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Above Tianyu City, Chu Feng hovered.

The entire Tianyu City could not help but tremble.

In the city, all kinds of geniuses gathered.

There were humans as well as those from the myriad races.

Those who were not strong enough to enter Tianyu City saw it as their goal and strived for it.

After all, Chu Feng had risen in Tianyu City in the past!

Now, Chu Fengs name had spread throughout the entire Blue Planet.

No matter which race it was, all of them worshipped Chu Feng! What made most of the living beings on the Blue Planet feel regretful was that even if they were geniuses, from commanders to overlords, no matter how hard they worked, they couldnt even see Chu Fengs back.

The gap between them was too big…

“Magnate, your current aura is too strong.

When you descend, I keep feeling like I would be shocked to death…” At this point, Tianyu City even trembled like a human, looking a little pitiful.

Chu Feng chuckled, “Dont worry, Ill be able to control my aura well.”

“Thank you for that, magnate.”

Before Tianyu City could heave a sigh of relief, it heard, “Dont be so afraid either.

Even if you really die, I can still revive you.”

“…” Tianyu City felt bitter in its heart but did not dare to say anything.

After working hard for so many years, to think it still had to worry about its life in the end.

“Dont be afraid.

I was joking just now.

You are, after all, one of the mechanical beasts that have contributed the most to the human race.

I would never treat you like that,” After comforting the other party, Chu Feng smiled and shared the good news with Tianyu City, “The human race has been stabilized now.

I plan to exchange some suitable cultivation treasures for the two magnates and see if I can restore their foundation.

If I cant, they can choose to start over in cultivation.”

“After all, both of my brothers have SSS-grade talents.

Its very likely that theyll be able to advance to become true Gods in the future!” At this point, Chu Feng had a deep understanding of how powerful SSS-grade talents were.

Even looking at it from the entire universe, such talents were extremely powerful! Such powerful talents were even more heaven-defying than having an advanced immortal bloodline! If it wasnt for the fact that they had been dragged down by countless burdens back then, Wu Yu and Zhong Hen would have been able to train their beast to the seventh realm of origin.

They would also have had some probability of success in advancing to become true Gods.

To Chu Feng, if it werent for the magnates protecting him, he wouldnt have been able to grow so smoothly.

Now that he had the ability to protect the Blue Planet, he might be able to make up for their past regrets.

As they spoke, the two magnates arrived at the scene.

“Chu Feng, you want Zhong Hen and I to start over in cultivation Were both legends now.

If we do that, we can only break our bonds with the twelve totems we have now and start again from the initial awakening stage!” Wu Yu was very serious, his brows tightly furrowed.

Chu Feng nodded seriously, then explained, “Almost every beast of the SSS-grade Beastmasters outside of the Blue Planet has reached the eighth realm of origin.

Even the God Controller Luo He, the most talented beastmaster of the Blue Planets last era, has all his beasts in the eighth realm! In other words, SSS-grade talents can allow the beasts to break through to the true God level!”

“Big brother, third brothers words make sense,” Zhong Hen was the first to agree, advising, “Were both of the SSS grades, so we can do what others can do.

If were stuck at our current level, its a waste no matter how we think about it.

Why dont we just give it a try”

Wu Yu was pained and conflicted, “Then what about our current twelve beasts If we start over again, wouldnt we be abandoning our companions”

After being the human races magnate for three hundred years, he and his twelve beasts had always fought side by side.

His beasts were all old buddies who had saved his life before.

Wu Yu couldnt just abandon his companions now!

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At this moment, the Thousand-changing Beast appeared.

It smiled and said to Wu Yu, “Boss, why think too much about it To be honest, if I hadnt bonded with you, I would have been swallowed by those foreign races totems long ago.

Im already very lucky to be able to break through to become a totem.”

A red dragon flew over from the sky.

Its bloodline was only at the advanced king-level, even lower than the former, “Boss, I never thought that I would be able to become a totem.

Its because of you that I was able to reach this state.

Now, I hope that you wont be tied down by the past and become a better version of yourself! As for us, we will definitely protect the human race as before!”

Gradually, Wu Yus other beasts also rushed over.

All of them said words of gratitude and expressed their hope that their boss would not waste his talent and become even stronger in the future! Wu Yu had always valued relationships, so at this moment, his eyes could not help but redden as he was at a loss for words.

Chu Feng, who was watching from the side, was also deeply moved, “How can a 300-year friendship be bound by a contract We will still be comrades in the future.”

“We have fought together for 300 years.

Even if we are not bound, we will still be comrades!” Wu Yu nodded heavily and roared, “I, Wu Yu, have fought countless battles in my life.

No matter what, I can not stop here!”

As he roared, a terrifying aura suddenly soared into the sky! Wu Yu was about to break through to the immortal level!

Chu Feng flicked his finger, sealing the other partys surging aura, “Big brother, remember this feeling for now.”

Seeing Wu Yu close his eyes to immerse himself in the feeling, Chu Feng explained in detail, “Your current state of mind has already reached the standard of immortality, and you can enter the threshold of the beast-taming principles path.

In the future, you will be able to break through to the immortal level even more easily.

At that time, the human race will still have to rely on you.”

Carving the feeling in his mind, Wu Yu opened his eyes and solemnly answered, “We will definitely live up to our expectations.”

Zhong Hens reply was not as heavy as he said with a smile, “Third brother, dont worry.

When I start cultivating again, I will definitely be faster than big brother.

Who knows, I might break through to the immortal level in a whoosh, or even become a true God… by that time, Chu Feng, you shouldve already become a supreme existence.

With the two of us as God Generals for you, even the entire universe would tremble for the Blue Planet!”

Chu Feng also revealed a sincere smile, “Then, lets look forward to it.”

The reason why Zhong Hen was able to let go of his beasts so easily was entirely because he had created his beasts one by one.

After fighting for 300 years and seeing the world outside the Blue Planet, he could better create mechanical beasts now.

“Desolate God, guard the Blue Planet.

Dont let anything go wrong.”

“I will definitely follow Masters orders!”

After leaving the Blue Planet, Chu Feng turned around and went to the great treasure trove.

“Please convert all the treasures on the exchange platform for the corresponding number of pearls of divine source!”

Since the two magnates had decided to start over in cultivation, Chu Feng did not plan to exchange for other treasures, so he might as well be frank.

In any case, what he currently lacked the most was nothing other than divine source points.

[The total value of the treasures is 450 million supreme treasure points.

It can be converted into 45,000 beads of divine source.


Chu Feng wasnt sure if it was an illusion, but he felt that there was some doubt in the treasure troves voice.

Perhaps, even the huge treasure trove found it very strange.

Why exchange for such a huge number of pearls of divine source

“Convert all of them.”

Looking at this space, Chu Feng secretly guessed, “perhaps, just like the Eastern Temple, the treasure trove is also a supreme treasure divine weapon! Previously, Hanlin said that the treasure trove was passed down from the time of chaos.

In that case, the treasure troves level might be higher than the temples!”

If that was the case, even he felt that that was out of the world.

To be of a level higher than the supreme treasure divine weapons, could it be a chaos divine weapon of the same level as the destructive divine sword

[45,000 divine source points have been detected.

Do you…]

“Convert all of them!” Chu Feng said.


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