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Chu Feng was calm throughout the combat.

He even took out a leaf and began to eat it slowly.

He discovered that the Giant elven trees leaf had a refreshing effect.

If it werent for the fact that they were in ruin, Chu Feng would have made a cup of tea out of it.

Within the beast space, the Mirage Worm looked at the missing piece of the Giant elven Leaf and felt helpless.



The Wild Bear standing amidst the Ice Bears remains was like an undefeatable god of war.

It had risen to an extraordinary Level 5.

Chu Feng had a feeling that the pure energy contained within that ray of light was finishing.

He began to wonder if the Wild Bear needed so much pure energy to advance to the next level.

It had almost emptied the energy reserves of a relic.

Qiao Shi also discovered that and said, “It seems the relic only has five levels.”

Chu Feng nodded.

He had the same thought in mind.

Light flashed, and they arrived at the fifth level of the ruin.

Similarly, there was nothing.

The space was narrow, and it was a total of ten meters in length and width.

It was almost the same as an extraordinary-level beast space.

Under Chu Fengs astonished gaze, a phantom gradually condensed.

It was a middle-aged man with a totem tattoo on his face.

His gaze was mature and calm.

The middle-aged mans gaze finally stopped on Chu Fengs face, “Your Wild Bear is strong.

Even my most powerful pet beast, the [Ice Fox], might not be able to defeat the Wild Bear if it were at the same level as the Wild Bear.”

Chu Feng was taken aback.

Ice Foxes were pet beasts that had great ice-type talent.

It was a true overlord-level bloodline.

Most importantly, the Ice Fox was a pure elemental creature.

It was an extraordinary-level pet beast at birth and an overlord Level 10 at adulthood! Chu Feng believed that only the Mirage Worm could defeat a pet beast like it.

Qiao Shi agreed with what the middle-aged man had just said.

Chu Fengs Wild Bear was so powerful that even a high-level overlord bloodline pet beast wouldnt be able to defeat it if they were at the same level.

Chu Feng said respectfully, “Senior…”

He could tell that the phantom image was the overlord-level Beastmaster and the heritages owner.

To be precise, the owner of the beast space.

The man shook his head helplessly, “Im not a senior.

Im just an obsession.

You can call me Teng Yue.”

“Senior Teng Yue,” Chu Feng asked seriously, “whats your obsession”

Teng Yue said, “Youre quite bold.

Dont you feel any sense of pressure facing the obsession of an overlord-level Beastmaster”

Qiao Shi agreed to that too.

Chu Feng was indeed bold.

If they were to provoke the obsession phantom, the two of them would probably have to stay in the beast space forever.

Chu Feng smiled, “Senior Teng Yue, you would not have appeared in front of us if your obsession is about something dark and malicious.”

He was confident in his judgment.

Most importantly, his telekinesis power did not sense any malicious intent in Teng Yue.

Teng Yue looked at him with admiration and lamented, “Youre able to awaken your telekinesis power even when you are only at the extraordinary-level.

Youre truly a young genius.”

That left Qiao Shi in a bewildered state.

She was dumbfounded.

Thoughts began to run wild in her mind, “Telekinesis power Only a sovereign-level Beastmaster could awaken their telekinesis power! Chu Feng was at an extraordinary-level.

How could he awaken his telekinesis power

Chu Feng said, “Senior, I dont understand what you are talking about.”

Teng Yue gazed into Chu Fengs eyes and diverted the topic, “Do you know what am I obsessed with”

Doubts filled Qiao Shis mind, but Chu Feng had already denied it.

It wasnt appropriate for her to continue asking.

Moreover, she was paying more attention to Teng Yue.

Teng Yue was able to form a bond with the Ice Fox.

Presumably, he was a powerful overlord-level Beastmaster.

Teng Yues eyes were clear.

He didnt seem like an evil person.

She wondered what kind of obsession such a person would have.

Chu Feng said, “Senior, please enlighten me.”

Teng Yue looked at the distance as he recalled his old memories.

He slowly told his story, “I once served by the side of a totem.

I was the left protector of that totem.

Back then, the totems that the human race served were existences that far surpassed the overlords.

They possessed incredible power.”

“Legend-level” Qiao Shi couldnt help but ask.

She had read about the division of legends in some ancient books.

Legend-level pet beasts were existences that grasped the world laws, like gods.

There were some speculations in ancient books.

If a Beastmaster could reach legend-level, his beast space would turn into a tiny world.

Legend-level Beastmasters also possessed incredible power, similar to the Creator!

When Qiao Shi first read these books, she only read them casually as an unofficial history and didnt take them seriously.

Now that she heard Teng Yue mentioning them, she gradually recalled what she had read.

Teng Yue looked at Qiao Shi.

He was a little surprised by her knowledge, “Your knowledge is profound.

It is indeed legend-level.

Back then, there was still no way to resist the existence of totems when human race took control, nor was there any way to escape the control of totems until everything changed when the two magnates appeared.”

Chu Feng and Qiao Shi looked at each other.

Qiao Shi asked, “Are you referring to the magnates who had awakened their SSS-grade beast tamer talent”

Teng Yue nodded, “Thats right.

Later on, the totems gradually disappeared, and human race became prosperous.

It was during the period of peace that I couldnt resist and challenged the totem that I served at that time.”

Chu Feng could feel the deep sorrow and obsession in Teng Yues tone.

Teng Yue said, “Of course, I failed in that battle.

I was so obsessed with becoming a legend-level Beastmaster.

The so-called legend-level was that one would still be engraved by Heaven and Earth even if he died.

There would always be traces of the Beastmaster left on this land, but I failed.”

Teng Yue sighed sorrowfully.

Thoughts began to run wild in Chu Fengs mind.

Becoming an overlord-level Beastmaster was already considered the peak of the entire Earth.

Among humans, only the two magnates who had awakened SSS-grade Beastmasters could stand above the overlord-level Beastmasters.

Even so, Teng Yue still had an obsession.

That obsession must have included the humiliation of Teng Yue giving up his dignity to serve the totem for the sake of human survival.

Chu Feng sighed.

He felt that Teng Yue was a senior worthy of respect.

Teng Yue said, “I can see that you have potential.

You even have pure space and spiritual power in your body.

You even have a bond with a Mirage Worm, right”

“Senior, you are wise,” Chu Feng smiled and summoned the Mirage Worm.

“Mi-meh” The Mirage Worm circled Chu Feng twice in a puzzle.

It did not know why its master summoned it.

Its eyes lit up when it saw Teng Yue and immediately wanted to pounce on him.

Teng Yue smiled helplessly and formed a barrier to stop the Mirage Worm.

He said, “Im an obsession and a pure spiritual body.

This little one wants to eat me…”


The Mirage Worm observed Chu Feng and Teng Yue.

After realizing that they seemed to know each other, it gave up the thought of eating Teng Yues phantom and laid on Chu Fengs shoulder.


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