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Hearing the notification of the Treasure Realm test again, Chu Feng snorted, “Youre just the later-born consciousness of the origin world, yet you want to stop me”

With a casual wave of his right hand, all of the barriers as well as the test itself was dispersed! Even though this wave seemed casual, it unleashed an extremely terrifying power.

Even if over 10,000 alternate dimensions had been blocking before him, they would all dissipate in an instant!

Such a change naturally wouldnt leave the Treasure Realm unaffected.

The immortals who were taking the test on the planet-shaped Treasure Realm were all stunned.

“Where, wheres the power of the test”

“The Treasure Realms control seems to have completely dissipated…”

“Ive hit the jackpot! Ive finally passed the Treasure Realms test! Ive been an immortal region lord level for hundreds of thousands of years, and today I can finally break through to become a world lord! !”

“Eh I seem to have passed too!”

“Me too…”

“That cant be, right How can everyone pass Isnt it so that a Treasure Realm can only be passed by one final victor”

“Didnt I pass Why is there no guiding thought Then what am I supposed to do now”

“Damn it! It cant be that this Treasure Realm wants to split the rewards equally, right I was just about to pass, how can I share the rewards with others…”


Most of those on this planet-shaped Treasure Realm were immortal region lords, and they were all now very confused.

Following this, they suddenly heard, “This Treasure Realm has been completely suppressed by me, so I advise all of you to leave quickly, otherwise you wont be able to escape death.”

Chu Feng hovered in the air, looking down at the group of immortals on the planet.

From the looks of it, only immortal region lords valued the Treasure Realm this much.

After all, the planet-shaped Treasure Realm didnt even have a single immortal world lord.

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Seeing that his master was puzzled, the Dragon God explained, “In the Treasure Realm, there are all sorts of secret treasures that allow a region lord to become a world lord.

In the Ancient Realm, there are secret treasures that allow a world lord to become a world king.

In the Evil Realm, there are secret treasures that allow a world lord to become a world supremacy.

As for becoming a true God, that kind of opportunity is all in the Chaos Realm!”

In other words, the secret treasures that allowed a region lord, a world lord, a world king, and a world supremacy to rise to a higher level were respectively located in the Treasure Realm, the Ancient Realm, the Evil Realm, and the Chaos Realm.

Chu Feng nodded and asked, “The Ancient, Evil, and Chaos Realms seem to only appear when the origin world is finally fully opened”

“As master said, this is usually the case,” The Water God replied softly, “But this time, for some unknown reason, not only are there the Ancient and Evil Realms in the Blue Planet secret realm, even Chaos Realms have appeared.”

Even the two Gods who were the absolute confidants of the war god did not know the exact reason for this.

Although he had obtained some answers, the confusion in Chu Fengs heart increased instead.

Why had all sorts of changes happened in the Blue Planets secret realm this time Why did the human races beast-taming civilization, which had developed to its peak in the Blue Planets previous era, fall How did it get destroyed

It was known that in the Blue Planets previous era, there were even SSS-grade Beastmasters who were on par with immortal star lords! Even if they hadnt truly reached the immortal level, the combat power of the legend-level as well as SSS-grade talents, they would definitely not be weaker than even Hanlin! As such, how could the human races beast-taming civilization, which had developed so brilliantly, be destroyed in an instant just because of the opening of the origin world What exactly happened back then While he was thinking about it, Chu Feng conveniently placed the planet-shaped Treasure Realm in front of him in his beast space.

The ten or so immortals who were originally in the Treasure Realm were now floating in the air.

They wanted to lose their tempers, but they didnt dare to say it out loud, obviously scared.

After all, that person in the sky could easily take away the entire planet-shaped Treasure Realm and had also expelled them from the place without even moving… Even the immortal world supremacies might not be able to do such a thing so easily!

“A world lord”

“No… A world king!”

“Fortunately, I didnt say anything sarcastic just now.

Otherwise, I might have been dead by now.”

“Right, I wanted to rebut him just now too.

If I had truly offended an expert, I dont think I would have been able to live until now!”

“Strange… Even a world supremacy shouldnt be able to forcefully suppress and destroy the willpower of a Treasure Realm, right At the very least, he would have to be an intermediate true God that would have to go all out!”

“If he was an intermediate true God, wouldnt he be at the true God level!”

“This is impossible!”

“Do you think the Eastern Temples supervisors are there for nothing How could they allow a true God to sneak into the origin world!”

“That figure seems a little familiar… Right! Didnt the God Controller bring a youth with him Its him! At that time, I thought he was just a totem!”


The expressions of the ten or so immortals were all different, no one knew what they were thinking.

Chu Feng glanced over and his gaze suddenly stopped on an immortal as he pointed, “You… yes, you, come over.”

It was a human that looked somewhat like a rat who had gained intelligence, making him look rather peculiar.

After being pointed at, he subconsciously shrank back, as if he felt diffident.

The rat-like human form immortal felt like he had smelled the other partys aura before.

To be honest, he had corresponded the other partys name to his face, but… his memory must have gone wrong.

How could that person be the same one as this person

“Greetings, my Lord,” The immortal walked over fearfully and bowed.

Even though he could sense that the powerful warriors aura was only at the totem level, he was still very cautious and didnt dare to act presumptuously in front of him.

It was because of his caution that he could survive in the vast eastern divine region and even break through to become an immortal region lord after tens of thousands of years.

“Hmm The immortal that was summoned by the expert, I think his name is Bian Bo He seems to be an immortal from an aboriginal planet.

I heard that he had joined many powers before, but they were all destroyed one after another!”

“He seems like a rat, both timid and cautious…”

“Keep your voice down.

He looks like this but, when he fights, hes much more ruthless than you and me!”

“He doesnt seem very talented, though.

How did he break through to the immortal level”

“I know about this.

Bian Bo formed his human form from the assassination leaderboard! Speaking of which, its very strange.

How could someone on the assassination leaderboard cultivate to the immortal level…”

“Could such a brainless thing be related to those big shots at the top”

“Stop talking!”


Chu Feng looked at Bian Bo, his voice emotionless, “I looked for your clone before.

It was a pity I was too late, allowing the human assassination leaderboard to escape.

I guess it was you, the overall leaderboard, that allowed it to escape, huh I didnt expect to see you again on this trip to the origin world.”

Hearing this, Bian Bo was sweating profusely, shocked, “Chu Feng Its really you!”

The immortal that had evolved from the leaderboard was shocked beyond belief.

He didnt dare nor did he want to believe it… Earlier, after all the changes on the Blue Planet, Bian Bo had simply controlled the human assassination leaderboard and moved it back to his original body.

The leaderboard had only been a totem.

Compared to the assassination leaderboard that was his original body, it was just a drop in the bucket, it wasnt worth mentioning.

However, Bian Bo was very cautious.

He was afraid that he would be found due to the meager power, so he simply took it back.

After that, Bian Bo didnt care about the Blue Planet anymore.

He knew very well that the Blue Planet wasnt something an immortal region lord could lay their hands on.

When he was asked if it was Chu Feng, Chu Feng smiled, “What do you think”


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