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After leaving the secret realm of the Blue Planet, Chu Feng arrived at the great treasure trove.

The level of the great treasure trove was different from that of the Chaos Gods origin world.

The level of the former was even higher.

As for how much higher it was, Chu Feng didnt know yet.

He speculated that the great treasure troves level was very likely not much different from that of the chaos-type gods and demons! Even the destructive divine sword, which was born at the beginning of chaos, was only on par with the great treasure trove.

As soon as Chu Feng stepped in, he heard a voice.

[Do you know…]

The great treasure trove had taken the initiative to speak.

Realizing this, Chu Feng could not help but be secretly shocked.

He did not expect the great treasure trove, which was of an unknown godly level, to take the initiative to communicate with him.

In other words, the great treasure trove had noticed him! If even the great treasure trove had noticed him, could it be that the God Lord of the Eastern Temple and the creator of the illusory world had also noticed him

Thinking of this, Chu Fengs heart suddenly constricted, and he felt somewhat nervous.

He could be said to have no background at all.

Although he had gotten to know the God Controller Luo He, the senior had no obligation to protect him.

If it werent for the seniors feelings towards the Blue Planet, perhaps he wouldnt have been involved with the people of the Blue Planet at all! Moreover, even if senior Luo He did want to protect him, if a true God of a higher realm than a God General came to deal with him, such as a God Marquis, God King, God Lord, God Venerable, God Emperor, or even higher existences, the senior definitely wouldnt be able to protect him.

Chu Feng secretly took a deep breath.

Putting everything else aside, even the battle prowess of a God General far surpassed that of an advanced true God.

Currently, among his six beasts, even the most destructive Astral Spirit Hera had only reached the level of an invincible advanced true God.

She was still slightly inferior to a God General! Of course, if she did fight the war god right now, she probably wouldnt lose, but it would still be very difficult for her to win! Although her attack power was slightly weaker, Hera had the maxed-out source spirit power to protect her from damage.

The attacks of the war god probably couldnt break her protection.

On top of that, Chu Feng had the ability of six beasts.

If given more time, he might be able to kill the war god! However, that would at least take three days and two nights.

It was already so difficult just to fight against a God General, let alone the Chaos Gods origin world.

If he really angered the origin world who had no attachments to the world, the other party could totally self-destruct in advance… If that happened, wouldnt the losses outweigh the gains Thinking about it, Chu Feng chose to plan carefully.

[Do you know why there is my clone on the Blue Planet]

Chu Feng answered tentatively, “Is it because there is the origin world left behind by the Chaos God of Chaos on the Blue Planet Or is it due to the Chaos Gods origin energy”

[Obviously, you have already come into contact with the origin world.

Then, you should also know that the Chaos God has died.]

[To be honest, I had been one of that persons supreme treasures in the past.

However, although Im classified as a chaos-type supreme treasure, I wasnt very strong in battle.

In addition, every time I used an attack, I would have to expend a huge number of treasures.

In the end, I was left behind in this universe by him.]

Chu Feng couldnt help but ask, “Has the Chaos God really fallen”

He found it simply unbelievable.

How could the Chaos God, a Beastmaster who was so strong that even the gods couldnt kill him, added with his twelve beasts that were comparable to the chaos-type gods and demons, have died

[The probability of his death is 99%.]

After his question had been confirmed once again, Chu Feng let it go, “Senior, why did the chaos-type gods and demons leave this universe”

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[The level of this universe can not accommodate the chaos godfiend level.

Lets put it this way.

The origin of the universe was gradually drying up, and it could no longer support the chaos-type demons and gods to continue becoming stronger.

To become stronger, they thus went to the universe ocean in the vast void to seek opportunities to break through.]

[There are countless dangers in the universe ocean.

The sky demons in the extraterrestrial region are actually just special creatures that came from other universes.]

[In fact, not only the chaos-type demons and gods in this universe will leave, but the chaos-type demons and gods of other universes will also go to the universe ocean to seek opportunities, or simply wander about.

As for those who die in the universe ocean, they are countless.]

[My master must have died in battle as well.]

Chu Feng was deeply shocked, “The universe ocean!”

So, outside this universe, there was an endless region formed by countless universes Just this universe itself was already so vast, it was boundless.

Even if one spent billions of years, one wouldnt be able to explore all of it.

Then how vast was the endless universe ocean

“The Universe Ocean is still too far away for now,” Chu Feng wasnt overambitious, so he stopped thinking bout it.

Instead, so he asked the great treasure trove, “Why did you notice me”

[Your combat power grew too fast, too strong… It hasnt even been a year, yet you already have combat power comparable to a God General.

With such a rapid and terrifying increase, even if you wanted to hide, you wouldnt be able to.

I even feel that if the chaos-type demons and gods cultivate at the same time as you, they might not be able to compete with you.]

[You are an unprecedented top-tier genius, and it seems that your combat power seems will be rising soon again!]

Chu Feng took out a large number of treasures and began to pour them on the exchange platform.

“Indeed, the more treasures I have, the stronger I will be, and I will never reach the ceiling,” He chuckled, “Senior, perhaps you can invest in me.

Ill definitely repay you in the future.

As long as I keep improving, Ill even be able to kill chaos-type gods.”

The great treasure trove sensed his confidence and was somewhat at a loss for words.

It wasnt that it was speechless due to his attitude, but that he was speaking the truth.

After all, even the great treasure trove had never thought that it could one day kill the chaos-type gods! Yet this human beastmaster named “Chu Feng” in front of it was so confident! At this moment, the great treasure trove was filled with shock.

[You probably dont need my investment.

After all, on the path to becoming stronger, youve never needed anyone to give you cultivation resources.

Moreover, with your combat strength, you can easily obtain the treasures you need to become stronger.

The most crucial point is that even I cant go against the rules.]

[All exchanges have a price.

The principle of equivalent exchange can never be broken!]

Free things were the most expensive.

Chu Feng said with a smile, “Then, please convert all these treasures for the pearl of divine source for me.”

On the exchange platform, countless treasures that others yearned for were casually piled into a mountain.

Seeing this, the huge treasury was not surprised.

With Chu Fengs current combat strength, the number of treasures was not even worthy of him.

Looking at it from another perspective, for someone who was on par with the God Generals to have so few treasures, he could be said to be very poor.

After all, having completed so many transactions with the other party, the great treasure trove had naturally grasped the way the human improved.

It was highly likely that Chu Feng exchanged for a large number of pearls of divine source to make his beasts continuously become stronger.

Other than that, there didnt seem to be any level restrictions either.

[Looks like the treasures cant stay in your hands for long.

Youre probably not destined to become a rich man.]

The great treasure trove said, and its tone seemed to be mocking.

Then, its voice returned to normal.

[All the treasures on the exchange platform can be exchanged for 4.5 million pearls of divine source.

Do you wish to proceed with the transaction]

“Yes!” Chu Fengs tone was very determined.

With 4.5 million divine source points, his six beasts could be enhanced to an extremely terrifying level! Once he obtained the pearls of divine source, he immediately transformed and absorbed them!

[100,000 divine source points converted… 200,000… 500,000 divine source points…]

[Current Divine Source Points: 4,500,000 points.]


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