear was only a totem and could not withstand it anymore! Only after breaking through to the next major level could the skills be enhanced further.

Not only that, but the totem level also had a principles limit.

Spending a huge wave of divine source points, the levels of the principles on the interface finally stopped at the limit of the current level, level 50!

With that, the three principles of strength, defense, and speed were all at level 50, which was the limit for the totems principles! Since they had reached the limits, they could break through now.

Chu Feng said to the Wild Bear, “Qian Ye, you can break through to the immortal level now.”

Normally, as long as one type of principle was cultivated to level 10, an immortal world lord could then break through to become a world king.

In contrast, all three principles of the Wild Bear had reached level 50! If one looked solely at the strength of its principles, it was comparable to even a true God! After the strength principle reached level 50, with a punch, even a God General could be killed on the spot!

“Awoo!” As it roared, the Wild Bears aura soared.

The power of the principles intertwined, and in the end, its beast core turned into a principle source crystal! In an instant, a storm descended on the beast world.

At this moment, Wild Bear had become a true immortal beast!


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