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“Chu Feng, this secret realm is closely related to the Blue Planet.

After you enter, you must be careful,” Luo He warned.

Chu Feng said calmly, “Dont worry, senior.

I know what I should do.”

Noticing that the many immortals were sizing him up, Chu Feng scanned the entire waiting zone.

There were a total of over 10,000 immortals who were all going to enter the Blue Planets secret realm later!

Among the many immortals, most of them were immortal region lords, as well as a few hundred world lords and a hundred world kings! Other than that, he also ended a few indistinct auras of experts.

Looks like those were the hidden world supremacies.

In other words, other than Chu Feng, there wasnt even a single immortal star lord here! The discussions that resounded in the waiting area naturally reached the ears of the person in question.

Hearing the word “immortal”, Chu Feng snickered to himself, “Why would I need to be an immortal Im already invincible against all of you at the legend level.”

Luo Hes gaze was distant as he sighed, “Blue Planet is also my home planet.

I hope you can give it your all.

If you can protect Blue Planet, that would be for the best.

Even if the Chaos Gods origin world is destroyed, I hope that Blue Planet would remain the same!”

Chu Feng did not say much as he walked into the waiting zone.

Luo He did not know what would happen in the future either.

He could only sigh and leave.

Time passed bit by bit and the opening of the secret realm was soon.

During this period, many immortals came over curiously, trying to get information from this mysterious person who seemed to have a deep relationship with the God Controller.

However, no matter who came, Chu Feng didnt even look them in the eye.

As a native of the Blue Planet, all the immortals present were all enemies! This time, Chu Feng came to the secret realm alone.

The reason why he didnt bring the enslaved Desolate God was mainly that an immortal region lord wouldnt affect the outcome of the secret realm much.

“Hmm” The person who had been resting opened his eyes only to meet the eyes of a huge dragon.

The Dragon God hovered in the sky and looked down at Chu Feng, “I heard that the dragons on the Blue Planet have a good relationship with you natives A small dragon that has my dragon bloodline has even bonded with you and became your beast”

“Hmm,” Chu Feng was unhurried, “So”

The Dragon God didnt fly over to argue with him about the facts, “Chu Feng, your talent is indeed amazing.

If youre willing to be the war gods subordinate, he might not pursue your past enmity.”

Chu Feng frowned, “I dont seem to have anything to do with the war god.”

“Why are you playing dumb!” The Dragon God scolded, “Youve killed so many immortal subordinates of the war god! Even the Ancient God died at your hands! I advise you to think carefully.

After entering the Blue Planets secret realm, you will definitely die.

At that time, even if you want to join the war gods faction, you wont have a chance! If it wasnt for the war god valuing your talent, how could you get such a rare opportunity!”

“War god” Chu Feng got angry as well, “Is he even worthy! Dragon God! I still respected you as an arrogant dragon, but I didnt expect that after you obtained a title in the temple, your dignity as a dragon was completely erased! Now, rather than calling you a Dragon God, I might as well call you a Dog God.”

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Being called a dog, the Dragon Gods eyes were full of killing intent, “In that case, you can just die in the secret realm!”

The two parted on bad terms.

After a while, a gentle female figure appeared.

From the waist down, she was purely liquid.

She said softly, “Please dont blame the Dragon God.

He was just impatient.”

Chu Feng glanced at the Water God and didnt say anything.

If the two gods before him had been the Flower and Tree Gods, he might have believed them a bit.

As for the Water God She was just someone who had gained benefits and came over to shed crocodile tears.

First, she had become an immortal world lord through the secret realm of the Blue Planet, then she became a subordinate of the war god in the Eastern Temple.

Just like the Ancient God and Dragon God, she was also an absolute confidant of the war god! Without any previous interaction, Chu Feng didnt think that the other party would get along with him at first sight.

“No matter what you are planning, if you get in my way, Ill kill without mercy!”

Thinking of killing, Chu Feng subconsciously looked at the group of immortals around him, his eyes red and his heart hot, “A few world supremacies, 100 world kings, hundreds of world lords, and thousands of region kings… If I can kill all of them, even Mystics skills can all be maxed out!”

Not just his beasts skills, but their principles could also be enhanced to a terrifying level! Even though maxed-out principles were unachievable now.

After all, the advancement of principles required ten times the divine source points compared to skills, and each beast had three principles.

“Speaking of beasts, I still have six spots.

If there are suitable creatures in the Blue Planets secret realm, I should bond with them!” As many thoughts flashed through his mind, a voice suddenly sounded.

“The Blue Planets secret realm has been opened, teleportation now!”

The light surrounding Chu Feng flashed and stopped, then flashed and stopped again…

“Two-time teleportation!” Killing intent rose in Chu Fengs heart.

If not for the interference of an external force, he would have been teleported to God knows where!

“War god, it seems that you are determined to kill me.

If not for senior Luo Hes help, perhaps I would have been trapped in the country of true Gods by now.

Very well, I will kill you one day!”

Chu Feng looked around and found that the aura in the air was extremely chaotic.

Suddenly, a figure appeared from the bottom right corner of his eyes!

The Dragon God slapped his claw and shouted coldly, “How dare you be so disrespectful to me Go to Hell!”

The majestic divine strength of the Dragon God poured toward Chu Feng like a flood.

Chu Feng was about to counterattack when he felt that his body was enveloped by some kind of gentle power.

He laughed, “You dont think that I did believe your nonsense, right”

At the edge of the liquid, a ladys figure appeared.

The Water God said softly, “I have no choice, so please go and die.”

Chu Feng raised his eyebrows and simply couldnt be bothered with her.

He suddenly shook off the water around him!

The Water God exclaimed, “This is impossible!”

Chu Feng smiled at the two immortal world lords, “Next, the two of you should die.”

After his move was neutralized, the Dragon God suggested, “Water God, lets kill Chu Feng together!”

Saying that, the huge dragon shot over like lightning!

“No!” The Water Gods expression changed, “I cant move!”

She was a water-type principle life form and her main body was a lake.

When she turned back into a heavenly lake, she could even suppress all life forms! Although she was a lake, the amount of water she contained was half the size of Earth.

The huge volume of water was now completely sealed.

Even the surface of the water did not have a single ripple, let alone move! Encountering such a strange thing, it was no wonder that the Water God was in disbelief.

Upon hearing this news, the Dragon God also felt that something was wrong.

“Yiya!” Chu Fengs robe fluttered without the wind, and a young beast that looked like a kylin crawled out.

The Astral Spirit opened its eyes wide, looking innocently at the Water God.

“Hehe, you cant figure it out, right To think theres someone who dares to use suppression power before Hera Is your information so backward I only need to use the maxed-out heaven suppression, and you wont be able to move,” Chu Feng chucked to himself.

Even though Hera was still a totem beast, its foundation was already comparable to a world ord! When using maxed-out super skills, let alone sealing the power of the Water God who was an immortal world lord, even a world supremacy would have to be obediently suppressed!


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