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“Is this… a Mirage Worm” Qiao Shis voice shuddered as she asked in disbelief.

Naturally, Qiao Shi had heard of the Mirage Worm.

It was a high-level overlord-level bloodline, and it was also space and spirit-type pet beast.

Many ancient books had history recordings of the power of a Mirage Butterfly.

Chu Feng forming a bond with the Mirage Worm was truly beyond Qiao Shis understanding.

Other than an overlord-level Beastmaster, who else could form a bond with the Mirage Worm


The Mirage Worm glanced at Qiao Shi.

It thought that Qiao Shi was making a fuss out of nothing!

Teng Yue smiled and said, “Any adult Mirage Worm can reach the overlord-level.

In other words, you can achieve what I accomplished in my life.

In that case, I might as well entrust my obsession to you!”

Teng Yue had casually decided that.

Chu Feng wanted to say something, but he saw Teng Yue gradually disappear in front of him.

Many of Teng Yues memories were slowly fusing with Chu Feng through a particularly gentle approach.

“Is this… Senior Teng Yues cultivation experience”

Chu Fengs expression changed.

But soon, a delightful smile appeared on his face.

He was anxious because of his shallow knowledge, especially after encountering Qiao Shi.

Fundamentally speaking, Chu Feng was only a Beastmaster from a commoner background.

Qiao Shi, a descendant of a totem family, was better than him in terms of knowledge.

Teng Yue was a true overlord-level Beastmaster and a Beastmaster from the totem era.

Once Chu Feng fused his memories with Teng Yues memories, his lack of knowledge immediately disappeared.

Many memories flashed through his mind.

When Teng Yue was young, the totem tribes struggled to survive.

When he was a teenager, he touched the awakening stone and began his path as a Beastmaster until he became the totems left protector and served by its side.

Chu Feng wanted to identify the appearance of the totem, but he couldnt see it.

It was as if something was blocking him from seeing the totem.

Then the human race rose.

Teng Yue followed behind the two blurry figures and made contributions to the war.

However, he was still unable to endure the torture of not making any progress for a hundred years.

He challenged the totem and died in battle.

The shattered beast space drifted in the spatial turbulence and finally landed outside the Diming Base City.

Chu Feng was like a bystander who had watched Teng Yues whole life.

He lamented, “Although he was not a legend-level Beastmaster, he was as great as one.”

Qiao Shi was shocked, “An overlord-level Beastmasters memory had fused with yours!”

She knew better than anyone what the meaning of an overlord-level was.

She had even met the Lord Tianhe and witnessed his invincible stance when he swept through the wilderness.

Qiao Shi felt that perhaps the secrets Chu Feng had grasped had already far surpassed her own.

Chu Feng said, “You should have a share of what we obtained in this ruin.”

Qiao Shi said sincerely, “You were the reason we passed the levels in the ruin.

You even saved me.

Moreover, Senior Teng Yue recognizes only you.

I wont peep into Senior Teng Yues memories no matter what.”

That was Qiao Shis principal.

Chu Feng smiled, “No matter what, I owe you a favor.”

Qiao Shi didnt say anything.

In the pitch-black cave, Qiao Shi sighed after they left the ruin, “I didnt expect that the ruin would collapse after Teng Yues obsession disappeared.”

Chu Feng said with a smile, “Forcefully raising the pet beast level without any hidden dangers requires a huge number of resources.

Senior Teng Yues ruins have already lasted for more than a hundred years and consumed plenty of energy.

It is normal for it to collapse.”

They no longer discussed that matter.

Senior Teng Yues obsession was a secret.

If someone knew that Chu Feng had obtained Teng Yues memories, it would bring him a lot of trouble.

There were so many people who were curious as to just how many secrets were in the mind of an almost invincible Beastmaster who could even challenge totems.

They were in the darkness, but Chu Fengs eyes shone brightly.

His telekinetic power had become much more powerful than before, and he could easily detect the existence of everything in the cave.


Chu Feng noticed that there was a Shadow Ghost sleeping in the cave.

Its entire body was an illusion.

It emitted a bloody aura as if it was about to merge into the darkness in the surrounding.

[Shadow Ghost]

[Level: Sovereign Level 1]

[Bloodline: Elementary Sovereign-Level]

[Talents: High-Level Shadow Talent, High-Level Blood Talent]

[Skills: 1.

Ghost Claw, 2.

Shadow, 3.

Bloodthirsty, 4.

Blood Shadow]

That attribute surprised Chu Feng.

The Shadow Ghost seemed to have broken through the sovereign-level, and it had just done it.


Sensing the detection, the Shadow Ghost suddenly opened its eyes.

Its blood-red pupils were terrifying in the darkness.

The cave began to shake as if indicating the Shadow Ghost was in a rage.

Qiao Shi seemed to be a little worried, “The Shadow Ghost has woken up.”

“Its alright,” Chu Feng smiled and released the Wild Bear.


The Wild Bear looked at an almost invisible shadow not far away in a puzzle.

It wondered what that thing was.

“Use the wild body and the wild domain.

Try it again,” Chu Feng hinted the Wild Bear what it should do next.

These two skills had improved comprehensively.

It could upgrade the Wild Bears vision and perception.


With the ten times wild body and ten times wild domain, the Wild Bear could sense everything in the cave with its perception.

When the Shadow Ghost noticed the Wild Bears gaze, anger boiled in it.

The shadow Ghost had killed many beasts and humans.

It wouldnt have chosen to sleep if it did not need to hide from the city owners hunt.

Even after advancing to the sovereign-level, the Shadow Ghost refused to go out.

It was afraid that the city owner would sense its presence.

However, the Shadow Ghosts natural ferocity would increase when offended! After letting out a roar, it turned into a dark shadow, as if it had disappeared.

The Wild Bear squinted its eyes.

It could still sense the Shadow Ghosts existence, but it did not show it.

Instead, it put on a confused expression.

Finally, the shadow ghost continued to approach it.

The Shadow Ghost gazed at the Wild Bear disdainfully, thinking the Wild Bear was stupid.

It didnt care if the Wild Bear was a king-level bloodline, thinking it could devour the Wild Bear.

A streak of blood-red light flashed.

That was the best attack and highest-level skill the Ghost Beast had.

He used the blood he had absorbed as a sacrifice, transforming it into a powerful tearing force.

The Shadow Ghost could already imagine tearing the Wild Bear apart.


The Wild Bears eyes and the Shadow Ghosts eyes met.

With the twenty times strength it had, the Wild Bear slammed down its palm! The Wild Bears strike almost killed the Shadow Ghost even though the Shadow Ghosts body was in an illusionary state.

Chu Feng felt it was a pity that the cave was so small.

If the cave had been a bit larger, the Wild Bear could have used an extra ten times transformation.

It could kill the sovereign-level Shadow Ghost with a strike.


The Shadow Ghost retreated as fear engulfed it.

He didnt understand why the Wild Bear could almost kill it with one strike.

Chu Feng laughed.

The Shadow Ghosts strength was weak even when it was at the sovereign-level, which was hilarious.

The Shadow Ghost sensed Chu Fengs mock, but it had no guts to do anything about it.

After all, the Wild Bear that had almost killed him was Chu Fengs pet beast.

“Wild Bear!”

Chu Feng didnt want to continue the fight with the Shadow Ghost because the commotion caused by the battle was too great.

It would be troublesome if the commotion attracted more beasts to them.


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