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Although he felt threatened, the threat was very weak.

Chu Feng immediately cast a few layers of buffs on himself, such as light of life, miracle of life, life guard, and other maxed-out super skills.

He also cast divine light, manifestation of life, divine blessing, and other level-10 myth skills on himself.

In an instant, the sense of danger was gone.

Chu Fengs heart relaxed slightly.

He lamented that his life-preserving methods were no inferior to his combat strength.

Since his life was not threatened, there was no need to do anything else.

“To be able to summon the supreme treasure temple, he must have paid a huge price for the temple to make a move.

Against an existence like the Eastern Temple, I definitely wont be able to dodge it at the moment, so I might as well not dodge it,” Chu Feng thought to himself.

The temples virtual image condensed a white light in an instant.

Chu Feng sensed that the white light did not belong to the power of principles, It seemed to be above the principles! Moreover, the special power it released was only a sliver.

Even so, this sliver of special power was enough to destroy thousands of life planets! Before this power, even an ancient star would be as fragile as tofu!


This power landed on Chu Fengs body.

After a deafening roar, only half of him was left.

The Ancient God was shocked, “Youre still alive !”

Chu Feng sneered, “Ever since my awakening, Ive never suffered such serious injuries.”

He closed his eyes and felt the pain.

Seriously speaking, he had never been injured before.

Chu Feng smiled.

So this was how it felt to be injured on the battlefield It felt like it wasnt bad! Rather, he was quite fond of the pain.

His boundless vitality circulated, and within two revolutions, Chu Feng had recovered.

As he walked forward, the Ancient God opposite him was shocked beyond belief, “Ive invested all the contribution points Ive accumulated over these years, even an immortal world lord would die on the spot! Just what kind of monster are you!”

The Ancient God was hysterical and his eyes were bloodshot as he was unable to accept it.

Those six beasts were clearly mere totems! Even with six immortal domain lord beasts with him, Chu Feng would only have the strength of a world lord at most, so how could he take a blow from the temple

“Maybe you should be bolder.

For example, say I can be on par with a world king” As he said this, Chu Feng stomped, crushing the remaining gods soul.

Following that, he looked at the Eastern Temple.

The temple seemed to have paused for a moment.

It seemed that even the Eastern Temple didnt expect the situation to develop like this.

To think a human legend-level beastmaster could withstand its attack… He was clearly still a totem, so how could he be on par with the immortal world kings! Even in the countless billions of years of time in the entire universe, there had never been such a monster!!

In the illusory world, the war god could no longer remain his calm, “How can Chu Feng be so strong to such a terrifying level From the principle that the temple had just displayed, even an immortal world king wouldve been destined to be heavily injured! What kind of monster is Chu Feng Why did he recover so easily His origin was not even injured!”

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If the injuries didnt reach ones origin, even if ones body was destroyed, it would still be considered a light injury.

“You dont understand,” Luo He looked at the other party, smiling and shaking his head.

Before passing on his inheritance, he had already calculated Chu Fengs total battle strength.

After knowing that Chu Feng could advance his beasts skills, he calculated again.

Only then did he realize that when with the combination fo Chu Fengs beast skills and his own battle strength, he would definitely be terrifying!

One had to know that the battle strength of those six beasts was already stronger than an ordinary immortal world lord.

In addition to that, all the skills of the beasts were now on the Beastmaster alone… Even a world king might not be able to defeat Chu Feng!

Thinking of this, Luo He couldnt help but think of the 12 eighth realm totems he had when he was still a legend.

His beasts had now all become divine beasts that were guarding Gods Country.

Even among the true Gods, they could be considered strong! If they were blessed with his beast tamer talent, they could even fight against an invincible expert like the God-subduing General!

“I am indeed strong now, but my battle strength when I was a legend might not even reach one percent of Chu Fengs! Even if I searched through the ages, I wouldnt be able to find another one as monstours as him!” Luo He was sighed in amazement.

The original delusion seemed to no longer be a dream.

“Even if the Blue Planet era that belonged to me has already disappeared, it is still my mother planet.

I only hope that my home planet will not end up in destruction,” His eyes gleamed as he looked into the distance.

The war god couldnt care less about the mood of the God Controller.

He coldly interrupted Luo Hes thoughts, “Luo He, even if thats the case, dont be too proud! If the news of Chu Feng being comparable to the world kings gets out, many immortals will definitely gang up on him.

When that time comes, how long can he last”

Luo He smiled lightly, “Youre right, so you can start using your connections.

Whether its the Dragon God, Water God, or other immortals in Gods world, or even the world kings and invincible world supremacies, go ahead and attack him.”

He laughed heartily, “Anyone who cant kill Chu Feng will only make him stronger!”

How could the war god not know the principle of “the strong is not afraid of challenges” Even if Chu Fengs power was already established, he couldnt possibly do nothing.

Thinking about the boys monstrous potential, the war gods heart became heavier as he thought, “Now, either Chu Feng dies, or I die.”

The war god said solemnly, “I will definitely kill him.”

The reason why he did not hide it was entirely that the true Gods were only below the Lord of the Gods and the creator of the illusory world.

Schemes were simply meaningless in front of powerful strength.

Luo He replied casually, “Do as you wish.”

He was not worried about Chu Feng at all.

Even if an immortal world supremacy was sent out, it would be difficult to kill Chu Feng.

In fact, the God Controller had been paying attention to Chu Feng a long time ago.

When the latter was still an overlord, Luo He had already felt that the other party was even more monstrous than him! Gradually, he saw more and more, and Luo He was increasingly shocked.

If Chu Feng had not appeared, the inheritance of the gods would not have opened at that time, let alone the inheritance of the Ancient Tower of Gods and the God Controller…

“If he can fight against a world king at the legend level, without a true God, it should be hard to threaten him.”

Chu Feng, who was being closely watched by Luo He, glanced at the illusory image of the temple and ignored it.

“This principle source crystal of the Ancient God contains the principles of strength, defense, and elements.

Its strength is equivalent to level 6…”

Sensing all this from the crystal, he divided the source crystal for his beasts.

The strength and defense principles were given to the Wild Bear, while the elemental principle belonged to the Dark-sky Azure Dragon.

“An immortal world lords source crystal is worth about 3,000 points of the divine source.”

Casually pouring the many resources from the source crystal into another spatial treasure, Chu Feng began to count the value of the resources and treasures he had gained.

After finishing, his eyes lit up.

The treasures that the Ancient God had were extremely valuable.

For example, he had black crystals that could only appear in black holes that were extremely useful for all types of force field principles.

Simply put, one gram of black crystals was worth one pearl of divine source! With a kilogram of black crystals here, that was 1,000 divine source points! And this was only the value of the black crystals.

The Ancient Gods collection wasnt limited to just this.

With all sorts of treasures gathered… Chu Feng took a deep breath.

One immortal world lords treasures were worth at least 10 immortal region lords treasures! The Ancient God treasures were worth over 20,000 divine source points!

“Along with the other immortal region lords treasures, just my secret treasures alone can be exchanged for over 40,000 divine source points!”

With so many divine source points, at least eight maxed-out myth skills could be produced! That, or a totem beast that was comparable to a true God!


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