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Seeing that the other party didnt believe him, Luo He didnt say anything more.

To be honest, when he first discovered this, he was also very shocked.

Only after he had a deeper understanding of it did he gradually believe that Chu Feng had indeed upgraded the skill of each beast to an unimaginable level! Even the most basic skills in the eyes of the world could unleash terrifying effects when used by his beasts! This wasnt an isolated case.

It was the same for all the skills of each of his beasts.

Gradually, Luo He confirmed that Chu Fengs first talent was probably far better than the beast principle source! He secretly guessed that Chu Fengs SSS-grade talent might have something to do with the beast principle source.

Luo He didnt explain further.

On the contrary, the war god had something to say.

He asked, “Why dont you recruit such a talented person into the temple”

The words sounded as if he was defending Chu Feng, but in truth, it was to make things difficult for Luo He!

Luo He simply replied indifferently, “When I first discovered this, Chu Feng was still an overlord.

His breakthrough to the legend level was only recently… The temple has never taken in an overlord before.

Even if he is now a legend, he may not have the right!”

Within the temple, even an immortal would find it hard to get an official title.

One had to be at least an immortal world lord to be able to get a title in the temple! After all, the title in the temple wasnt just a fancy name.

It represented a series of supreme treasures! During times of emergency, those with a title within the temple could even use the temple contribution points as a price to use the temples energy for themselves!

The Eastern Temple was a terrifying supreme treasure in itself.

Killing a true God with it was a piece of cake! It was said that if one had enough contribution points, even a supreme true God like the Insect Empress could be killed by the temple!

The war god seemed to have thought of something and suddenly stopped being so angry, “Chu Fengs two talents combined can indeed be considered invincible, but so what Even if he can kill an immortal world lord, he cant resist the power of the temple that the Ancient God exchanged for his contribution points!”

He continued, “After all, the amount of the temples power that the Ancient God can exchange for his contribution points is enough to kill even a world lord!”

Hearing this, Luo Hes expression changed, “Youve already sent a private order to the Ancient God You kept saying that I broke the rules just now, but its obvious that your actions now are breaking the rules! Looks like youre really not afraid of being punished”

“Dont treat me like a fool!” The war gods eyes were cold.

“Since weve already formed an enmity, if I dont kill him now, when will I!”

Luo He naturally understood the war gods actions.

The best time to kill an enemy was when the enemy was budding, and the next best time was here and now.

Moreover, the war god hadnt taken action himself.

Private voice transmission would at most amount to a penalty of contribution points.

The meager punishment of contribution points could more or less be made up for he went to the outer region and killed a sky demon.

Although it was against the rules, it wasnt too much.

Seeing the other partys expression of having a huge problem about to be solved, the God Controller was displeased, “Arent you worried that even so, you cant do anything to Chu Feng”

“Cant do anything It cant be that you think that Chu Fengs battle strength is comparable to an immortal world king!” After mocking, the war god laughed in disdain.

The God Controller Luo He also laughed, “Its not impossible.”

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In the void, demonic energy surged.

With Chu Fengs punch as the lead, countless laser beams, frost cannons, laser cannons, cosmic waves, and other attacks poured out from the mechanical treasury like a flood! Not only that, but a group of vibrating space swords followed closely behind!

Thanks to his second talent, Chu Fengs strength was equivalent to the combined combat strength of his six beasts.

Under such circumstances, the effects of all the skills that he used were even more exaggerated than his beasts! On top of all the attacking skills, Chu Feng also added the level 10 myth skill under the Astral Spirits heritage planet module, illusory light!

One hundred skills into one, all auxiliary skills with the power of amplification were integrated into one by Chu Feng.

Just his body alone was enhanced with the level 10 myth skills holy blood bathing dragon, saint dragons soul, and the battle divine body.

In the void, there were even a bunch of worlds squeezed together, such as the tree world and dragon world that were peak super skills, or the level 10 myth skills desolate world, divine soul world, tree god world, and saint dragons world.

Because he had the Astral Spirit by his side, Chu Feng could even use the power of the planets.

Using all the powers in succession, it seemed that he was bound to kill the Ancient God here today!

Seeing the monstrous demonic energy and the various myth-level worlds, the Ancient God was extremely terrified.

Under this punch, he would die without a doubt! The Ancient God was simply terrified.

He watched in despair as the punch that he couldnt dodge was about to land on him.

With his speed, he wouldnt be able to escape.

He could only gather all the elemental energy to resist.

But in an instant, the barrier constructed from the elemental principles was shattered! Chu Feng raised his eyebrows, thinking to himself that the demon god sky splitter wasnt quite good.

He also deduced that the immortal world lords elemental principles were only level 6.

If one could become a world lord once ones principles were comprehended to level 6, then when the three principles of every immortal reached level 10, they would be able to break through to become an immortal world king.

From this point of view, the difference between a world lord and a world king was extremely huge.

Without thinking any further, Chu Feng unleashed all of his power! After the elemental barrier was broken, the Ancient Gods most proud defense was thus broken! The ancient fierce beast raised its claws, trying to resist.

However, it didnt expect that in an instant, its claws would also be blasted into nothingness.

“Could this be… the tenth realm! The Ancient God was extremely shocked.

He didnt even have time to think before he was completely shattered.

Even his soul was heavily injured! At this moment, he had no other thoughts and only wanted to escape! However, the Ancient God also knew that after this battle, even if he was still alive, it would take at least 100,000 years to recover his body and soul.

As for his battle strength, he would at most be able to raise it to the region lord level, unless the war god once again destroyed and resurrected him.

But the possibility of such a thing happening was extremely low.

Just as the Ancient God was at a loss, he suddenly heard a familiar voice, “Use all of your contribution points to ask the temple to kill Chu Feng! After that, Ill give you contribution points.”

Without thinking much, the Ancient God immediately obeyed.

He offered all of his contribution points to invite the temple.

“Esteemed temple spirit, please punish those who disrespect the Gods!”


Just as Chu Feng was about to pursue his victory, he suddenly saw a majestic temple floating in the air.

Even if it was just a phantom image, one could still sense its limitless power from its aura!

Chu Feng gasped and exclaimed, “The EasternTemple!”

Even if he had never seen the temple with his own eyes, he could see that the temple had absorbed an uncountable amount of power of faith.

Otherwise, it would not have such a terrifying godly aura! This temple was said to be a supreme treasure and divine weapon of the Lord of the Gods! If one were to examine it carefully, the Eastern Temple should be at the middle level that was above the true Gods and below the supreme.

In the long history of the universe, other than the supreme treasures like the destructive divine sword that had been born since the primal chaos era, this temple was the strongest supreme treasure! One had to know that the Mirage Butterflys godly single-kill skill that had always been successful, the destructive divine sword, was nothing but a phantom image of the supreme treasure, the divine sword.

Now, before him was the true supreme treasure, the Eastern Temple.

Even if it was just a phantom image of it, it still made Chu Feng feel that his life was threatened!


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